Rating Bazhenov (10 movies) Watch online

Rating Bazhenov (10 movies) Watch online
Each week recognizable journalist and television presenter, an expert on feral animals will be directed to a specific theme chart listing the animals that inhabit Russia. And it's not the most rankings of favorite people be that all the channels we often indulge. Here it is even more dangerous.

Once a week, Timofey Bazhenov makes adventure tours to make unique images and introduce viewers to the world of feral nature. He is not just watching the animals in their natural habitat by, and join with them in a particular contact, fearlessly goes to meet the threats and puts on a risky experiment for yourself. By analyzing the habits and characteristics of animals, the creator of programs from its ranking by which viewers will be able to quickly find out who is more dangerous — white bear or Ussuri tiger, and many of the new, useful and fascinating.

Nasty poison (Viper)

Distraught heat (Raccoon dog)

Calling himself on fire (fox-moth)

Innocent Killer (Fitch)

Night marmot (Marmota)

Kutsee circuit (Tawny grayish)

Giving up the gauntlet (Lynx)

Chernoburov movie (Silver Fox)

The Savages (Far Eastern leopard cat)

My gentle and snow animal (Snow dog)

The other films about animals

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