Ragnarok. End of the World in 2013-2014.

Some scholars of ancient Scandinavian and Irish sagas say that the end of the world (Ragnarok) may occur as early as 2013. In ancient manuscripts — "Edda" in the song "Völuspá" (witch), and "Prose Edda," says the World fire, flood and darkness, which is accompanied by the "three winters without a summer."

End of the world (Ragnarok) will come when evil will penetrate into our world. Wolf Fenrir will swallow the sun and natural disaster. As a result of clashes between the Wolf and the god Odin, as well as between the world serpent Jormungand, which means Velikansky staff and god Thor will be the end of the world, which will be announced by sound of the trumpet horns Gyallarhorna (Earth's core). Before the end of the world will be a three-year rule of battle and killing the brother rises against brother, father to son and son to father, greed possess the souls of men, the truth will disappear, and family ties are breaking down.

Then winter comes, poduyut harsh winds will come unbearable cold, and the sun will shine dimly. To everyone's horror wolf swallows the sun, moon and grab cause him great harm, stars pluck from the sky and fall to the ground, lit world ash, mountains tremble and the earth, the trees will be torn out by the roots, rocks crumble, the sea flooded the land. Fenrir reveals his huge mouth so wide that the upper jaw touches the sky, and the bottom of the earth. From his eyes and nostrils bursting flame.

Giant snake spits venom, air and sea light, and with a crash crash high sky. Evil forces led by the formidable Surt (black, fiery giant), which is armed with a formidable weapon of the Sun shining brighter, together with the evil sons Muspell, turn against the gods of light and the universe is dying in the great fire. This is how the "Völuspá" this period:

Sat an old woman (Angbroda)
in Ironwood
and spawned there
Fenrir genus;
of this kind
will be one
squalid troll
He will chew
Human corpses
blood flood
home of the gods;
The sun will be darkened,
in the summer
vzyaryatsya storm —
rather you this eh?

Leaped under the tree …
Mimir children
sang Gyallarhorn
the demise of the world —
Heimdall blows,
Horn raises …

Yggdrasil trembles,
ash is high,
buzzing ancient trunk
Tours breaks.

Hryum coming from the east,
shield to protect herself;
Jormungand angrily
snakes beating on the waves
bubbles eagle
Fallen rankles.

Surt rides from the south
Lose with branches
The sun shines
the sword of the gods;
breaking down the mountain,
dying of a giantess,
people go to Hel,
split the sky.

The sun was darkened,
land is sinking into the sea,
break down from the sky
bright stars,
blaze rages
feeder (ie: fire)
the unbearable heat
reaches up to the sky.

In "speeches Vaftrudnira" — "Edda" says that some representatives of humanity ukroyutsya in a shelter and assistance will be provided to dying mankind mysterious Jotun, palace which "stands on flawed Mountains of the Moon":
Liv (life) and Livtrasir (bursting with life)
couple, ukroyutsya
in kusche Hoddimir,
dawn dew
they will be food,
The people and again people …

Above the sea, above the world
three maidens fly,
daughter Megtrasira:
bring benefit to people,
even though they are from Jotun.

As a result of the universal cataclysm, when the wolf Fenrir "swallow" the sun will change, and the luminosity of the sun. On one question, in what will be the form of the sun in the sky after Fenrir will devour a candlestick? — Vaftrudnir said:
"Alvredul maiden
first give birth,
Fenrir will devour than illuminating,
gods perish
but will go
dear parent virgin. "

But after all these terrible calamities that especially pleases, Earth, free from human mold on the surface, yet revived.
Sees it:
rises again
land from the sea,
turning green as before,
drop of water
eagle flies,
fish from the waves
wants to catch.

A similar story of "Twilight of the Gods" is available in "Prose Edda": "There is a giant that lives east of Midgard, in the forest, called the Ironwood. This forest lodge witches, which is called: Witch Iron Wood. The old giant spawned many sons of the giant, they all kind of wolves. They say that the same tribe will strongest of the wolves named Moon Dog. It shall devour the flesh of all the dead and swallowed blood obryzzhet month and the sky and the air. Then the sun will extinguish your light, mad winds, and carry them away howling …
Wolf devour the sun, and people will be honored for this great misery. The other wolf steals month, having done no less evil. Stars disappear from the sky. And after that being accomplished is this: the whole earth tremble and the mountains so that the trees down to the ground, the mountains will fall, and all the shackles are broken and shattered.

