Sergei Antonchick: Two years does not give his grandson will see

The name of the Company Sergey Antonchyk related events that have become real milestones of his time. In April 1991, he was one of the engines of mass in the hundreds of thousands, of workers' protest in Minsk. In December 1994 the first made his famous report on corruption in the surroundings of Alexander Lukashenko. Among his defendants were the then head of the administration Leonid Sinitsyn, Managing Director Ivan Titenkov, Prime Minister Mikhail CHigir. If you publish this report Antonchyk banned Belarusian newspapers came out with white spots, the removed text.

The newspaper "Freedom" on the report Antonchyk. December 27, 1994, p. Fourth

Antonchyk kidnapped, tried, confiscated property, and all these years, it is difficult to find a job.

The tests that have befallen the family of Sergei, only tempered its year-on-year and made even stronger. Serge and Tamara Antonchick — the heroes of today's program.

Tamara Antonchick"We are already 33 years old, as in the tale of Pushkin — an old man and old woman 30 and lived together for 3 years. It was hard — not at home parents, children, some domestic issues. "

Radio Liberty"If your children were born?"

Tamara"Now son is already 32 years old, and twins have thirty-one

In the 79th twins, and the 78th one. We have three children. Now his son for 32 years, and our thirty-first twins Elder — a boy and dvaynyashki — daughter and son. "

Sergei Antonchick convinced that his consistent political activity only helped them raise their children.

Sergei"We do not ask children questions are very important. They understood. This activity allowed my children to understand. What is parenting? Available every day to say, "Do not do this, do not do it, it can not be done." But what do you do — that is the real education for children. When I wrestled, when my friends and I went to the meetings, we were invaded, came to the house, broke the door and steal here. The children saw it. And they did not ask questions: what are you, Father, are doing this? And the kids did not ask questions, that is independence. They lived in this system of mobilization. They knew that today, the father can not come. Apparently, asking questions to yourself, why the father is in jail? After all, he never stole, did not break, do not say bad words. Why did they put him? . "

Shadow Cabinet BNF: Sergey Antonchick, Ivan Nikitchenko, Zenon Pozniak, Sergey Navumchyk, Mr Zablocki. 1994.

Radio Liberty"Tamara, and remember the rally of 1991? How was it? . "

Tamara"Our daughter was in the square. It is embroidered on the backpack itself — then only became fashionable backpacks — embroidered Chase, coat of arms. And she was with him at all meetings. "

Sergei"The sons went to defend it. Two brothers court, as it is … "

Working strike in Minsk. Lenin Square. April 1991.

Tamara"To say that something terrible, we do not even think about the fact that the army can act if there. Even this was not, because somehow it went safely. Worried, of course, that my husband — one of the negotiators.

Worse than it was when it was stolen, it was 3 days, we were looking for it (Sergei Antonchick was arrested in 1995 during a strike at the Minsk subway, and for three days it was not known where he isPC). If the hall from the Oval chased, beaten Deputies (11-12 April 1995PC), Then is gone. Until then, somehow it was on such an emotional lift. "

Hunger strike by the Supreme Council. April 1995.

No fear, though, perhaps, not a lack, but a firm belief in the validity of the chosen path — most notably represented by Sergei Antonchyk. This excerpt from his father passed on to him by Anton Antonchyk who was arrested in the early 30s.

Sergei: Because my father spent 17 years in prison, I do not need to read "The Gulag Archipelago" Solzhenitsyn. I knew enough of what was going on, because his father from time to time talked about this.

Creepy stories, when he was taken, the investigator led him two or three days, and then he was sent to the shipment in Minsk. They took them for a walk there and he saw among the victims of this new investigator. He asked him: "What are you in? '. He says, "And for that you? '.

Then he told how one man came first, said that by Beria. Became all prisoners distribute such gray tablets, supposedly from some illness. People drank and died from these pills by the hundreds.

Died in their barracks person, they did not give it, as there are all dying of hunger. It was necessary for him to get some soldering.

Anton Antonchick. Photos from the archives of the KGB. 1933.

Anton Antonchyk accused of plotting to kill one of the local leaders. Judged "troika". The first time gave 5 years.

Sergei: It is not political. It was a simple worker, jack-of-all-trades, as they say. But the Bolsheviks needed manpower, cut and ordinary people took them, including making the working people not to pay people to work for soldering.

