Reagents used in Moscow passed environmental review — the power

With all applicable anti-icing agents in Moscow passed the state environmental review and approved for use, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, a representative of the Moscow Department of Housing and Public Works.

Earlier, some media quoted environmentalists Interregional Public Center "for the security of the Russian roads" and Soil Science Faculty Research reported that agents which strew the streets of Moscow, are radioactive materials with a half life of 1.3 billion years.

"All the reagents that are used in Moscow passed the state environmental review and approved for use, so it is quite strange accusations against us. Especially Moscow — is not a city for the experiments" — a spokesman said.

He added that before the representatives of the department to communicate with employees Soil Science Department, who allegedly carried out the study, and they did not confirm the facts presented in the materials center.

In turn, Duma deputy, member of the State Building and Local Self-Cyril Shields sent requests in four levels: city prosecutor's office, Rospotrebnadzor Moscow City Department of Natural Resources and Environment and the Department of Housing and Capital Works.

"I asked to check the information circulated in the media against the reality. Indeed there is a statement of social organization, but there are no published results of any supporting research.'s Why I asked for data to inform citizens during public meetings. Hoopla The rising concern of Muscovites, and they apply to the waiting room with questions. To give citizens a positive reply, you must obtain official information. You can not only be based on the common in the media and Internet applications. If confirmed, information and detection, I asked to take steps to remedy the situation and protection of Muscovites " — Shields told RIA Novosti.

The need to apply anti-icing agents in the capital raises questions among residents and environmentalists every winter: the first complain that the chemicals ruin shoes and tires, the second claim of their harmful effects on the environment.

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