Serbian patriot General R.Mladich

May 26, 2011 in Serbia, in the village of Lazarevo Serbian police general was arrested R.Mladich. Already for the next day May 27, 2011 involving the use of secrecy to which the Serbian authorities in Belgrade in part is de-energized and shut down the web, R.Mladich was transferred to The Hague International Court of Justice in the Former Yugoslavia. Finally R.Mladich asked the tribunal to grant him the book with the works of Gogol, Tolstoy and Turgenev. Given that the health R.Mladicha very bad after previous 2-strokes and he hardly has it requested them books Russian writers testify to the spirit and courage of the highest R.Mladicha also that he perfectly understands the lie of the Hague Court and intends to defend its name in good faith to the end.

Serbian patriot General R.Mladich

The Hague International Court for the former Yugoslavia was created in 1993 on the basis of UN Security Council Resolution number 808 and number 827 for the investigation of crimes in the period from January 1, 1991 and to "restore peace", but the restoration of peace in the republics of the former Yugoslavia has long been completed, and the Court exists to this day. The UN Security Council does not have the capability to organize the judiciary, no article of the UN Charter does not contain any reference to the right of creation of international tribunals, because International Court in The Hague is not legitimate and has no right to judge anyone that was not for war crimes. Especially since the International Court does not have the right of sovereign states to seek extradition for their conviction, it is a direct interference in the internal affairs of these states and is contrary to international law.

N.A.Narochnitskaya, doctor of historical sciences:

Who is tantamount to submission to the Hague Tribunal Volunteer abandonment of sovereignty. World government pretends to make a group of states with punitive body established by the same rules of countries judged citizen of a sovereign country.

Creating the Hague Court in the face of a world government Rothschilds had to in order to patriots of any country of the world could not fight for the rights of their own people, could not defend the freedom of their own country before the rabid invader — the world's money capital, carrying all countries to one idea — worship goals and objectives of world Zionism, worship domination one civilization, one faith, 1st world order.

K.N.Sokolov, vice — president of the Academy of Geopolitical problems:

The fact that there is no longer free, independent states and their management. In the criteria, when all enmeshed in debts and obligations, the government ran across to the banks. So in the case of at least some of the deviations from the guidelines of the latest world power though what the government expects an immediate fall.

That is why the Government of Boris Tadic readily makes at least some requirement of the Hague Court and the European Union, delivering and selling their own people for the sake of their own power, the power tools. For these purposes are also joining the EU, which is supported by 80% of the people of Serbia, the Serbian Progressive Party, even T.Nikolaicha not protest against the criminal R.Mladicha councils. In his defense, as a defense of Slobodan Milosevic, Seselj, G.Koradzhicha and many others responded Our homeland and the Russian people, who condemned the shameful to a new tyranny in the world behind the scenes of oppression patriots Slavic countries, because specifically for this purpose and created the Hague court.

The appeal of Russian writers said:

The news of the arrest of Ratko Mladic, the acute pain has touched the heart of every Orthodox Slavs. It is not the pain of loss and grief of his weakness before the facelessness FTI modern world, it is the bitterness in the face of the inverted world of the "new world order" when defender declare the offender, and the traitor world government appointed Gauleiter (president) of one or the other Slavic areas.

For 18 years the councils of the Hague court conducted 144 trials, of which the majority of the Serbs. During this period of time in the dungeons of the Court killed 19 people, 16 of whom were Serbs, with all this, the Bosnian Muslim army commander Rasim Delic, for his ruthlessness toward peaceful population was nicknamed "the Bosnian butcher", was sentenced to three years and released from the courtroom. With all of this total period for which the Serbs were convicted, was 904 years old. International Court of Justice was created by world behind the scenes and the Rothschild clan only for the purpose of liquidation of Serbian patriots who opposed the international komplota and genocide against the Orthodox Serbs. Second goal of the creation of the Hague court — the justification of a world government intervention against sovereign Yugoslavia and Serbia, excuse the bombing of civilians by NATO forces.

M.Tetcher, the Prime — Minister of England in 1979 — 1990 Years:

We need to make military action, including air bombing of bridges over the Drina River, connecting Bosnia and Serbia, military transport, gun positions around Sarajevo and Gorazde. Must make it clear that, although we are not at war against the Serbian people, the attack may have been exposed even objects on the Serbian side of the border.

A wonderful expression "Iron Lady": although we are not at war against the Serbian people, but we have the right to bombard any area that we deem appropriate to achieve their goals. In these expressions, roomy enclosed the whole essence of man-hating politicians of the world Zionist government of interventions in the affairs of any country of the world to achieve their vile purposes of enslavement and brainwashing millions of people of other countries who have fallen into the sphere of interests of the international monetary Rothschilds. Suffice it to say that for the 78 days of bombing of Yugoslavia in 2300, NATO aircraft struck against targets in Serbia and Montenegro, extensively using ammunition with depleted uranium, cluster bombs, as well. In total, were dropped on Yugoslavia, 25 thousand tons of ammunition and 152 cluster bombs, killing two thousand peaceful inhabitants, another 7 thousand, including toddlers, were injured. At some bombs dropped in Holy Week 1999, was written "Happy Easter." Why do people give orders to the bombing of peaceful inhabitants of such barbaric methods have not been brought before the Hague tribunal has not been convicted or poisoned in the dungeons, as Slobodan Milosevic? So how did they do the orders of those who belong to the Hague tribunal, they caste "untouchables".

