Road boom in the Kuban

In 2012, a plan to repair roads Krasnodar territory doubled compared to 2011's. This enabled the repair 650 kilometers of roads.

For the modernization of the local road network of 1800 km this year aimed 4,000,000,000 rubles, of which three and a half — from the regional budget.

"Three times more money is directed at the elimination of landslides. And at the same time increased funding for bridge repair and new lighting device runs. This year, the next — a real boom for road Kuban" said the governor of the region.

One of the main areas of work — the modernization of major regional artery — Don trails. Within two years, the course must be fully match the highway — four-movement, multi-level interchanges and modern complexes roadside service, becoming the hallmark of the region. Also, no less important reconstruction Novorossiysk transport hub and the construction of access roads to the new port of Taman. Among the largest projects — the reconstruction of the entrance to Krasnodar from Vitaminkombinata and Elizabethan village, where the area of 8 kilometers will be built on two lanes in each direction. Next year will start construction of a new bridge Yablonovsky, now its design. Also already started to design the first three-level interchange in Krasnodar — at the intersection of Stavropol and Starokubanskaya.

"In terms of road construction Kuban inferior today only Moscow and the Moscow region — said the Minister of Construction, Architecture and Roads region Zhukov -" By 2014, the volume of the regional road fund will reach 30 billion rubles. "

Gubernattor Territory Alexander Tkachev said "Thanks to the preparation for the Olympic Games in Sochi, we have learned to new technologies in the construction, went on a completely different level. And today we are capable to upgrade roads and Krasnodar and Novorossiysk, and our other cities. But this will work, rolled up sleeves — quickly, efficiently, a lot. necessary to build a road of European quality, now there are all the possibilities! "

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