Scroll doomsday Essenes and their prophecies

How it all began. Started this unique inherently epic in late May 1947. Two shepherd herding tribe taamire large herd of goats in the desert called Wadi Qumran. Pasture located just 20 km to the east of Jerusalem near the Jordan River, very close to the shore of the Dead Sea. The shepherds were young boys, so do not sit on the ground, and took a keen interest in the rocky terrain bordering the green grass covered meadows.

Inquisitive youth drew attention to the narrow opening at one of the rocks. Teenagers squeezed into it and ended up in a cave. On its size is difficult to judge, as the weak light dimly lit granite arches at the entrance, and the rest of the natural formation of resting in the dark.

One of the boys were in the pocket of the match. He lit one, and fire tore loose from the dark room. On the rocky floor was nothing, only the far wall vaguely looked through some big rocks. Young people came closer and lit the second match, and saw that it was not stones, and large clay vessels.

There are eight of them. Seven were empty, and one was a large bundle of gray fabric. Tissue already rather decayed and fell apart at the touch. Young people saw the parchments. Their carefully removed from the vessel, was carried out of the cave and carefully considered.

Unknown hand covered parchment text. But the young man could not read a single sentence, since it was an unknown language, not even remotely similar to Arabic. In any case, finds are ancient manuscripts. Teens know that these things are certain money, so the scrolls told no, and hid them in a safe place until better times.

Appropriate times came two months later, when the boys were practical in Bethlehem. For every Christian is a holy place, because it is in the birthplace of Jesus Christ. On holy ground teenagers found a merchant interested in ancient finds, and sold him the scrolls.

Merchant showed purchased goods Metropolitan Athanasios of St. Mark's Church in the city of Jerusalem. He bought his proposed finding, and in 1948 gave several rolls in the School of Oriental Studies. Consulting the recognized historical value and by radiocarbon studies have established age. He wavered from 160 BC. e. to 230 years BC. e.

Unique manuscripts acquired University of Jerusalem and classified them. They include fragments of a book of Isaiah (the first prophet "Old Testament", lived in the 8th century BC. Oe.), Fragments of the Book of Daniel (Biblical prophet who lived in the 7th century BC. E.), "Apocalypse of Lamech (father of November ). " As well as "Rule of the Community", "Hymns of Gratitude" and scroll "War of the children of light against the sons of darkness."

Finding such a unique material aroused great interest in academic circles. But immediately took a careful study of caves, one of which found the manuscript, was not possible. Prevented the Arab-Israeli conflict. May 15, 1948, Israel declared its independence. This only increased the resistance of the Muslim world. Until the end of July 1949 in the region, the war raged on.

By careful search began only in 1951. Overall, it was organized by four major archaeological expedition, surveyed about 200 caves. In 11 of them the researchers found the remains of ancient documents. All in all, it was found almost 40 thousand different fragments of manuscripts. They look like a different version dokanonicheskogo presentation "of the Old Testament." That is, was found invaluable storehouse of universal wisdom.

Who was the author of all this variety of knowledge? In ancient times, this land inhabited by representatives of the Qumran community. These people know from Philo of Alexandria and Judah (25 BC. E. — 50 BC. Oe.) And Josephus (37-100). About the community also mentioned by Pliny the Elder (23-79). In fact, the community was a Jewish sect. Its origin dates back to the 20-ties of the II century BC. e. Members of the religious community is identified with the Essenes.

Initially, the Essenes lived in the cities and villages of the land of Judea. Unites these people unity of religious beliefs and way of life. They were a fierce resistance to Hellenism. That is against the proliferation of the Greek language and Greek culture plantations in those countries, which, after the death of Alexander the Great began his generals fiefdoms (Diadochi).

Apparently the fight Essenes was not successful, as they were forced to leave the cities and villages. In order to preserve their identity and traditions of this ancient people founded a separate colony on the northwest shore of the Dead Sea. New lands Essenes lived a secluded life, not letting yourself to strangers.

Led community was righteous teacher. Its task was to prepare the way for the Messiah. The latter was to appear in the "end times." This comes after the end of a 40-year war. Its outcome was to be the victory of the "sons of light" over the "sons of darkness."

All members of the community made a vow of celibacy. But to the community in the end, not degenerated, the Essenes were taken to foster care. Them from the childhood appropriate outlook. In the collective colony could also get anyone who shares the views of its members. In this case, appointed on probation. He continued for three years.

When you join the community took an oath. Newbie vowed to honor God, do not bring harm to anyone, do not stand out from other clothing and do not wear jewelry. He also assured the members of the brotherhood that will relentlessly expose those whose mouths glagolyut lie, and sincerely love the truth. Never dare to use illicit profits and not a word to say to outsiders about affairs and community aspirations.

A person who has violated the oath, expelled from the colony. In this case, he had no right to eat, because it is strictly forbidden to do outside of the community. Starving, wretched asked to be taken back. In most cases, the request was met. The offender back to their communities, and it was thought that he sincerely repented.

The entire community was divided into small groups. It was like an individual family. Each of them lived in the same house. In most cases, members of the group did not bind their relationship. Just people united in one team and coexisted. In such families, all boarded at the same table, and children respected their elders, as their fathers, giving them the appropriate honors.

