Salmon fishing season has begun in the Magadan region

Salmon fishing season began on the Kolyma, in which fishermen are allocated according to a quota can take the total catch of more than 3 tons of fish, according to the press service of the regional administration.

In 2011, the catch quota of Pacific salmon was 2.253 tons for industrial and 0.306 tons for anglers.

"Industrial fishing Magadan fishermen allocated 2.7 thousand tons of fish and 352 species of salmon tons loaches. For sports-recreational fishing of salmon in 2012 allocated 110 tons of salmon, 130 tonnes of salmon, about 2 tons of salmon, 12 tons of char" — said in the message.

Clarifies that for sports and recreational fishing license in the Magadan region opened 19 areas. Fishing is allowed in the areas of fishing license from 6 to 20 hours. A tolerance of plus or minus two hours, depending on the time of high tide or low tide. Fishing nets allowed on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Fishing the bait and spinning is allowed in any given day.

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