Serbia: The revival of public defense, with the participation of the Russian Federation?

December 29 with a monthly delay the opening of the newest production facility Serbian defense holding Yugoimport — Morava plant in the city of Velika Plana. According to local press reports, in September 2013 plans to launch an upgraded creation light four-wheeled APC BOV-10 and BOV-11, an eight APCs Lazar-1 and Lazar-2, 155-m and wheeled self-propelled guns NORA B-52. In addition, it is planned to produce other self-propelled artillery systems, missile armament and naval gun mount with integrated fire control system.

According to the Minister of Defence of Serbia Alexander Vucic, the products of the plant will run on export — namely, one of the main buyers called Kenya, having already armed with weapons of Serbian production.

Suppliers for the upgraded production will perform about 30 Serb defense companies, including Prva Petoletka, FAP, FADIP and Metal Systems. The number of employees should reach by September, 192 people (currently 83).

Vucic also said that some "largest-ever" contract "cure" the Serbian defense industry and make it the locomotive industry for the state in 2013 g

Serbia: the revival of the national defense industry with the participation of Russia?

According to the local press, plant will also closely cooperate with Russian companies — namely, it may be the introduction of Russian Serbian device in the production of armored vehicles. Negotiations on this issue took place during a visit to Belgrade in November 2012 Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

Another joint Russian-Serbian project in the field of military-technical cooperation is the organization of the production of the heavy armored vehicles. In the former Yugoslavia, the main enterprise on this topic was plant in Djuro Dzhakovich (Croatia), which is currently under the joint venture with the Finnish Patria produces armored AMV, a rival Serbian Lazar.

Earlier, the interest of Serbia to the procurement of Russian weapons and joint projects reported a friendly blog bmpd. It is interesting that Serbian Minister defense in the opening day of the plant said in an interview that some agreement reached with Russia, but the core of the negotiating process is yet to come. In parallel, according Vucic, Serbia is trying to negotiate with the United States and China. Minister did not elaborate on what exactly we are negotiating with each of the 3 states.

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