And Fenris Wolf on the loose, the sea flooded the land, for a turn in the world of snakes velikanskom anger and goes ashore. A Fenrir Wolf comes with gaping jaws: the upper jaw to the sky, the lower — to the ground. It would be a place he'd opened his mouth wider. The flames bursting from his eyes and nostrils. World Serpent spewing so much venom that saturated with poison, and the air and water. Terrible serpent, and he is not far behind from the Wolf. This thunder cracked the sky, and they ride on top of the children Muspell. Surt rides first, and in front of and behind the raging flames. Nice for a sword: brighter light on the sword than the Sun. When they jump on the Bifrost, the bridge collapses. Sons Muspell reach the field, which is called Vingrid. There also comes Fenris Wolf with the world serpent. Loki for a follow-on satellite Hel. But the children are Muspell Special Forces, and a miracle that light troops. Vingrid field extends for a hundred hits in each direction. "

Then begins the battle of the gods, "Frey (god of fertility, wealth, world) beats in a fierce battle with Surt until it drops dead. A destroyed him that there is a kind of sword with him, gave Skirnir. Then breaks free dog Garm, bound in a cave Gnipahellir. No it is more dangerous, he enters into a battle with Thor, and they hit each other to death. Thor killed the World Serpent, but he went away for nine steps, he falls to the ground dead, poisoned by the Snake. Wolf swallows Odin, and the death comes. But after that acts Vidar and becomes a wolf on the lower jaw. Wolf hand Vidar enough for the upper jaw and breaks his fall. Here comes the end of the wolf. Loki fights Heimdall, and they kill each other. Then Surt hurls fire and burned to the ground the whole world. "

After the "Twilight of the Gods" a new era, "rising from the sea land, green and beautiful. The fields fallow, covered with shoots. Vidar and Vali are alive, for they killed the flames of Surt. They live on Idavell field where Asgard was before. "

February 13, 2013. Second sun.

George Bor in his book "The Sixth Race and Nibiru" predicts, "Most people in the world will not see how from a little spark in the Earth's sky will grow huge bright ball with a diameter slightly larger than the Sun. But when this happens, the news will pass on all radio and television channels in different countries. For the universal excitement, the comments of astronomers people somehow did not notice that with the rise of the bright star in the sky, the Earth will be huge changes. Internet, radio and television will bring messages from the coast of the oceans of the powerful tsunami, sweeping away everything in its path. The Internet will be a picture, where the ocean water, attracted by the gravitational field of the New Planet, will carry a rate of 400 meters per second — a speed of rotation of the Earth. This wall of water, height thirty to fifty meters, their destructive properties will block all known in human history tsunami. This giant destructive wave repeatedly bypass the sea and land around our planet. Immediately would claim tens of millions of people. Then begin to receive reports from around the world about unusually powerful earthquake swept across the globe. Shake the earth will be everywhere, even in places where there was no earthquake ever. Tectonic plates start moving, rear up and fall into the abyss razverzshiesya.

In the evening on the radio to report that some countries have already passed away. And not become huge pieces of land, inhabited by millions of people. They will say that disappeared in the ocean depths of half the land the U.S., Africa and Europe, the earthquake destroyed all unflooded city, informing that everywhere ceased electricity and gas people. Then give that Earth pole shift and the world population has decreased by a third. After these messages will panic. People rushed to loot shops and food stores. Chaos will prevail, between states disappear border billion people will die from gamma radiation of a new planet. From the light of the Second Sun night will be as bright as day … ".

Many people will die …

Change of poles.

Worse comes later. February 14, 2013 the first year will instant change of positions of the Earth. U.S. astronomers calculated by computer technology, which is February 14, 2013 the Earth will pass between the planet Nibiru and the Sun. Gravity of Planet X vzduetsya molten core of the Earth, the Earth's poles move instantly's axis of rotation of the planet will change. Because of this enormous disturbances break out in the core of the planet, there will be huge changes in the map of the Earth, the strongest earthquake and powerful tsunami swept across the world. Many parts of the continents and islands will go under water, and the ocean floor in some places exposed. Rise up new islands and land.
After July 1, 2014 Nemesis, reaching its greatest brilliance, will gradually decrease in size and away from the Earth. Total — seven long years of Nibiru with its twelve planets, satellites will be visible in our sky.
NASA knows about Planet X is greater than this, but not to cause panic among the civilian population, the American scientists and astronomers hide the truth from the common people.

