Secret symbolism of the film «2012»

Disaster film "2012" tells the story of the almost complete destruction of the familiar face of the earth, as foretold in the prophecies of the ancient Maya. However, besides the impressive special effects, the film is present and symbolic implications, which can decrypt learn about the plans of the world elite to establish a New World Order and the coming of the Age of Aquarius.


Despite the fact that the film was released in 2009, it is relevant, since the year after whom is named, has already arrived. The film played at the expectations of panic and anxiety in the spirit of "Oh my God, the ancient Maya were told that we all going to die soon!". Indeed, in the movie death of all … or almost all.

In the film, you can find many biblical allusions, mythological scenes and references to prior periods. A main message can be expressed in these words: "No matter what happens, the rich and powerful will to live — as opposed to all of you pathetic losers!".

Any disaster film, among other things, translates to the masses is what will be the reaction of the authorities to this or that event. And in "2012" this experience simply discouraging: the world's elite, having learned of the impending disaster, in secret from everyone is preparing a retreat, and all the other inhabitants of the earth to death. True, few ordinary people can seep into society elected and they'll probably be able to survive — and that will be submitted as a happy ending.

But somehow, after watching the film any sense of "happy ending" does not appear — on the contrary, there is a stimulation of what you did, happen is, clearly would have entered a favorite (and all who surround you.)
It is unlikely that the film was created in order to earnestly demonstrate the truth of the Mayan prophecy — but plans for the world's elite, and it demonstrates perfectly here have a lot to think about.


The film begins with a parade of planets, which became the cause of all the subsequent disasters. And from the astrological point of view of a parade of planets is to marks new era, in this case — the Age of Aquarius.

Several scientists discover that due to solar flares, the Earth's core begins to get very hot. American geologist Adrian Helmsley warns the Washington, but in fact the world's elite is not only a well-informed about the coming disaster, but also actively preparing for it — building ships, expected to survive. Can be saved only by those who do "costs" as well as masterpieces of world art in museums advance replaced by fakes.

In this scene, the Mona Lisa in the Louvre is a forgery. The real picture will be posted in the "post-apocalyptic" world.

Only the richest people on Earth can buy yourself a chance to escape. The price of a seat on the board is worth 1 billion euros. Ordinary people can not be saved — and that too is a part of the plan.

Mass in the film shows how aggressive and violent crowd, prone to panic and violence. While U.S. President confers with world leaders at the Group of Eight summit, crowds are rioting like a pack of monkeys. The film subtly suggests thinking, perhaps, the elite law, which does not reveal the truth to these idiots? ..

Even high secrecy can not hide the preparation of all sizes, and some people tend to reveal to the world the truth, but they die in mysterious incidents, and not having anything to say. As director of the Louvre, which was interrupted in mid-sentence the explosion of the car.
With this episode presents some interesting facts that are worth noting. Louvre director dies in a tunnel at the Alma Bridge where Princess Diana died earlier. In "Princess Diana: death and memory — the occult interpretation" explains that death is the bridge Alma bore all the characteristics of a ritual sacrifice. Similarly, the death of a French director can be regarded in this way — he was sacrificed to the elite. You can also do the reverse conclusion: if the death of the director in the film served as an accident, but it is obvious that the murder — that what then was in fact the death of Lady Di?

Later it turns out that the death was not the only one, but many other people that might reveal the truth, died under mysterious circumstances. Conspiracy theories in the film graced newspaper clippings on the subject an entire wall.

Meanwhile, due to the unrest in the summer Olympics in London has been canceled. Maybe it will be so? ..

The Chinese government is completing the construction of giant ships "Ark", which are prepared to take on the world's elite.


The hero of the film — Curtis Jackson — normal divorced father who is trying to get to one of the "ark" to survive.

Jackson Curtis — writer-loser, working on a book "Atlantis, goodbye," and this name is very symbolic in the context of the film. According to legend, after the flooding of Atlantis thousands of years ago, a few of the Atlanteans were able to escape and settled in Egypt, America and Asia, where the teachers are highly local people. Atlantis has an important place in the occult mysteries, because they said that the continent was home to all secret knowledge, and it still exists in reality. Atlanteans who survived the flood, gave occult Egyptians, Mayans, and perhaps the Celts. Many esoteric claim that described in the Bible Flood was actually a story about the destruction of Atlantis, and the mythologies of many nations there are similar stories.

Today secret society view America as "New Atlantis", built on the principles and teachings of the Masons roeznkreytserov, distant heirs of former teachings of Atlantis.

Francis Bacon wrote in a 1605 book, "The New Atlantis," which described a society based on the rule of reason and science, according to the teachings of the Masons and the Rosicrucians. Also known for his dictum "knowledge — force", which is one of the axioms of the Rosicrucians and was captured on the Library of Congress.

