Secrets of effective management of the company and staff

Secrets of effective management of the company and staff

Most of the companies that pay attention to the effective development of their own business are well aware of the need to introduce a system of personnel motivation. The fact is that, having no motivation, even highly qualified employees in the presence of a well developed information system, do not share the company's objectives, the improvement is not helping business. They have no incentive to work for the organization, in addition, also the staff may not be accurate landmarks in the works that would indicate to what is necessary to strive for.

Very often in the management literature states that if the true cost to the employee designated purpose and it has an incentive to its merits, it is half of success in business. Because the development of motivation system based on principle in the implementation of at least some of the company.

If you tell a 2-word, then system motivation consists of 3 components. This is real motivation, in other words, different premiums, increasing salaries for employees, the availability of efficient social package — everything that can be called a reward for good work. Goodwill motivation is a reward in the form of career growth, increasing prof level employee. Another component of the motivation is the individual responsibility and control. In case of having a good motivation system can be in the near future to behold such as the rise of financial performance as revenue, profit, there will be new customers. In addition, as part of exchange and high-quality employees. In other words, is to strengthen the company's position in the market as a strong contender.

In the near future more and more companies are starting to use the system of grading. This system be based in the West was Edward Hay in the middle of the last century. In our country, it was used not so long ago. What after all is the development of the grading system and what are its advantages?

Simply put, this system officials discharges, which combined all the posts of one organization. These positions are grouped according to Grady performed by employees of the functions of importance, the difficulty of the work, the level of responsibility. In most cases this system needed if the number of employees more than 300 people, while the number of unique positions in the company exceeds 100. Grading can more accurately find the value of each position to the merits of the overall goals of the company. In this case, this value is determined on the basis of expert assessments, the base of which is a set of characteristics. Each company has its own set of characteristics, but among them there are three main groups of factors: knowledge and experience, these efforts, the level of responsibility. In this case specifically evaluated position, and not a specific person. So Makarov, this makes it possible to avoid the personal factor in the calculation of wages. At one point introduced system grades should be reviewed from time to time and change to meet the strategic goals of the company.

Russian companies have long been consumed in its own business practices corporate seminars and workshops. These measures will improve the skills of staff and are a kind of additional training. No matter how impressive company not spare the time and resources to ensure that its employees have always been at the highest level of Professor. Seminars and training programs from constantly changing, taking into account the changing legislation available in the market environment.

So Makar, we can say that the effective management of at least some competent companies to run their own successful businesses will try to use the system of personnel motivation to introduce a system of grades, and often carry different corporate seminars and workshops.

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