Saudi Arabia: they fought for it and ran

In July, the head of Saudi intelligence Arabia became tsarevitch Bandar bin Sultan. In July, he was also killed.

For information about his death as a result of a planned terrorist attack first handed Syrian and Iranian news sources, but diverged in the dating action — not 26, not July 22. With all of this to point out that in the post tsarevitch entered on July 24. You also have to add that the information received was listed for some time rumors. For example, in an article in the August 6, "Washington Post" its creator, David Ignatius writes about Bandar bin Sultan as a living man (translation can be read on

Saudi Arabia: they fought for it and ran

Advance version that the newly appointed head of intelligence killed because he was involved in the preparation of suicide bombing in Syria, directed against the control of law enforcement agencies in the country. According to supporters of Bashar al-Assad, "the Syrian intelligence took excellent least a week in order to take revenge."

It was also suggested that the head of Saudi intelligence was not killed and wounded, but later died from his wounds. And at the same time it is reported that appointed the head scout of the country, he was not 24 July and 9 th.

Other sources (authoritative, deriding another version — that seemed to encroach on the prince of the Kremlin …) indicate that Bin Sultan appointed not 24 or 9, and 22 th.

In short, Saudi Arabia — not the country, where you can read about this publicity. East and indeed — "delicate matter", as used to say, comrade. Suhov. Rumors here is very similar to the truth, and the truth sometimes seems rumors. In Iran, for example, in the days of speech of Egyptian President Mursi transferred so instead he criticized Syria … Bahrain (simultaneous interpreter and translator changed one other country, Iran unfriendly). And later this geopolitical "news" went to circulate through the media …

But today it is not enough to ruin who hesitates Bandar bin Sultan. It is not about being alive or he is dead, but why it was removed. Hence conclusions about who removed. Logic has not been canceled.

General Intelligence Service of Saudi Arabia (AlIstakhbarahal-Amah) — superzasekrechennoe department made during the second half of the 1950s. by instructors from the CIA. Russian expert analyst from Lubyanka named Rustam Faridovich considers, that the CIA (and Washington in general), and behind the murder of the prince: "… Bandar aware that America, with the passage of time will inevitably pass the dynastic regime in Saudi Arabia, as it is not so long ago surrendered Mubarak in Egypt. Because he began to find other patrons. In 2008, he met with President Vladimir Putin and signed a number of agreements: from joint space exploration to purchase various samples Russian weapons: tanks, helicopters and air defense systems S-300. It really did not like the United States. And soon after that visit him at one point was arrested, ousted from all his posts and put under house arrest. Prince accused that he was preparing Tipo coup to overthrow King Abdullah and do away with the "one hundred percent American" orientation. " Returned the same prince from disgrace just as an old master Abdullah was afraid repetition in Saudi Arabia, "Arab Spring" in the Egyptian scenario.

The fact that the mighty Bandar over time, taking advantage of the situation with the Saudi "gerontocracy", could take power into their own hands. Legitimate right of succession to the throne, he does (he is the grandson, not son), but the sons of the king is very old and sick. Last year, Crown Prince Sultan died in this (June 18) — Crown Prince Naif. Today's Crown Prince, the heir, 76-year-old Salman, only 11-something years younger than 88-year-old king and can not brag burgeoning health.

August 27 in the media there reported that the ruler of Saudi Arabia Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, left the country temporarily leaving the power of the hereditary Prince Salman. "We (ie, master Abdullah), in accordance with our decree endow the hereditary Prince Salman capabilities to manage internal and external affairs of the country during our absence from the kingdom," — said in a statement, the royal court.

From a closed country Arabia has been received disk imaging on where and forever gone to the aged monarch, but in the Arab and Western media immediately appeared guesses: Abdullah went on healing in the United States.

