Senator McCain advocates arming Syrian opposition

Senator McCain advocates arming Syrian opposition

Senator John McCain made an appeal to the United States America on the consideration of all options to help the opposition forces Syria, including assistance in their arms.

According to the former presidential candidate America, The U.S. should work through all the possible options, including Syrian weapons the opposition. This will end the country bloodletting.

Syria is already almost throughout the year are anti-government protests. Every day come information about death as peaceful inhabitants, and the uniformed services. According to UN statistics, the total number of casualties since the beginning of the conflict is over 5 thousand people. Authorities Syria claim that during confrontations with armed opposition forces killed more than 2-thousand Syrian law enforcement officers and the military.

Last Saturday, Moscow and Beijing to use its veto, blocked the adoption of the UN Security Council draft resolution on the Syrian situation. Our homeland and China, which are permanent members of UN Security Council, in the second time do not miss the "Syrian" resolutions that contain inappropriate language for the two countries. Russia and China fear that the Syria happen again, "Libyan scenario", which implies an external military intervention.

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