Self-defense with a knife: the main nuances of implementing a heavy knife. Edged weapons from the standpoint of the law

Self-defense with a knife: the basic aspects of a heavy knife.  Edged weapon from the point of view of the law

In the article "Self-defense with a knife: the main rules of implementation of easy knife" were affected by certain rules to establish a light knife, in this paper we make out the nuances of the use of heavy knives.

Heavy knives — this is a tool that may be under the hand of a rare case, but it is such an opportunity. Under heavy knife assumed longish and heavy hunting, fighting knives, are close to this group of kitchen knives chopping, you can make it, and knives of the "machete." Such a knife is capable of in one fell swoop cut the chicken in half with the 1st strike.

It is clear that such a knife in the street may be under the hand of unlikely, but it can be a house, an apartment, a hike and though any trip into the countryside.

The rules for its use in principle the same as with a knife and easy: you have to keep in mind that this is the last limit of Defense to use only in case of the latter need, when your life is at risk or the lives of your loved ones. You can not intimidate the enemy with a knife, a knife is almost always a threat would be perceived as a signal for the start of the bout.

Implementation. This is the main chopping tools, heavy knife you can cut the enemy or, coupled with cuts, broken bones. Almost all of its introduction is similar to using an ax when chopping firewood, trees, branches, etc., you can also "cut" and the enemy. An experienced fighter can use it for kicks "Fisted type" — a heavy knife, and his arm can cause serious damage.

Protection from punches and kicks. If you try to hit the enemy you foot, step to step and swing stabbed in the shin. If the strike is successful, the enemy will have no time for you. To reflect the punches to cut in your hands, arms.

Blows to the arms, shoulders, neck, head. Hitting the heavy hand of the enemy with a knife (maybe it will be a tool), you have an excellent chance of that, that hurt limb or break it. This fact is already declining final battle in your favor. Next is dependent on the nature of the fight, if there is no need to kill the enemy, you can leave the battlefield. In a more serious fight, successfully attacking limb, and you can continue to hit on the shoulder, neck or head. Thus, the final battle may decide to strike on her collarbone. Blows to the neck, head, especially a heavy knife, only justified in this case, when you kill (very hurting) you or you. Thus, damaging the carotid artery, you must kill a man, it would save only immediate medical help.

A cool tool from the standpoint of the law

What is a "cold steel" from the standpoint of the law of the Russian Federation? What knives can purchase an ordinary citizen of the Russian Federation? What are the responsibilities provided for by the laws of the Russian Federation for illegal carrying of weapons, a recognized cool?

According to the "Law on Weapons" from November 13, 1996, a cool tool — a tool that is designed to hit a target with the help of human muscle strength at a specific contact with the object damage (article first of the Law "On Weapons"). To cool weapons include swords, swords, daggers, knives, Finnish knives, daggers, stilettos, cassettes and other items that are specifically provided for or adapted to engage a live target. A cool tool can be stabbing, stabbing, cutting, chopping, fragmenting, etc.

To cool weapons do not include products that are certified as a product of economic, domestic or industrial purposes (such as penknives, cooking, shoe, garden, fish knives, etc.) Although they are structurally similar to the tool (also Art. 1). In one case (in the investigation) the problem of the recognition of this or other object cool tool is achieved by a forensic examination.

What a cool tool may be Russian citizens. Russian citizens who have permits to keep and bear hunting firearms, gun will be entitled to purchase a hunting cool bladed weapons (Article 13 of the above Act). When shopping for cool guns in the hunting (hunting membership) of a Russian citizen ticket vendor makes its proper recording. And a permit to carry this gun is a permit to carry a firearm hunting guns.

Part of the Russian Federation, the people also have the right to acquire a cool bladed weapon, which was created to be worn with a Cossack uniform, with public suit peoples of — it's swords, sabers, daggers and knives (v. 3). Therefore, if you sign a Cossack or you are with the people, who have a cool tool — it's part of the state a suit, then you have to find the bombs, daggers, and so do not need to call for claims against you (apparently Russian's time to prove to the court that Russian knife — it's part of our state a suit like about a century back and was). The specificity of the state suits determined by the Government of the Russian Federation. To keep and bear such a cool gun license is required (Article 13 of the Law "On Weapons").

So Makar, if a citizen of the Russian Federation is not a hunter, not a Cossack and not representative of the people who has a dagger and a sword — is part of the state a suit, no cool tool to have, and he is not entitled to wear.

What a cool tool is prohibited. On the Russian countryside law prohibits trafficking as a civilian official or fist weapon, a bludgeon, shuriken (throwing a Japanese weapon nestled wearing, like needles, stars and other similar items), Article 6 of the Law "On Weapons". According to the same article, on the territory of Russia banned the turnover (as a civilian official or guns) cool bladed weapons and knives, which have blades and blade length of more than 90 mm. Also of guns and knives, blades are automatically nominated by pressing a button, lever, etc. and fixed them, knives and gun, in which the blade extends by gravity or accelerated motion plus gun recorded.

The responsibility of people of the Russian Federation for illegal possession or carrying of cool guns. Before the emergence of 8 December 2003 the Federal Law N 162-FZ of illegal carrying of cool guns subject to criminal liability under Article 222 part 4 of the Penal Code (for wearing cool tools you can collect up to 2 years, plus a fine). At the current time, and for wearing improper storage of cool tools can only be verbovanie to administrative responsibility in accordance with Part 2 of Art. 20.8 of the Code of Administrative Offences (CAO). Responsibility is to pay a fine of 500 to 2,000 rubles., And may be compensated seizure of weapons. This means that cool tool be a citizen seized and sold in the prescribed manner by the Interior, and the proceeds, less the costs of the sale will be returned to the former owner of the gun.

Changing the law about wearing a cool gun. At the current time, some 4 222 of the Criminal Code establishes criminal act only for illegal marketing of cool weapons (of mandatory service for a period of 180-240 hours, or correctional labor for 1-2 years, or arrest for 3-6 months, or imprisonment up to 2 years with a fine of 80 thousand rubles). In addition, there is a criminal act for illegal Lock and cool tools (including propellant) — Part 4 st.223 Criminal Code.

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