Senators portend massive U.S. withdrawal from international organizations (Foreign Policy, USA)

Senators predict massive U.S. withdrawal from international organizations ("Foreign Policy", USA)Following a statement by the U.S. State Department to stop funding UNESCO in response to the organization of the vote in favor of the Palestinian Authority as a full member of the senators of both parties meant that the United States would reduce funding or even go out of the composition of a number of other international organizations, the composition of which wishes to enter Palestine.

As in the past month passed The Cable, the Obama administration, according to today's laws must stop financing all international organizations that provide Palestine full membership. Membership in UNESCO also provides membership in the Palestine Global Organization of mental accessories (WIPO) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). United States not members of the UNIDO, but will be required to complete funding WIPO.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Palestinians may try to obtain membership in the more important international organizations, which can lead to the loss of funding from the United States or even the U.S. withdrawal from international organizations such as WHO or the IAEA. AP agency said that the Palestinian authorities are considering the possibility of joining the 16 other UN organizations.

While leading senators of both parties recognize that a similar situation is bad for American interests and influence, they do not have a desire to change the law. On the contrary, several high-ranking senators of both parties said The Cable, that they support the policy and will try to execute it, regardless of the consequences.

"It can be catastrophic for U.S. relations with the UN. This could be a turning point, "- said in an interview Tuesday The Cable Lindsey Graham (Lindsey Graham), ranking Republican of South Carolina, a member of the Subcommittee on Foreign Operations Appropriations and Senate.

"There is broad bipartisan support for the withdrawal of funding at least some of the political organization of the UN, which will do it — he said. — There will be that at some point Congress will finish maintain our role in the UN. That's the risk. It will be a great loss. "

Graham said he was confident that an active role in these organizations — in the interests of the United States. Still, he plans to introduce a resolution in the Senate on the formal U.S. withdrawal from UNESCO, which is a more severe step than the termination of funding. He plans to do the same with every international organization, which successfully enter Palestinians.

Graham also said that Congress is considering reducing the South American financing of Palestine, which was oriented 550 million dollars in fiscal 2011, despite the fact that he believes that the financial aid to Palestine — it canceled the idea.

"I do not think it's in our medium-and long-term interests, but that's what happens, specifically for this all goes," — said Graham.

But does not harm the United States for themselves, leaving the organization in order to punish them for the recognition of Palestine?

"No, — said Graham. — The world must make a choice. If the UN will become the body which believe a Palestinian state, then they should suffer. It's their decision. "

Graham is considered the most influential Republican lawmaker in the struggle to maintain membership in the United States and international organizations to provide financial assistance through a proprietary position in the subcommittee and the wholehearted support of these issues. But when it comes to recognize Palestine, the politicians are not allowed to compromise the ability for services, he said.

"I — the closest to the concept of a friend that is [the adherents of the UN] in [the Republican Party], — he said. — But if the Palestinians continue to join organizations, such as WHO, I would be politically impossible to support a company that is playing a destructive game with the peace process. "

Most of Graham's colleagues in the party does not suffer from the contradictions regarding the South American release of UN organizations.

"They made a decision, and they will be responsible for the consequences of their own decisions," — said Sen. John McCain (John McCain), Republican of Arizona, in communion with The Cable, speaking of UNESCO. "And that means that the U.S. taxpayer money will not be spent if I had something to do with it, to organizations that address such decisions."

Will senior Senate Democrats stand for the U.S. role in international organizations? Hardly. Democratic senators said The Cable, or that they support the abolition of the financing of UN organizations have adopted in the numbers of Palestinians, or do anything about it.

"We are given to understand is true, what will be the outcome if the process starts early recognition of a Palestinian country, and the [administration] doing their promises," — said the head of the Armed Services Committee Carl Levin (Sarl Levin), a Democrat from Michigan. "This is a true act, they should do it."

Levin said that the hopes that the United States acts slow down for the recognition of the Palestinian movement, and said that the U.S. will increase its influence if they implement their own risk. Voting took place at the UNESCO General Conference with 107 votes for and 14 against the Palestinian membership, while 52 countries abstained.

The head of the Subcommittee on Foreign Operations Appropriations and Senate Patrick Leahy (Patrick Leahy), a Democrat from Vermont, told The Cable, that it supports the termination of UNESCO's funding.

"This bill asks. He was already 20 years old, and regardless of my support, it's the law, "- he said.

Senators do not blame the Obama administration that happens at the UN, because the administration has not once called for the Palestinians to stop the movement for the recognition. But representatives of both parties complained that the administration has no plan to resolve the crisis or circumvention of the law.

One Sen.-Republican close to the matter, told The Cable, that "the administration behaves as if frozen in front of the machine lights deer."

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