While Bacon's book marks the birth of America, a book by Curtis becomes a symbol of farewell to her. The film also subtly hints at the fact that the survivors of the new analogues of Noah's Ark will now look for a new world order, and that they will bring back with him, would have descended from the Atlanteans and American occultists …


During the film Earth heats up and more in Los Angeles cracks begin to appear. Although it has become clear that the world is threatened by a terrible accident, the media are in cahoots elites underestimate the danger and tried to calm the population. The only person who realizes the truth — half-mad conspiracy theorist who lives in the forest. Thus, the film seeks to make us believe that, according to the Hollywood cliché, whistleblowers can not be rational people, and are always a sort of cranks.

Conspiracy theorist Charlie Frost is on his own radio show and website, but even though he is the only person who knows the movie, Hollywood has his example shows that to know the truth — "not cool"

Frost gives Curtis map to help get to the ark, and it lies on his shelf next to a folder of materials about Marilyn Monroe. Is it not, a subtle hint to the one who was a slave of the president? ..

When things get really serious, the members of the world's elite receive messages to phones, you need to start loading the ark.

As soon as the world is becoming a hell shows how broken the world's monuments. It is not just exciting looks, but also symbolizes what institutions will die when entering the Age of Aquarius. Shows how to drop the statue of Christ in Brazil, repeating the fall of the statue of Saddam Hussein during the Gulf War. This symbolizes the departure from the scene of Christianity.

In the destruction of the Sistine Chapel fresco by Michelangelo on the crack is symbolic of the hands of Adam and God. This means that God will no longer interfere with the case of the elite?
In the scene, which was not included in the movie was to be shown more and destroying the Kaaba, but it did not show, for fear of the reaction of Muslims. However, the destruction of the world's religions — it is the task of the New World Order.

But in the film not only shows the crumbling shrines, but political orientation.

So, the White House is destroyed to fall on the USS, and then washed away the giant wave that symbolizes the absence of NMP individual governments and armies, because there will be only one government and one military.

Interestingly, the U.S. president refused to be among the survivors on the ark and chose to die with ordinary people. Thus, the democratically elected leaders of other countries is also not among the future of humanity. Goodbye, democracy.


At the time, most of the population died from floods and earthquakes, "favorite" arrived in China to be loaded onto ships. Just as the biblical Noah's Ark, there were submerged and animals for reproduction.
Of course, as an important member of the world behind the scenes, his place on the ark and found the Queen of England. Apparently, her ability to wear a hat will help a lot of humanity in the future …

After Adrian Helmsley says moralistic dialogue inevitable that people need to keep each other. That's just not clear that he has lost his place in the ark of someone drowning. Hold for each other was capable of only the elite.

After the catastrophe, humanity decided to reset the calendar and we now start counting from zero years. Thus, the chronology of the Nativity of Christ, came to an end as the Age of Pisces, which is associated with Christianity, and the beginning of a new era — Aquarius

At the end of the film the way to keep the ark cradle of humanity Africa, the symbolic Cape Hope to start over history. Is it a happy ending? If you — one of the elite, yes, and if one of their 99% of the world's population — do not.

Age of Aquarius

Esoteric schools teach that "the great solar year" lasts 25,000 years, until the sun goes through all the zodiacal position. Every 2000 years, the Sun has a new zodiacal position, which leads to changes in the unconscious part of human history. The last 2000 years, we lived in the age of Pisces, Jesus Christ, is often associated with the fish was the main content of this era. And as the sun changes its position in the previous sign, then we are entering the Age of Aquarius.

It is through the demonstration of the destruction of mankind by the flood, the movie "2012" suggests that this is the work of Aquarius, in the era we are entering. In Greek mythology, Aquarius is depicted as the carrier of the vessel with water, caused the destruction of Atlantis. And he also filled with water, "New Atlantis," America …


Despite the fact that "2012" is often described as a hodgepodge of special effects and explosions, in the context of the film is strong symbolic messages and signs. This gives the film depth and opens the viewer something important world behind the scenes of the plans. Despite the fact that the world is unlikely to be lost December 23, 2012, The film describes the scenario of this: the decline of religions, nations, and the reign of the elite on the backs of the ignorant masses.

All that is mentioned in the film, agreed with the "Ten Commandments" to "Tablets of Georgia", "Let the earth's population will never exceed 500,000,000, staying in constant balance with nature", "find a new living language that can unite mankind" and so on . The turn of events also echoes the prophetic murals at Denver International Airport, and at Bank of America. Everything indicates that the formation of the New World will be the elite of disaster, death and oppression.

On a deeper esoteric level, the film equates the two Atlantis — present and America as a great civilization destroyed by the flood.
Yes, this film is of much opens his eyes. But its symbolism, as is often the case, it is not covered in the media. But in fact, the movie tells the story of a monstrous conspiracy against the elite nations of the earth, leading to numerous deaths — while plotting served as the only form of salvation of mankind.

Are we prepared for those disasters that can begin soon, marking the beginning of the New World Order? At least, as stated on the movie poster, "We have been warned!"

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