Rare path of Typhoon alerted meteorologists

Last year, Japan experienced a record-breaking hot summer for 113 years of records, which caused a lot of negative consequences. The events of this week, alarmed not only the population, but also the meteorologists. In some parts of Japan today, the temperature rose above 35 °. In Tokyo, the temperature exceeded 32 °. Moreover, this year, the country has moved the 35-degree line in 4 days earlier than in 2010. National Meteorological Agency has suggested that the country is still a hotter summer than last year. Related events, and possibly indirect evidence of this is the fact that in the coming weekend forecast for June is an extremely rare event — a hurricane out on the Korean peninsula and its subsequent impact on the seaside territory. Usually on the mainland part of the Russian Far East typhoons come in August — September, when the sea washing the well warmed and, as a result, they are subject to the crest of Hawaiian High. This year is already the Hawaiian anticyclone ridge unusually active.

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