Russia again in the fire: not enough cars or people


In northern Russia raging forest fires. In Yakutia, and the Arkhangelsk region declared a state of emergency. Local rescuers can not cope with the situation — they rush to the aid of colleagues from neighboring regions.

Emergency declared in six regions of the Arkhangelsk region, trying to break all means available. Available means are used where not enough water. To fight the fire, which has spread already eight thousand acres, joined equipped with means for extinguishing fire parachutists and aircraft emergency situations.

Scale fires in northern Russia due to the impending horizon smoke is difficult to estimate, even by helicopter. According to the latest data, in the Arkhangelsk region and the neighboring republic of Komi raging 90% of all forest fires in the country. From the top you can see how the fire because of the air draft is distributed along the track.

On the 72 seats of fire works 138 units. Car rushing to the most difficult areas where without enough water fire element does not already hold. The direction of propagation of the flame, especially in the vicinity of settlements, continuously monitored by helicopters.

To fight the fire in Pomorie cast, it seems, all possible forces. However, not enough cars or people. "The main large fires are located in the area of transport available — says the Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry of the Arkhangelsk region Yuri Trubin. — The second reason — it came to our fire of the Arkhangelsk region of Komi republic. Fact that there is this little fire serviced" .

In Yakutia, the tropical heat, reaching in places to 37 degrees Celsius, even installed on the so-called cold pole in Oymyakon. Emergency declared in 18 districts.

Firefighters landing, which promptly brought into the forest by helicopter, seaplane comes to the aid of the Be-200. On their own in Yakutia is localized fires 5 out of 14. A small pockets of the open areas are put out, not even kill an engine helicopters.
Flammable in the metropolitan area. Today's heat — a warm-up, as forecasters say, before a truly tropical weather that is expected over the weekend. North African cyclone will provide more than the rate of 5 degrees above the temperature of almost all central Russia. Please MOE — not to go into the woods, let alone raise the fires there — it sounds in these conditions essential.

Author: Alexey Baranov

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