Reconnaissance plane Il-20M — 40 years in the service of the Fatherland

About this airplane is not so clear is not enough, only the general properties of the equipment used and the names of the rest they say is not so far — 40 years plane doing puzzles and combat is the carrier of sensitive equipment.

Developed on the basis of civilian version of the IL-18 — IL-18D at the end of the 1960s, the design bureau S.Ilyushina. Main purpose — opening electronic situation in theater and maintenance of radar reconnaissance. Standard was created on the 30th Capital Aviation Plant "Banner of Labor." It was built 20 spy planes Sludge-20M. The last plane was built in 1976.

Reconnaissance plane Il-20M - 40 years in the service of the Fatherland

Apparatus and equipment Il-20M
Structurally, the spy plane is similar to the baseline IL-18D. Machinery installed on board a multi-channel intelligence apparatus that works immediately in several frequency spectra. On the fuselage at the bottom part thereof, a container set in which is a phased array radar side view "Needle-1". Radar equipment located in the inner compartment of the luggage. Ahead of the fuselage are specific photographic camera A-87PA in the fairing. Station antenna installed near total RTR "Diamond-4." Further handed station antenna detailed RTR "Square 2". All equipment and equipment stations are located in the inner compartments of aircraft. Apart from the above stations installed on board the station CDS-PP 5 "Cherry" for tasks intercept. The passenger compartment is converted by eight jobs station operators. Of the known internal configurations — refitting the oxygen system, chair of the flight crew and operators are converted under the parachute. Luggage compartment hatch starboard converted by the emergency hatch connected to the passenger compartment of special shaft.

Reconnaissance plane Il-20M - 40 years in the service of the Fatherland

The aircraft can carry a radar reconnaissance with the highest resolution, pinpoint placement and the huge contrast in the radar for objects, such as bridges, dams, highway interchanges, to produce photographs of the objects you need to intercept enemy radio traffic. Zabugorny counterpart — South American reconnaissance plane from Boeing — «Boeing KC-135" in the main was used on the territory of Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and the Far East.

Reconnaissance plane Il-20M - 40 years in the service of the Fatherland

The fate of the Il-20M
In the 90's, due to obsolescence frisky board radio equipment, spy planes are increasingly removed from combat missions and duty, but instead their new spy planes do not. In principle, they could change air reconnaissance planes from distant aircraft. But standing on arms Distant aircraft Tu-22RDM also to the 1990s, obsolete and removed from the flight, and the new Tu-22MR and come in a distant aircraft in appallingly small amount. Because the main functions assigned to the IL-20M front-line scouts began to make the MiG-25RB and Su-24MR in a variety of equipment. But not all of the Il-20M incapacitated or altered — some planes so far do tasks assigned to them. The bulk of spy planes turned into ordinary transporters, and with some general removed all the equipment and they are now "common IL-18."

Reconnaissance plane Il-20M - 40 years in the service of the Fatherland

Now Il-20M — the history of military aviation, and in it he has a place of the first Russian spy plane was carrying out tasks encompassing aerial reconnaissance, which used a different detection principles and retrieve the data.

Known versions:
— article 17 or IL-20M — plane RTR, executed serially produced 20 copies;
Sludge-20RT — air measuring station, released 4 copies.

The main features:
— length — 36 meters;
— height — 10.1 m;
— wingspan — 37.5 meters;
— Fuselage width — 3.5 m;
— engine — a four AI-20M;
— total capacity — 17 000 hp;
— take-off weight — 64 tons;
— ceiling of 10 km;
— speed cruiser / max — 650/685 km / h;
— range of actions — 4.3 thousand kilometers;
— take-off run / distance — 1000/800 meters;
— flight crew / operator — 5/8 people.

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