Seselj, in 1998 — 2000 years of Vice — President of Serbia, now a prisoner of the Hague Court:

Of this process as necessary — then go out and it's clear the owners court — the U.S., Britain, NATO, CIA, MI — 6. Everyone around the world justice is clear that there is no basis for the indictment, so the process is delayed and wait, that the defendant died, and a little help to him in this.

Just as with Slobodan Milosevic, Radovan Karadzic will go with, Seselj and R.Mladichem against which since 1995 has been deployed real persecution. First indictment signed by the arbitrator — Muslim F.Riad and in July 1996, was sentenced in absentia R.Mladich Hague tribunal. In 2002, the arbitrator A.Krichi from the Netherlands, specializing in the prosecution of Serbs, approved the latest version of the indictment, and in 2009 an act connec
ted with the charges against Radovan Karadzic. But, May 10, 2011, two weeks before his arrest R.Mladicha Hague court approved the latest version of the indictment and arrest of General made a Serb police forces. It turns out that the court has long been known whereabouts R.Mladicha but before the latest version concocted on the basis of diaries, allegedly belonging R.Mladichu not solved attempts detention General.

With these diaries is a tragic situation, because on the basis of them are going to put forward new charges against Seselj and make entries in the diary of the grounds for the charges R.Mladicha. The authenticity of the diaries is highly perplexing, especially the 3500 pages of written R.Mladichem in less than 5 years, it is almost 60 pages a month or two a day. Is subject only to the writer, and the pulp novels that print their work at the 1st two months. But this discrepancy does not stop the Hague tribunal, which attracted as a witness Judas M.Milovanovicha, many years working with the court on the case of the Srebrenica massacre. Hague Court also does not stop the fact that the expert and scholar L.Simich Zh.Chivikov who conducted the post-mortem studies graves in Srebrenica, were given the expert opinion that all 1,500 graves are relevant to the combatants, and not to the peaceful population.

General R.Mladich, 1993:

I can categorically say that the war is not established by the will and desire of the Serbian people. Borne by the will of any — that special forces who planned the destruction of Yugoslavia, many countries are indirectly and specifically participants in the war in former Yugoslavia. Even some majestic power. I defend their own people from extermination by centuries of land belonging to him and create all the conditions for a peaceful life and work.

General R.Mladich real hero of the Serbian people who have not saved their own lives for the good of their people, their country, ready to go all the way in the protection of the Serb people from the enslavement of the global monetary elite, anti-slavery world Zionism. In this series, the mountain is indestructible Slobodan Milosevic, who died the other day, "fun" prazdnichka Purim March 11, 2006, that there was no room for even the graves of their native land, who wish to erase from people's memories and defame as a traitor to the interests of their own people, but the truth is not will change the lie. Seselj suffering from arrhythmia and tachycardia, five times in 2010, been subjected to electroconvulsive healing, to be more precise — to torture courageously confronts the arbitrator — fascist Jean — Claude Antonetti. Metropolitan of Montenegro — Maritime Amphilochius in 1995 suggested R.Koradzhichu refuge in Montenegro, but he refused, preferring to be with his people, wanting to be faithful to the end of Serbia. And now R.Koradzhich steadfastly makes assumed by the goal defender of the Serb people, courageously and legally well appear in court, defense spending is not only itself, and the other true sons of the Serbian people languishing in the Hague and the British jails, alone opposing the destruction of the Serbian Orthodox people of the Rothschild clan, hating Orthodoxy and Slavs. Lofty Serbs abandoned their people, loyal to them for a "mess of pottage" of membership in the European Union and IMF loans onerous that against the background of the incident "euro" and contradictions within the EU looks like complete madness. But regardless of this Serbian warriors stand on the protection of the interests of their own people.

R.Koradzhich President of the Republic of Srpska 1992 — 1996 years:

Hague court — political and legal shame the West and it should be, by all means, removed from The Hague to ignorant people not mistake it with a permanent Tribunal justice. It should not be viewed as a farce, as it is specifically from itself and presents. He especially of the gap that has condemned guilty of sins against the world, for the war — all of those would have to land.

We, the Russian people need to keep in mind the fact that the Hague International Court created not only against the Serbian people and Serbian patriots, and against us, against our will state revival of, against the Russian people understand their own responsibility for their own fate and destiny Russia. Though what our desire to be free from debt trusteeship international monetary Rothschilds and restore order in their own country will inevitably lead to the creation of Court of the Russian Federation and Russian patriots to condemn us for wanting to live in the country, with the desire to take charge of their own destiny, their natural wealth and real resources. Though what our desire to gain freedom from the world behind the scenes will be seen as the Hague tribunal for genocide against the minority government and their own people, as the Russian fascism.

We, the Russian people need to be prepared to defend their country and their own people from the enslavement of world Zionism, from the destruction of our kids, old people, patients and helpless, from the enslavement of loans and general unrestrained consumption. In this case, we must be courageous, because we shall fight against the entire global backstage, all the world's monetary universities who count for nothing to take over our wealth, enslave and kill if not the entire Russian people, or at least the best and dedicated his heralds and warriors. Rothschild clan, right behind Serbia and the Serbian people dreaming to bring down the last bastion against the world government and the celebration of the 1st people over the rest of the world — the Russian people and Russia. We, Russian Orthodox people should not just be aware of sneaky plan world behind the scenes, and to unite in the struggle for the revival of the stateliness of the Russian state — the banner of Orthodoxy in the world and the celebration of the Russian spirit.

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