Scientists will study the role of forests in Siberia in the global ecosystem

An international scientific expedition to study the Yenisei River in order to study the role of forests in Siberia in the ecosystem of the planet and the forecast changes due to human influence, will start on Sunday, June 10, from Krasnoyarsk, the site says the Siberian Federal University (SFU).

Scientists have until July 4, will be held over two thousand kilometers along the Yenisei from Krasnoyarsk to the town guard, on the Taimyr Peninsula, as part of the expedition will be conducted comprehensive studies of the soil, air, forests in the basin of the river and its tributaries, said RIA Novosti on SFU.

The expedition was conducted under a grant from the Government of the Russian Federation, won SFU in 2010. The project will last three years, his total cost — more than 130 million rubles. To participate attracted scientists from Germany, UK, Netherlands, France, China, the expedition will also be attended by 18 scientists from SFU.

"The main objective of the project — a scientific study of carbon credits, which would optimize Russia's participation in the Kyoto process, and finally get to work mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol and other national programs related to climate change" — quoted in the message words Rector for Science and International SFU Co Sergei Verkhovtsov.

For three years, the project includes two large-scale expeditions and the hydrological, chemical and biological studies of organic material Yenisei River, inventories of terrestrial ecosystems of Central Siberia and the creation of a single database containing comprehensive information for modeling and analysis of processes in ecosystems Eurasia.

According to the report, during the first year of the project on the basis of FMS was established instrument base with equipment worth more than 40 million rubles, and preliminary work on modeling the changes in the atmosphere over Siberia and the Far East.

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