Selestinskie prophecy

Great writer James Redfield wrote a book: "Selestinskie prophecy," which tells of a unique search every piece of ancient wisdom. However, after reading the book, I want to write all the prophecies in the bar, which I do on this page. Briefly, 9 Celestine prophecy says:

1. All matches, not an accident. People who understand this, be — a critical mass. When a critical mass will be enough, people will understand the meaning of life and made many discoveries.

2. Mankind zanogo comprehend the historical process and its errors. Realizing that financial development has reached its peak, threatens the entire world, the process of learning the world will focus on a different channel.

3. There will come a new understanding of the physical world. By the end of the millennium people discover the energy that is the basis of all bodies, including our own. Beauty and the energy derived from the same source.

4. The struggle for power — the goal of every person. Each person picks up and releases energy. In the 4th prophecy says that people need to learn fueled energy from different sources and, as such, it is rational to share with others.

5.Pyatoe revelation teaches us how to get energy from the outside world. To do this, all the love that surrounds you allow love to enter into you. That is, to achieve harmony.

6.Prezhde, you reach a state of harmony with the world and learn a special state of consciousness (a condition familiar by momentary glimpses, in which we can clearly see that we go through life, guided by mysterious coincidences) we need to understand its essence. It says that every person subject to his script. The man who bullies — "scarecrow." Those who submit to intimidation, that is a coward — "poor thing." If a person likes to point to the shortcomings of others, he refers to the scenario "investigator." Analyzing to what your parents belonged to the script, you realize your script to be overcome in order to understand its essence is actually.

7.Vse answers to our questions come from other people. Important to understand that the person is really ready to tell you something. It will be a message to you.

8. Talk about the relationship between parents and children. 8th revelation is opposed to the 6th. It says how to build relationships not only with children but also with otalnymi people. Need both to share the energy and avoid over zavisimostiot others.

9. Ninth revelation shows how to change human civilization in the next century. The purpose of a person's life is his own evolution. People will live among the ancient forests, however, near the filled overshennoy technique cities. Reduce the level of humanity consciously rozhdamosti, so that's enough room for everyone. People will understand that chance — a guide to action.

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