Scenario of global cataclysms beginning — three pre-disaster

Mankind has never before met with natural phenomena such power and no idea what was meant — "the beginning of global cataclysms destruction of the planet."

To an unprepared humanity would not be immediately destroyed global cataclysms, and had a chance to survive — alien civilizations have developed the script — before global cataclysms they will hold three pre-cataclysm.

Dragon — a symbol of the beginning of global cataclysms

Date of the first and second pre-cataclysm shadow effect refers to the serpent descending the pyramid of Kukulkan.

This serpent descends to the ground twice a year — during the spring and fall equinox, March 21-22 and 20-22 September. This is the date of the first and second pre-cataclysm between which humanity had to make the transition.

Epicenter first pre-cataclysm — March 21, 2012 was supposed to be off the coast of Peru — at the intersection of two trends — Humboldt and El Niño in the area of the Brazilian magnetic anomaly — the weak magnetic field of the planet, and go up the eastern shore of the United States.

However, in the way of the first pre-cataclysm, mankind has built many nuclear power plants.

So the script was changed. Extraterrestrials kept decreasing magnetic field of the Earth, and on 21 March 2012. instead of the first pre-cataclysm occurred only in Mexico earthquake of magnitude 7.4 points. If not for their help in the world there would be radioactive contamination of the environment, the level of which would be much higher than the state after the accident in Japan.

ETC warn that the September 22, 2012 will second pre-cataclysm,
which may result in severe radioactive contamination of the environment in connection with the destruction of many nuclear power plants in the path of natural attack.

September 18, 2012 — very important date, which determines everything!

Our move is to be made no later than September 18, 2012, because it is very dangerous to come close to the date of the second pre-cataclysm. This is due to the danger of destruction is fully ready for the transition of the united consciousness of civilization because of unexpected natural disasters in various parts of the globe. They may be the result of a deep restructuring of the world's superpower to a natural phenomenon — the second pre-cataclysm of September 22 2012.

If the second pre-cataclysm will occur in full force, and we do not have time to make the transition, then we will not be able to continue living. The remaining number of people will not be enough to trigger the Transition

In addition, until 21 December 2012, the before global cataclysms, namely 12 December 2012 will further third pre-cataclysm — The most powerful of the three preliminary.

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