Sitting, and he added all the time. Held every five years, he was already preparing for the release, he again 5 years, over 5 years. And so has run for 17 years.

His father's stories and upbringing were Sergei Antonchyk.

Sergei"I remember very well — it was the moment when I began to understand everything, when they were destroyed many monuments to Stalin. And that night — we just lived close to the park, where there was a monument to Stalin — I remember the sound of this, as if traveling some tanks. Uranitsu my father says: Well, guys, running away, please, to the park, take a look, is it worth it. We have come, and there is only the yellow sand at the spot where stood the monument. Then came another man, brought a bottle of vodka they drank. My father laughed, rejoiced. And the soldier, too, was happy. "

The impression is that nyazlomnasts passed Antonchick inheritance. However, for its quenching much effort people are making authority.

Sergei"When I became a member, I asked the State Security Committee, introduced me to this business. He asked me to give him a photo of the young, he was there 17-18 years, and I have given this image. Now I have it as such a family heirloom. I showed her and grandchildren. When they grow up, I will tell all of them to know their grandparents. "

Sergei"He told me that they could not pass the prison, who always asked yourself why? For what? I'm not to blame. These people broke, they could not. And those people who took all that God had sent it to them, nakavana so — we have to. They thus survived. And he, by the way, having a prison, not afraid of anything, he is adamant, indomitable man. "

Sergei Antonchick in the Supreme Council. 1991.

Sergei says that her mother always feared his father said, and he was also afraid — not for themselves but for their children because they know that children in our conditions very often held hostage to power. But in understanding between the generations, which, however, does not come immediately, is a pledge of faith and nyazlomnastsi:

Sergei"I was wondering why people are afraid to ask about it — well, that this is also something that was that. It was only when I grew up, when he came, of course, in such circumstances, like my father, but still, I then realized, and then I was very sad, that may, in the life of my father, I did not understand much. After all, my father was so nervous — you know what to go for so many years and did not break — Sharp was a man without sentiment, without tenderness. The man was like a flint. But the pity is, it is long gone, he died in '91. Just as the film showed about me, as I was a young deputy, from the street came to this parliamentary, legislative business. And on this day, as I hid my father, on Belarusian TV was this film. "

Serge and Tamara Antonchick with children (standing right), his family and his brother Sergei parents (seated). 1985.

Unfortunately, Sergei Antonchik failed to protect their children. And not only on the prosecution authorities.

Sergei"And, like any business, it is a plus and a minus. Here, for example, the family of my son just broke up because of my political activities. Because his wife was aggressively against a very negative against the Belarusian. And two, they do not give me a grandson. Just do not give. In the courts served, but that the court can help … "

Radio Liberty"What happened to the labor movement?"

Sergei"As for the labor movement, the single working environment actually no, there are no large groups. There are great teams at the tractor factory, car factory, but the government, knowing that they can reappear very serious protests, they just bought. Recently I read a very interesting official information that two years ago the plant MAZ was on the verge of bankruptcy. But it worked, and gave people a very good earnings. So just give credit, and that the workers were not, they were given a large salary. If a person receives two million rubles, and working 4 days a week, for which he will go on strike?

Now I see that begins "ferment" in those businesses where there are large groups. I like the old political ferment wolf feel it, I see that there is progress begins. They are going very slowly, and if the authorities do not have enough money to buy these people, it will be a very serious situation. Because people will not wait and will not "go to" authority. "

Operating performance. 1990. With megaphones — Sergey Antonchick.

In March 2006, the names Antonchick again appeared on the pages of newspapers. Then he was arrested along with his son, they were convicted and were sitting in the same cell. Son lost a good, says Sergey job.

Sergei"But our kids have never said that," Dad, Mom, because we have a lot of problems. " No. They understand that, then it's necessary, it is our cross, our family, we have to carry it, by the way, as Belarus itself. "

This story — typical of the country in which, according to various estimates, were arrested from 600,000 to half a million people — have taken place and the family of one of the former leaders of the labor movement, the deputy, and now the driver-courier Sergei Antonchyk.

Sergei"And as I sat in Akrestsin in these cameras, I looked and often turned his thoughts to his father. After all, he showed me that he's alive — and gave birth to children, and doing something, and worked. Such suffering of our fathers, may harden us, but I wish our kids did not know, and our grandchildren. "



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