Celibacy community members considered higher in status than marriage. Therefore, the family set up only in those years when the older people get too much. In this case, the sexual relationship lasted only as long as the woman is not pregnant. After that, all sorts of intimate contact ceased.

Essenes clearly divided into four castes. Perfected soul, every member of the community could rise from the lowest to the highest caste. Going all the way and be on top of the hierarchy, one gets certain powers and could predict the future. These people are also becoming strangers. They went to the cities and villages to convert to their faith lost.

Prominent representative of the Qumran community was John the Baptist (6 BC. E. — 30 BC. Oe.). It was he who baptized in the waters of the Jordan Jesus Christ. In it you can believe, you can not believe it, but in any case there was something in that distant time. And that is something left an indelible mark on the entire subsequent history of human civilization.

John the Baptist was a member of the highest caste, the Essenes. He left the community and went to the people. Urged them to repentance, assured humble pride and temper greed. Long lived in the desert, being content with little. End of his life was tragic. Thanks to the intrigues of Queen Herodias, John the Baptist was beheaded. He is considered the last of the prophets, heralds the appearance of the Messiah.

Tragic fate and all the Qumran community. It is also called the Dead Sea community and community renewal of the covenant. In 37 BC. e. Romans conquered Jerusalem. In the '66 uprising against the invaders. Essenes took active part in it.

Roman legionnaires far outnumbered the rebels. The Essenes were driven out of their villages and took refuge in the caves. Ultimately, all of them destroyed. The memory of the community has dimmed, and if not for the shepherds boy, man, maybe today, it would not aware of the Essenes and priceless manuscripts. One of them is of particular interest. This is a roll of "War". On it will be discussed.

Today, this manuscript, some researchers tend to look not as a statement of the chronology of events of the past, but as a prediction of "the end of the world" in the present. In other words, the Essenes looked into the future and tried to convey to the distant descendants of the other series of tragic disasters that await them in the future.

Actually, the "end of the world" all predict differently. Someone gives the date 2012, someone points to 2045, and there are supporters who claim that the tragedy will occur in 2060. That said, how many people, so many opinions. The exact same number as confirmed by a competent argument, can not name anybody. Therefore, mankind is in a "disheveled" feelings and does not know who is, after all, to believe.

In rollout of "War", if taken literally, is given a prophecy telling of reunification to the Land of the Jewish tribes. As a result, subsequent release from the yoke of the enemy, and, as a consequence, has finally established on the sinful earth kingdom of God.

But unlike other ancient Jewish sources, diverting people passive role in the roll call for the active participation in the upcoming battle against evil. In this case, detailed signs war plan is described in detail and outline tactical common strategic objectives.

Complete lack of time specified at the beginning of great events, and the specific names of enemies, makes it possible to treat the prophecy very freely. That is, it can be attributed to already past tense, but it can be argued that everything said in the book "War" is still waiting in the wings.

The main enemies of the "forces of light" is Kitty. Under them can mean the nations of Western Europe. In other biblical prophecies Kitty commonly called the Romans. Their allies is Ashur. This city, the capital of Assyria. Located in the territory of the kingdom of modern states such as Iraq and Syria. Seized power and the ancient territory of modern Iran. All this land of Mesopotamia — the cradle of Eurasian civilization.

Today, in these lands, concentrated enormous negative energy. Mesopotamian lands is a zone of high risk. It is from this region came the initiative to carry out terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001 in New York and Washington. Two were destroyed World Trade Center and damaged the western part of the Pentagon. It's safe to say that in Mesopotamia reign supreme "forces of evil".

A similar situation was observed 2,000 years ago. In Mesopotamia hosted Romans and Parthians. The latter is a warlike people, in no way inferior to the brutality Syrians. The international situation in the region was very tense. Provoked her again, "the forces of evil" against which, according to the scroll of "War", are the "forces of light."

In accordance with the text of an ancient manuscript, before the "end of the world" to be held 7 battles. The author claims that six of them have already happened. Have the last battle. It was after him on the ground and you should see the Messiah. It can mean the Second Coming of Christ.

At the time when he wrote the scroll of "War", humanity has not yet experienced the first advent, whose task was to create not the kingdom of God on earth, and only indicates the right path to universal happiness, equality and prosperity. People, for the most part, ignored the calls and received wisdom is that supposed to get.

Evil has spread across the planet. The world is ruled by greed and lust for power of pride. Everything is clean and bright violated, and it always should provoke a battle between good and light. So it can be a roll of "War" and tells the story of our day. The ancient writer endowed with the gift of foresight, conveyed to distant descendants invaluable information, tell them about their future.

On the other hand, given the looming conflict between the Romans and the people of Judah, one can assume that the scroll tells about those distant times. Was a terrible war, and then the destruction of entire peoples. The Essenes were all killed, leaving only the writing. This prophecy did not come true nard, as "forces of evil" triumphed over "the forces of light." But the world of this was neither hot nor cold. Earth is huge, and in its place came other victims.

Maybe this is just the ultimate truth. Some people die, others take their place. For the former, it means the "end of the world", and the latter a new beginning. Struggle and unity of opposites rule the world, not the laws of God. This point of view also can not be discounted, discussing the fate of human civilization, the "end of the world" and the ancient prophecies.

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