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Sberbank of Russia takes oboronosposobonost in foreign offshore accounts?Stories from raider attacks in Russia in recent years become an enviable vsepostoyanstvom information fields appear in different regions. With all of this the vast majority of Russian people, the term is seen raiding the picture when armed men in camouflage uniforms and masks make a Mongol-Tatar raid on one or another enterprise, clean An old management and put in its place the new people who have since become the masters and Plant. But the Voronezh region was able to debunk the stereotype of the "black mask" raider …

Company, which was at the epicenter of raider event was of "Pavlovskgranit", which is now naikrupneyshim in Europe for the production of crushed granite. Edition of the "Military Review" interested in the situation in the "Pavlovskgranit" due to the fact that this company over the past few years is directly related to the interests of maintaining the country's defense. The fact that the composition enters its Pawlowski plant factory cluster that is practiced in the production of special emulsion explosives. These substances can be used in the production of crushed granite, also for military purposes. EVV immediately on several features superior to TNT, and so is the object of great enthusiasm on the part of professionals for blasting-issues from different countries of the world.

Now the work of this great enterprise almost completely paralyzed. It is to "Pavlovskgranit" actually exists case holder. No, wanting to express their own present economic management at the plant, in fact, now in bulk, but the situation remains more than tense.

Referring to nedavneshney stories, which is associated with Pavlovian mine. In 2008, the Voronezh Regional Duma deputy Sergei Poymanov, which at the time had a controlling stake in the company, he decided to get 100% control over the "Pavlovskgranitom" by buying shares from their own buddy Sergey Mamedov. To do this, he decided to take out a loan in the amount of 5.1 billion rubles from Sberbank. With all this Savings bank issued Poymanova loan secured approximately 36.4% of the shares, which at that time already had a regional bureaucrat, also secured by the personal property of the deputy. Within a half years Poymanov purchased funds used for the development of production on "Pavlovskgranit" trying to get the company on the path of Voronezh extract a good profit. But, as you know, at the time of our homeland, and the world, had not the best economic times, and the yield on vsepolnotsennuyu profitability was very difficult. The financial situation at the plant continued to deteriorate, and Poymanova as head of the shareholder "Pavlovskgranita", by 2010 there was no money to pay the loan in respect of the Savings Bank. With all this he Sergei Poymanov argues that as a fact of insolvency emerged, he personally asked the board of the Savings Bank of the debt restructuring, with appeals to the bank had more than 2-10-s.

Instead of consent for debt restructuring Poymanov received from the Board of Sberbank of an offer to buy a 51% stake was suddenly unprofitable production of 1 million rubles. For comparison, 1 million rubles worth furnished studio apartment in the town of Pavlovsk … Such a price Savings Bank, apparently due to the fact that the crisis in the country, and the means, the owner and it should be happy. The real value of the controlling stake in the company at that time was about 13 billion rubles. In other words, the Savings Bank offered the owner of "freedom" from the company at that price, which is 13 thousand times less than the real cost of production!

Of course, such a proposal from the 1st of the largest Russian banks, looked, very little surprising. In the end, the deal, for obvious reasons, is not accomplished, and the Board of Sberbank, apparently chooses to avenge originally inappeasable Poymanova, has offered to repay the loan ahead of the duties which owner company could do on a physical level.

Then began the most fascinating. Sberbank, using the fact that Sergei Poymanov laid more than 36% of the shares held, the package is simply assumed control of what, in principle, has the full right. But the point is not that the Savings Bank "takes its" and that weird way then shares are in the hands of the owners of companies registered in offshore zones: Cyprus and the terrain of English Virgin Islands. Savings bank just sold the shares the same structure of its own "Sberbank Capital", which in turn resold the debt package to some Ltd. "Atlantic", and this structure has gone even further by selling the shares. In addition, at the end of 2011 were sold for about 25% of "Pavlovskgranita", which already belonged to Sergei Poymanova personally. The founder of trading acted Rosgosimuschestvo. In other words, the fundamental strategic enterprise that has a direct bearing on the country's defense is in the hands of those directly related to foreign states and foreign personal companies.

After that, the terrain "Pavlovskgranita" people arrived, which calls itself Poymanov ordinary raiders, but whose world view, this man, apparently not much interested. The new managing company positions itself Yuri Zhukov, head of the National Non-Metallic Company, which Mine had told employees that the former owner of the sovereign Poymanov can with day or for a day to begin "armed seizure" of production. Capture, but did not take place, as the new management decided to reincarnate mine into a fortress, blocking all possible inputs for Poymanova and its people. Ultimately raider put himself Sergei Poymanova. With all of this as long as it remains unclear how this story has become a new player in the sovereign Zhukov. And that question has an answer: it turns out, the owner of the State of non-metal is very close to the management of the Savings Bank, which, apparently, "Pavlovskgranit" very attracted …

Sergei Poymanov says that he, on behalf of the company was now obliged to apply to the tribunal and to the solutions of the Savings Bank of the sale of shares of "Pavlovskgranita" offshore companies, also write a letter to Vladimir Putin personally. Putin, which at the time of receipt of the letter, was the head of Russian Cabinet instructed to deal with the situation head of the Department of Economics, and now the Minister of Economic Development Andrei Belousov. But the trial ended with the Belousov that Putin simply said that the situation is in good hands, and once the shares go to Sberbank, is there precisely to dispose of them properly.

In the end, Sberbank, as we already know, stocks really ordered, but only one is quite unclear: neuzh, then ordinary (albeit large) monetary institutions in the country have the capacity to resell the shares of companies that are directly related to the defense industry, firms registered in zabugornyh countries. It turns out that the financial transaction, which was held a few years back Sberbank, to put it mildly, requires further study and evaluation. And it turns out that someone deliberately concealed from Vladimir Putin's what the story might end with the sales of shares of "Pavlovskgranita" the recipients through Sberbank.

In such a situation, trying to somehow read about the illegal decision in respect of the deputy Poymanova not necessary, because he took a loan, and if you had to assume that if he is unable to repay the bank has the right to dispose o
f its collateral. Well, deal with the case in our time deputy, to put it mildly, is not recommended …

But the question is not Poymanova, and what actions made by the Savings Bank with the collateral shares. It turns out that if enterprise, which works to increase the country's defense, but for one reason or another, partly or completely is in the hands of the individual and for all that can not pay its bank creditors, the assets of these companies and can be brought to where the bank's board deems it necessary and profitable . If so, then the "Pavlovskgranit" and its new management, which is associated with the foreign offshore, can only be a first sign of an "innovation" raiding. At this rate, it comes to the implementation of directly over the hill or else into the hands of those who are behind this "hill" interests, and other defense companies. The calculation is made evident by the fact that the problem will be launched on the brakes and the public did not find out about it.

In this it was possible to put a period to be exact bold symbol of the question, but … New applicants for possession of "Pavlovskgranitom" decided by the court originally justified. In their version, the very Poymanov, being the owner of the mine, was engaged in illegal actions and abuse capabilities. Now the Investigation Committee holds hearing about where and how Sergei Poymanov, brought about 1 billion. rubles of profit from the accounts of "Pavlovskgranita" at a time when he himself had declared about their own insolvency.

In general, in a dispute over a Cyclopean enterprise as "a Pavlovskgranit", as they say, by all means bad. Find who is right and who is povinet already very difficult … But in this whole situation is alarming that will go further than this, I'm sorry, scuffling shareholders, the further will depart enterprise the needs of the Russian economy and the defense industry …

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