Reservoir BoHPP in Krasnoyarsk already flooded 22 thousand hectares of forest 18:0719.02.2013295

Reservoir Boguchansk GES (Krasnoyarsk Territory), which began to fill in October 2012, to date has exceeded area of 130 hectares, with flooded forest in the area of 22 thousand hectares, according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia with reference to the non-commercial satellite imagery partnership "Transparent World".

BoHPP construction began in 1980, and then, after a stop in the early 1990s, reopened in 2006, the company "RusHydro" and "Rusal" after agreement on a joint project to create Boguchansk Energy and Metals Association. Filling of the reservoir began in October 2012 and consists of two parts: to the level of 185 meters, and then to the level of 208 meters.

"Today, the area is flooded area of 130.4 thousand hectares, and when the booster level of 208 meters, it will reach 231.7 thousand hectares. A new man-made sea flooded forests in the area of 22 thousand hectares and the area where he was to appear for a reserve Protection of Birds "Kezhemskogo mnogoostrove" area of over 11,000 hectares, "- said in a statement.

According to estimates of environmentalists, the water in the forests in the flood zone has left more than three million cubic meters of timber. In this case, the rise in the water to the level of 208 meters square flooded forests will increase from 22 to 73 hectares. Satellites also found areas where the forest was cut down, but not removed, and the left in the form of felled by logging site (abandoned timber volume is 200 cubic meters per hectare).

"When filling the reservoir up to the mark in the 208 meters will be dumped at least 11 million cubic meters of timber. Given alive and abandoned wood clearings, burned areas, and deadfall under the canopy of the forest live the total volume of flooded timber will be even higher," — says the forest program coordinator WWF Russia in the Altai-Sayan ecoregion Alexander Bryukhanov.

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