Self-propelled gun Coalition-SV

Workstations crew placed in a computerized control unit which is located in the bow of the chassis. The crew, consisting of two persons, produces full control over the processes of loading, aiming and firing. The control unit is equipped with onboard tactical systems, target selection, positioning and navigation. According to the testimony of devices and sensors crew is constantly looking for the general state of the machine and the amount of ammunition by type of shots.

Every workplace crew Resettled complex remote control automatic fire control and instrumentation of all operations on the monitors unified information and command system. Information and control channels of communication jobs crew in the control module with a module of arms duplicated. There are major hatches crew, cross hatch, hatch as technological transition module weapons.

Installing the control box in the bow of the hull allows you to position crew in a less secure location fighting machine.

The main armament is in the tower, which is set twin gun installation and ammunition to the system of mechanized charging. The engine is located in the rear of the machine.

Modular solution branches of arms and control layout as independent units that perform a specific function, to reduce the size and increase the protection of the crew, including the weapons of mass destruction, and to make better the conditions of interaction and performance of the crew.

Demonstrated at the end of the 2006 model was made based on the modified chassis with the introduction of nodes MBT T-80 and T-72.

Series products will be made with the introduction of promising Russian tank chassis (vol. 195). The new chassis (seven road wheels per side) has essentially the best features for carrying capacity, mobility, quality suspension, which reduce vibration when firing artillery gun.

ACS can be, part of the self-propelled artillery system, which comes in the well armored Ammunition. So Makar, the service will be provided by ACS promising enough personnel, not looking at her significantly reduced crew. Operation and maintenance promising ACS can be automated to the greatest extent.

After the release of ACS to the firing position firing of guns made after the automatic targeting fire control system under the control of the crew members on the monitors. Ammunition is supplied from an automatic weapon boeukladok in the whole range of pointing angles. Mechanisms in the module provides automatic selection of the required types of shells and modular charges. The complex aggregates protect life cleans the incoming air from the harmful effects of propellant gases and weapons of mass destruction, it provides a comfortable working conditions of the crew.

The complex (ACS / TRV) likely to be realized fully automatic system load ammunition aboard, loading and firing, which provides a higher rate of fire. Introduction to the complex armored transport and loading vehicle (TLV) equipped with automatic loading and moving subsystem ammunition, which allows the crew for a couple of minutes to restart the ACS on board all the right shots

Dual Gun installation, is placed in the cradle with it with 2 stacked trunks embodied with the possibility of reciprocating movement along its own axis. The upper and lower stems are arranged in parallel at each other in the vertical plane.

The upper and lower trunks are kinematically connected with the appropriate top and bottom of shell rammer, and with the appropriate upper and lower bolt-rammer-charging piston type having a shutter-type elastic-plastic "Banja". The upper and lower gates-charging rammer made interacting in a locked position, its lugs specifically with pipes of the respective upper or lower trunk. The upper and lower trunks are connected with the appropriate left and right recoil device.

Each trunk in front of the muzzle brake pipe made Cell type with side windows, directed in the opposite direction in the horizontal plane. Likely to occur, and other embodiments of the muzzle brake.

Oboestoronney ammunition feed mechanism (projectile and charge) artillery system comprises a storage device consisting of a 2-mechanized boeukladok. Any combat pack is designed as a closed conveyor drives to move them, and the window of issue of ammunition. Two storage of ammunition loader and two pendulum provide delivery of ammunition loader on a swinging part of an artillery unit.

The drive from the left hand artillery system slug is both mechanized snarjadnye boeukladki placed at the same level in parallel with the partition wall 2 windows issuance shells.

Boeukladki formed as a closed conveyor drives and their movements consist of individual cells, each of which is located to the 2-shells.

Second drive, is located on the other side artillery system is charging and is composed of 2-mechanized charging boeukladok located at the same level in parallel partition wall. Charge storage box also has two AC modules issuing propellant. Either mechanized charging boeukladok comprises two parallel disposed each other closed conveyor belt is closed, each of the individual cells, each of which is one unit variable charge.

First pendulum loader (slug) with a drive of its movement, and is the first trunnion pins coaxial with the gun mount on the same side of the gun mount as the slug drive has two rotary projectile tray, mounted parallel to each other and provided with a locking mechanism containment shells during their transportation. Punching trays mounted rotatably on the axes on the basis of the pendulum projectile loader. Slug Pendulum loader kinematically loading guns in position with the first and second hydraulic cylinders (for moving projectile trays on the appropriate band ramming), mounted on a cradle artillery system, and are equipped with return springs of shell tray to its original position.

Second pendulum loader (charging) with a drive of its movement, and is the second trunnion pins coaxial with the gun mount on the other side of the gun mount. Charging the drive has two rotary charging chute arranged in parallel friend other and provided with locking mechanisms for holding the variable charge modules during their transportation. Chargers trays attached to pivot on the axes on the basis of the charging pendulum loader loading guns into position. Excavator is kinematically connected to the third and fourth cylinders (to move the charging trays on the appropriate band dosylka) mounted on the cradle artillery system, and is equipped with return springs charging tray to its original position.

Slug and charging pendulum cranes in the loading issue shells fit the windows and modules variable charge of the respective drives — slug and charger.

The coaxial gun mount is made alternately from each barrel.

For self-roof mounted anti-aircraft machine gun 12.7 mm, and the edges of the tower mounted 81 mm smoke grenade launchers with electronic control.

ACS with a combined artillery installation provides increased rate of fire by providing the ability to simultaneously charging 2-trunks, which brings a gun mount on the fire performance of a mu
ltiple launch rocket systems, while maintaining accuracy notch receiver system. With all of this saved dimensions and weight are close to a suitable size and weight of the classical single-barrel system.

ACS with a combined artillery installation has overestimated the reliability of artillery systems and combat survivability due to the introduction of 2-to a large extent independent of each other sub-systems formed by autonomous units (with 2 are independent as slug and combat pack chargers, etc.).

Provided an increase in the effectiveness of fire by reducing the reaction time artkompleksa in firing at targets again showed, by reducing the cycle time of loading of the 1st shot by reducing the time of the projectile and chargers boeukladok that, in turn, provided their division into two parts, as follows, reducing the length of each of them twice.

Provides increase the effectiveness of fire especially in the "fire attack" or "hail of fire" (zabugorny term multiple rounds simultaneous impact MRSI) by providing the highest rate of single target shots on the method of production of various rooms of charge (which is achieved by the introduction of variable modular propelling charge ) at different elevations barrel gun mount. With all this to the purpose of all the shells turn can approach almost immediately, ensuring the highest possible chance of its defeat.

Ensures stability of ballistic characteristics in all rooms variable charge by providing the ability to lock in a monotone Bolt caseless propellant AC unit on the piston the sliding bolt-dosylatelya (ie chambers of days), regardless of the number of modules in a particular charge.

Weight twin gun mount is comparable to the mass of traditional single-barrel systems. This is achieved by the introduction of production stems strength steels, unified with the steel used for promising tank guns. Outer contour of the pipe stem is reduced to the least from the standpoint of pressure containment. Eliminated the need for the introduction of breech of their functions Chargers rammer. For the production of cage material used with high specific rigidity, for example, composites.

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