Secrets of cooperation between the U.S. and the Muslim Brotherhood

Secrets of cooperation between the U.S. and the "Muslim Brotherhood"

Recent activity in the Middle East could force the United States to reopen negotiations with the "Muslim Brotherhood", because this influential and, to say the least diverse organization is exactly the power that is able to stabilize the situation in the region. It is worth noting that the United States is already a couple of times, starting with a 50-year, tried to do business with the "brothers", but according to the views of the majority of professionals from this cooperation have won only the "brothers." But, despite this, many believe that the United States will once again take the risk and bet on "Muslim Brotherhood."

For the first time cooperation U.S. "brothers" began in 1953 under President Eisenhower. Several 10-s Islamic scholars were invited to Princeton institute, according to the official version, for a role in the conference. In fact, the Americans want to enlist the support of spiritual favorites Islamic states to not sprawl "communist threat" to the Middle East.

At the meeting, there was one of the main representatives of the "brothers" since then — Said Ramadan, who was in the CIA report was referred to by others as "fascist" and "Phalange". But the "communist threat", apparently, the Yankees seemed much more unsafe phenomenon than the rise to power of Islamists in Muslim countries. Unofficially supported Ramadan Americans in the coming years, even despite the fact that he supported the Iranian revolution of the 79th year.

Note that during the Vietnam War, the U.S. enthusiasm for "brothers" really slept, and returned only after the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. In this case, headed for his own support maximum Americans through various sources supported mujahideen both financially and supplied them with a tool. As a result, many of the mujahideen soon became the organizers and active members of al-Qaeda, but it does not hurt to support them and then, right before the terrorist attacks of September 11.

Secrets of cooperation between the U.S. and the "Muslim Brotherhood"

After the terrorist attacks, many members of the "Muslim Brotherhood" were named supporters of terrorists and all contacts with the organization have been frozen (in Russia it has been named a terrorist in 2003). However, this does not lasted long, given that the Bush administration not the best way waged two wars in Muslim countries, cooperation with the "brothers" will soon be resumed. U.S. felt that the "brothers" posodeystvuyut defuse tensions in Afghanistan and Iraq, and also to cope with the structural Islamist groups operating in Europe.

To this end, in 2006, a meeting was organized euros department "Muslim Brotherhood" with South American Muslim communities. A report from the CIA in 2006 of the "brothers" it is said that they own, "impressive internal dynamism, organization and the ability to work with the media." With the arrival of President Barack Obama's nothing really in the relationship between the "Muslim Brotherhood" and the U.S. has not changed.

So why is the U.S. so doggedly continue to reach out to this Islamic organization, because no practical usefulness of this cooperation not? On the contrary, specifically from the ranks of the "brothers" were formed much more constructive organizations, such as the "Hamas" and "Al Qaeda." Well, the application themselves "brothers" are very diverse. Thus, their main spiritual favorite Youssef Qaradawi calls for the stoning of homosexuals and the destruction of the Israeli kids for the reason that when they grow, they can become fighters.

However, all the same, and Qaradawi states that the ladies should be allowed to work and refutes a number of other values fundamentalists. In general, behaves like a real modern politician and immediately tries to please both "his" and "other." Perhaps for this reason, specifically the U.S. administration and believes that such a mixture of fundamentalism with Western norms is better all-frank Islamism and once again trust the "Muslim Brotherhood." I just did not make a mistake if they are in now?

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