Road Nadym, built faster pace

Frosts road builders not a hindrance. The construction of the road-Salekhard Surgut, on the part of the road Nadymwork in full swing.

Heavy trucks on the road Salehard Aksarka go one-by-one. Sand delivered forty trucks from a drive that only recently seemed a huge mountain. Dmitry Smelsky, foreman "SK" SEVERTRANSSTROY ":" here we have all the sand will soon finish to choose, but we still have a drive that is procured in the summer. So he was not much watered. Zaburtovali that it dried out. Now, it is dry use in construction. "

From Aksarkovskogo turn to Nadyma only some 290 kilometers. The first dozen already compacted rubble. And no one is afraid of no wind storm or frost. Here it is the first bridge crossing the road Salekhard-Nadym. Is almost ready for delivery. Foreman pleased. The works were performed by 90 percent. Somewhere else goes podsypka somewhere Welding. In short, enough work.

Alexei Krasnopyorov, foreman, LLC "Mostostroy 12": "The bridge is almost ready. The remaining work to be produced in the summer. This is a painting of the superstructure, piers and laying asphalt on the roadway. "

Until the spring mostostroevtsy plan to put two more bridges. In total, the future path through the capricious streams and rivers will be erected more than thirty bridges.

But for every high-water creek bridge will not save enough. Here roadster determine where and how much to put culverts. Dmitry Smelsky, foreman "SK" SEVERTRANSSTROY ":" You have to put the order of about 900 meters. The pipe is ready, will soon begin to work. "

The main thing now — dumping. Until the summer of road builders want to go as far as possible. Every day — a few hundred meters of the entire width of the future road. Igor Antonov, engineer PHE "SK" SEVERTRANSSTROY ":" Let's say for a change. We work in two shifts, so about 400 meters of turns dumping. Cover layers — a layer of up to 30 cm. "

Well, we got to the end dumping Salekhard — Nadym. Despite the weather, the traffic here is pretty powerful. Work is well underway. After just two months on the 10 kilometers — Nadim will become closer. " One can only wish that the pace of construction and survived four years later the new route will connect the eastern and western parts of the county.

Video:…&id=2666&Itemid=1Already completed 35 kilometers dumping. In a press tour organized for journalists by media district visited the construction site of the famous Valery Perederko. So numerous, but such an active delegation builders Salekhard — Nadym had not seen for a long time. The occasion was very significant. Reached the level to which came eight months. Maxim Pershikov, 1st deputy director of the Civil Code "Road Directorate Yamal": "Tonight just happened connecting two sections of riprap. Contractors working: one at the 30th kilometer, the other — from Salekhard. "

A significant milestone when you consider that going for him, some sleep more than five hundred cubic meters of soil, on an area of more than fifty-six thousand square meters of crushed stone base is arranged, performed reconstruction of the pipeline. At the same time, another portion men were in the middle of the tundra, pushing aside Nadyma and expecting colleagues as soon as possible to catch up with their Salehard and connect the two pieces of the road.

Peter Konov, technical director of "Urengoydorstroy": "Indeed it is a holiday. Because it combines two plot. Provided a thoroughfare. People were cut off, it was all awkward."

In general, if before the second section of the ATV got half a day, but now — forty-five minutes on the bus. Tundra does not want to give up. Constantly builders are waiting for some nasty surprises. Peter Konov, technical director of "Urengoydorstroy": "One of the challenges — it's geology and all the rest."

The closer to Nadym, the more necessary to cut off the hills. On the other hand, if it turns out a lot of useful excavation of soil. Victor Gumenjuk, foreman LLC "Santal": "The road does not flood, will be done."

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