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Owners hours repeatedly observed the unusual behavior of their timepieces in extreme situations. The clock starts to fall behind, or, on the contrary, accelerate … Why so much mystery and crime stories is connected to the clock?

In June 2011, Sicily was recorded amazing phenomenon. Italian journalists have called him "crazy hours." For several days, the island seemed plunged into timelessness.

As reported by nearly a week hours were the most useless object in Sicily. All the residents and those who got to the island, they suddenly began to show different times. If the center of Palermo chimes still repulsed 12:00, then, for example, electronic watches airport already showed 12:30.

The situation was critical. Down out of the security, transportation, and banks. The island is on the brink of survival.

For the first time the scientific world realized that in fact we know nothing either about the nature of time, nor on how it is connected with the simplest devices, which it is measured.

What really show the hours?
What time we learned how to define?
Surprisingly, this question is still not answered!

A strange phenomenon is registered on the Italian island of Sicily for more than a week, as the electronic digital clock is 10-20 minutes every day, many of the islanders.

Unusual phenomenon reported in many cities of Sicily, and the first time so massively. The phenomenon has become a real mystery, since no one has yet managed to establish its cause. Meanwhile, the island's residents continue to experience minor inconveniences, from being late for the bus, train delays to school or work. And in fact, as can be logically explained by the fact that at the same time more than a thousand electronic devices (including alarm clocks and various household timers) in different areas of the island began to work with the failure?

The investigation of the mystical phenomenon in the tradition of the film X-files, are recognized experts in the Department of Electrical Engineering of the University of Catania. Among the nominated versions there are quite plausible: the reason for the anomaly called unregulated solar panels, radio experiments, as well as repairs of underwater electrical cables leading from the middle of May. But for the moment a mystery hurrying hours remain until unresolved.

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