Self-propelled mortars, Nona-SVK on Venezuelan Service

Self-propelled mortars, "Nona-SVK" on Venezuelan Service

Army Venezuela began to take on arms-propelled mortars 2S23 "Nona-SVK". The first batch of mortar was obtained by Venezuela in January 2012, and was later shown in a military parade, held on February 4.

The entire batch of new mortar placed at the disposal of 412 armored battalion under the command of General Bermudez. This battalion comes in the 41 Tank Brigade 4 Armoured Division, equipped with Russian BMP-3 and T-72B1 tanks.

The system of "Nona-SVK" is armed with 120-mm 2A60 cannon in the turret mounted on the chassis of armored personnel carriers BTR-80 8×8. Auxiliary tool: 7.62-mm machine gun, rocket-propelled grenades 902B 6 "Cloud" with smoke grenades 3D6. Recently installed on edges of the tower.

It is believed that army Venezuela has ordered 18 self-propelled mortars, "Nona-SVK".

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