Analysts consider, that virtually lord handed power Crown Prince Salman. But Salman too old and ill, that opens the door for future bloody showdown at the numerous heirs of the second and third generations of the ruling dynasty. Had to power through a power coup came late now Bandar bin Sultan, the question of "gerontocracy" in Saud would probably be resolved. But the United States, loyal to his ideas of the "Arab Spring" and geoperekroyke of Near East, from Riyadh has not receded. All this seems to be well aware and conscious of spy bin Sultan, by the way, 22 years worked as ambassador to the United States.

Know, obviously, he's what July 2 this year, said the Iranian channel "Press TV". The British government, as part together with the United States are working out of the "Arab Spring" launched fatal to the royal dynasty of the scheme: it was decided to change the King Saud al-dissident Saad al-Faqih. This fellow, at the present time living in London, together with his Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia (MIRA), incidentally, has recently been excluded from the list of sanctions by the UN Security Council (Special Committee on "Al-Qaeda").

Dissident Fakih, MD, of the Saudi Institute, in exile, had earlier claimed that he and his group are in favor of peace. This seems to be enough for the professionals of the Committee for the termination of the sanctions. The main thing here is that Mr. Fakih — davneshny particular critic and the Saudi government.

Alkaidovtsa exception of the black list means one thing: the West come to an agreement on this issue. Today's event — not in favor of the royal dynasty. Lord struggling with a crisis of legitimacy in the country, and with it, his regime is faced with the question: who changed the king, whose death is a matter of the nearest time.

It should be noted that Fakih of striking out against the sanctions list by the United States of America. But after all it was a formal objection meaningful only a statement of "fact" moldy friendship between Washington and Riyadh. With no one ever America was not friends. Not flowers and peace planet are the United States, and napalm, cluster bombs, dense drug trafficking and the "Arab Spring" — that is, you hope, will soon finish off the inside and this hydra of capitalism itself.

Aged lord Abdullah — perhaps settling the inheritance of the deceased parent hopes for Scouting — now is n
ot taken to solve the problem of power. Yes, it's not so simple: the state hundreds of descendants from different generations. Change the system of succession to such criteria lord will not: komploty arise, riots, unrest begin, encouraged by the various factions.

Komploty appear already at the moment. While cell conspirators successfully destroyed. On the days of the Saudis eliminated two cells, "Al-Qaeda" — terrorist groups, to prepare an attack on law enforcement officials, foreigners and government offices in Riyadh and Jeddah. In the middle of the detained extremists were Saudi nationals and two Yemenis 6. Militants recruiting people into their ranks, prepared explosives and try them out in the districts of Riyadh. In the recesses were found materials to build homemade bombs, fake documents, extremist literature, money, weapons, and ammunition.

The active role of the "Al-Qaeda" (which targets during the "Arab Spring" suspiciously coincided with South American) in the affairs of the Kingdom states that for about Saudi Arabia will take seriously. Lay off, perhaps only because the Saudis are sponsoring militant activities against the Syrian government. But the king's death can be a comfortable excuse for a "democratic" interference, delay is more than Western liberals will not.

As to the circumstances of the local people's discontent, the number of these, except zeal for the power of various clans and their heirs, who immediately begin to blow about "political change" and "freedoms", calling for a population, and the situation will go down in the economy. Now is not the 70's, when the Saudis bathed in oil money, and the government has generously distributed the benefits to babies and subjects provided free utilities, education, and medicine. Over the past 40 years, the population of the country grown 4 times. Today's subjects Al Saud — twice poorer than their fellow citizens from the 1970s. The country lacks no schools, no hospitals and clinics, and the highest standard of living is provided in debt, the size of which have gained more than 180 billion dollars. dollars, or 91% of GDP.

You can not say with certainty whether the opposition to set the tone in this unstable state sovereign Faqih, or the U.S. will add (for the entirety of the opposition of chaos) own candidates, but the fact that the Saudis, and are being taken pro-active role in the "Arab Spring", will soon reap its fruits — by far.

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
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