Pupils of childrens camp near Moscow ill meningitis

In the children's camp "Dawn", located in Solnechnogorsk, Moscow region, documented cases of meningitis in children, said, "Russian news service" camp director Alexander Garkusha.
According to him, four sick inmates of the institution. Now everything is being done to prevent an epidemic.
"Take all measures to ensure that no epidemic was not. They found — temperature, redness of the throat sisters, first at one, the next day the other girls (they are of different ages, one 14, the other 10 years). Sent them to the infectious diseases hospital. Then he found two more. Now have to analyze everything you can, "- said the director of the camp.
Life of affected children while not in danger, he said.
Currently in camp "Dawn" is a rest 212 children.
This month's pension "forest edge" in Serpukhov District there was a mass poisoning of children. Of the 61, 53 children poisoned. Most of the victims were found the usual signs of food poisoning. An interest in the incident investigation.

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