Scientists are afraid Moscow thunderstorms and storms — in the coming days. And all of humanity — the extinction

Scientists are afraid Moscow thunderstorms and storms - in the coming days.  And all mankind - extinction.  In the near futureScientists are afraid Moscow thunderstorms and storms — in the coming days. And all mankind — extinction. In the near-term.
Earth faces today with solar energy, but it's not terrible, compared with forecasts of international experts

Today, giving The first completely dry day for the past week. The sun will shine in the sky from time to time may appear clouds. Temperature up to 24 degrees in the afternoon. Wind northwest and moderate. All today — it is a gift of nature before the next bad weather — rain and thunderstorms. One gets the feeling that the sky was broken drainage …

And June 23, but not everything will go as smoothly predicts portal "Gismeteo." Scientists frighten us: Earth on Thursday to face in high-energy solar flux. Flash on our home star, happened yesterday, and the storm will begin today. Restless geomagnetic background can cause vomiting, and even deterioration of health in meteodependent people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, neurological and psycho-emotional disorders. Perfectly healthy people today also Namuchaetes with weakness, fatigue, and sleep disorders.

However, all this is nothing compared with what promises us a team of international scientists — 27 experts from six countries. You will not believe this, but we will have another apocalypse. Experts raised the alarm after a detailed study of the World Ocean. It turns out that oceanic systems are in a state of progressive degradation, in other words — hundreds of species of fish and coral is gradually dying out. If scientists are correct, then this disaster threatens to become the sixth "great extinction."

The previous five have occurred since the Ordovician-Silurian extinction 450 million years ago, ending the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction about 65 million years ago — it wiped out the dinosaurs. The worst is Permian extinction 251 million years ago. Then there was the 70% of living species on land and 96% — in the sea.

"The current extinction will be the fastest, by geological standards — scientists predict — hundreds and thousands of marine species could disappear within one hundred years. Subsequent to the ocean, obviously, and terrestrial ecosystems would collapse. "

The reason for such a catastrophe unpretentious — are emissions of waste into the ocean, especially toxic plastics and selhozudobreny, surface contamination by oil products, high concentrations of greenhouse gases, mindless fishing.

Now scientists record warming, growth of hypoxia (low oxygen, which leads to oxygen starvation) and the oxidation of the oceans. All this is killing coral reefs, which play a very important role in the ecosystem of the ocean. About a third of the world reefs already ruined.

They risk disappearing completely by 2050. Following the corals into oblivion go fish, animals, and insects. Person in such a situation can catch the same fate.

Daria Orlova

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