Senator Torshin proposes to add to the Criminal responsibility for alarmism — up to 3 years

Senator Torshin proposes to add to the Criminal responsibility for alarmism - up to three years

First vice-speaker of the Federation Council Alexander Torshin called for the introduction of the Russian Criminal Code articles on responsibility for alarmism — "question about the people who are specially sow panic," he explained to "Interfax". "The history of war — wherever they occur — knows that the laws of war mongers are usually shot without trial" — says Torshin. But he is for a lighter sentence.

Torshin proposes to amend Article 207 of the Criminal Code — the wrong message about the advance of an act of terrorism. It provides for up to 3 years in prison.

Together with that, he said, it is very true to the situation and carefully prescribe. "This article should be spelled out in detail, and not the fact that man, which sowed panic, spreading unverified rumors deliberately, can get to the dock, "- explained Torshin.

According to him, panic often placed people with unstable mentality either be registered in the mental hospital. "There are people who just love to make a row, but we're not outraged when these people imprisoned for disorderly conduct. And there are just fans of acute senses," — explained Torshin.

For a start, he says, need to be worked law zones for emergencies, because it was in Krymsk. "And you have to give the opportunity to test all this chain of rumors that spread the alarmists. And it can be manufactured specifically or not, but it has consequences, including the real" — highlighted the senator.

According to him, the need for such law he came across a situation in Krymsk, where he was the head of the working group of senators. As told Torshin, then captured the wave of Krymsk various rumors, which made a real panic in the middle of the local inhabitants. "Pretty but remember hearing Tipo on the second break of the dam, where people who already have experienced tremendous psychological stress, rushed, in fact, escape from Krymsk, creating big traffic jams. And authorities in handy for nine hours to calm the people, "- identified Torshin.

He also drew attention to the 1st of the Crimean provocateurs which told why spreading rumors about tyschah victims. "Say panic and spreading rumors about the death of hundreds of thousands of kids and urban residents, it turns out, did so for one simple reason — he supposedly offended by the authorities" — protested Torshin.

The senator believes that under the Act may be subject to not only the alarmists who sow the rumors in the area of emergencies and natural disasters. "Do not be special people, that suit the economic panic in the market to neutralize opponents? Also in the banking sector and the financial market, where banks destroyed the whole people, in the beginning he who sows panic. Pretty 1st hearing that such a bank is on the verge of revocation of the license, as people flee here to withdraw their funds. And all this has no consequences for the distribution of hearing "- said Torshin.

In the week the deputy from the "Just Russia," a member of the public organization "The officers of the Russian Federation," the Interior Ministry, Major General Tatiana Moskalkova said she would petition the State Duma on the implementation of the criminal article "for attempting to morality and a gross violation of rules of the community, for the acts that infringe upon the honor and human dignity, the moral foundations of society. "

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