Knowledgeable people from NASA says that the national U.S. military intelligence, SETI, and the CIA admits that two thirds of the world population will die during the pole shift during the passage of Nibiru. Then from hunger and disease will die even two thirds of those who survive. However, the most massive loss of the survivor population will bring radiation Planet X — is gamma radiation. Gamma radiation begins its destructive effect on grounded individuals about a year before the change of positions. Radiation Nibiru evil and immoral people will not save any underground cities, no lead wall shelters … Scientists from NASA admit that the worst-case scenario of the passage of Nemesis in our sky, after the pole shift will survive only one-seventh of the world's population …

Russia's position is also very easy. On the one hand, nearly 75% of its territory by the end of the period of catastrophes remain above the water, and on the other hand — the victims of the population is five times higher than in other countries, much sank to the bottom of the oceans. Excessive attachment to the body of people, attachment to the world and catastrophically low level of consciousness will become insurmountable barriers to the survival of most embodied souls. Unfortunately, many of the prophets agree that the biggest planet cleaning Heavenly Fire expected in Russia. There will be a major battle of Maitreya and light forces with the evil. The prophet says, only 5% of the population after Armageddon will build a new society.
Pray for sinners!

August 23, 2013. Grigory Rasputin.

Famous Rasputin predicted many of the events of the future, which should go through earthlings: "Earthquakes at the time of participation, land and water will be opened, and their wounds devour men and belongings. You'll see violence every day on his doorstep, because people will once again be a beast, and all the animals will attack or be attacked. This man does not distinguish between good and evil "," the sea, as thieves will enter the city, in the house, and the land will be salty. And the salt will go into the water, and there is no water, which would not be salty. Salted earth will not bring more fruit, and if they bring in, it will be bitter fruit. So you will see the fertile lands turned into salt marshes. But some land will dry growing heat. People would be in a salty rain, and will roam the earth salt, between drought and flood. "
Yet another disaster — "terrible storm", which will August 23, 2013, Gregory warned, "… the fire will consume all life on earth, and after this life on earth would die and then comes the silence of the grave." According to the predictions of the "old man" at this time returns to earth, Jesus Christ, to warn mankind of the impending disaster and to comfort people, and then ascended to heaven.

NASA warns. End of the world in 2013.

In 2013, due to the ultra-high solar activity, expected a lot of man-made disasters. These peaks occur at intervals of approximately 11 years.
NASA noted that the sun is already beginning to behave more aggressively, says HT-news.com. The first geomagnetic storm, which occurred on September 24, will continue until the end of the week.
At this geomagnetic disturbances to our planet in the coming days are gone. The problem is that the active region of the sun in 1303 already has aimed exactly in our direction, reports League News. If the outbreak in this area occurred in the luminary of 22 and 26 September, and reached the highest class X, is tangent to our Earth, because spots are located at the edge of the solar disk, but now this active region was at the center of the visible side of the sun and focus precisely on ground.
In the case of a direct "hit" on the entire planet will be in charge of the plasma Earth, leading to a lot of trouble, adds RBC. May go down satellites, computers, mobile phones and power lines. The center of the forecast space weather of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States believes that the likelihood of such a threat exists, and it is 40 percent.

2014. Habibullo Abdusamatov.
Section Head of Space Research of the Sun Pulkovo Observatory RAS, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Habibullo Abdusamatov warns that since 2014 the world will begin the next cycle of two centuries of cooling, "Now we are in a transition period of unstable climate change, with the global temperature by 2014 will range made in around 1998-2005, the maximum, after which we expect to start the Little Ice Age period.
We assume that by the middle of the XXI century will decrease the solar constant of about 0,2 ± 0,05% of current levels. It will happen, according to our estimates, in 2042 (plus or minus 11 years), and 2055-m (plus or minus 11) comes a deep phase of the Little Ice Age.
I do not presume to calculate how much latitude in what will become cold. But an analogy with the Maunder minimum period 1645-1715, when the global temperature has dropped to 1-1.5 degrees Celsius (precise measurements, where, and how, have not survived).
Half degrees on the planet — like a little dress warmly enough, but it's like "the average temperature in the hospital." As the Earth — the ball, changes will occur unevenly, nonlinear. At the equator — almost invisible, mid-and high latitudes — sensitive. For example, during the Maunder minimum of the River Thames in London, the Seine in Paris, the Dutch canals froze (these days, the temperature there is below 4 ° C). According to historians, when Greenland was covered with ice, and the people, to master this archipelago for hundreds of years, have been forced to leave it at all. Finland and Sweden have lost about half of the population: some have migrated to warmer climes, and some died of cold and hunger. " "File-Russian."

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