Russia wants to create reserves of rare earth metals — Rogozin

The Russian government is developing a program to create reserves of rare earth metals, said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, in a meeting at the Museum of art with the patriotic organizations of the party "Rodina", "Congress of Russian Communities," volunteerism "Don."

"I recently held a meeting on this issue, and we have agreed with the Ministry of Economic Development and Rosrezerva that we would need to create the lifeline to all that are necessary, that we may need in 10-15 years. Such programs are being developed," — Rogozin said.

According to the vice-premier, a few years ago when he worked at NATO headquarters in Brussels, there was a scandal when Western experts found that China began to control the majority of development for the extraction of rare earth metals.

"You have no idea there was such a tantrum that they almost did not drink all the vodka in the cupboard" — shared memories Rogozin. He noted that Russia's production and the establishment of reserves of rare earth metals is also an urgent question. "For the development of new technologies, we are extremely important to have easy access to rare earth metals," — he said.

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