Sergei Kara-Murza: Began newcomer global turmoil

Sergei Kara-Murza: A new global turmoilRecognizable scientist, sociologist and political scientist Sergei Kara-Murza explained to the magazine "vkurse" why Latvians can not find your country on the map and what will be the brand new global turmoil. A REGNUM publishes the material absolutely.

Latvian painter and filmmaker Eric Silins said on his own Facebook page interesting story that caused a heated debate in the press. "Vkurse" quotes from the story:

"Who, being in the same company (ordinary regular guys who work in manufacturing, occasionally drank), I saw a contour map of the world political boundaries and suggested Latvian woman (26 years old) to find the joke in Latvia, to my surprise after 2 Minutka she returned me nothing map Not found. suggested I look for Latvia other Latvian woman (28 years old) — the result is the same! Then I offered to do a guy-Latvians (24 years) — he glanced fearfully at a map and pointed at Iran. In a state of shock I handed the map to another Lett (24 years) and a half-minute selected a card and handed it to the Russian part of the company — female (20 years) and two boys (26 and 30) immediately showed placement of Latvia ".

We asked Sergey Kara-Murza known works, "Manipulation of consciousness" and "Russian civilization" as Latvians managed to degrade so quickly, and if we can also achieve such a "big" results "good" experimenting with the education system? There was all much more difficult than first glance.

Sergei G. why they could not find their own country on the map?

It is very interesting that in 20 years there have been such profound configuration in Latvian society. The point here is not only that they are gone from the Russian school. Naturally, the Latvians know that live on the coast of the Baltic Sea. I'm sure if they were asked, and what the sea in Riga, then a descent would have realized: the Gulf of Riga — Baltic Sea.

The fact that the spatial representation in humans consist malehankih country to another country than the occupants, which is guessed by the Earth from space. Russia, for example, has long mastered chorologic vision of the Earth, in other words they are supposedly looking down at our planetoid and behold the vast country — Russia. This concept is common ground — and at times even use the archaic term "nest feeling" — is crucial for the formation of a people. Principal limits, its important to know the land where it is located, as it is posted. When Latvians or Estonians were part of the Soviet Union, too, so they beheld his whole country — the whole Alliance. Estonian students went to Lake Baikal and in other distant areas. After the collapse of the Latvian and Estonian youth is very worried right up to the disease. They began to feel as if trapped on a small piece of land.

Now is a tremendous place, they do not feel, and the new has not yet got hold of. They have become a part of Europe, left the oppression of their identity. For sure, they wanted to dissolve in Europe. Today's generation is very different from the past. I'm not sure that it can generally determine: Latvia is or not? Nearly a third of Latvians working laborers in Ireland. So where is Latvia? This concept has become ephemeral faster for you utter: Actually we Europeans can even be cosmopolitans. New nomads. That feeling in their nest anymore. They believe that outgrown the nest and flew out of it. Especially since Latvia now for their Malyavka this map do not even hunt on it and look.

They have lost the very understanding of ourselves: who we are, where we are, where we are going. The answers to these three questions give a sense of distinctive community. Now, if this understanding is due to any injuries or surgeries disappears, then you do not know who you are, where you're going and where.

Who are we?

We have something? Who we are — everyone knows more or less prototype. We — the Russian. For a thousand years, we have developed as a country that has absorbed a lot of things and has grown into a civilization. We occupy Eurasia — the center of the world — where we from the east and west are different forces. United States — this is Europe, driven off to comfortable ground. America is now even more Europe than Europe itself. On the other hand, China and India — the majestic civilization, with a growing potential. They were all recaptured. There are deserters who are thinking: but now I will go anywhere in Monaco — alive, but most believe that is responsible for this piece of land, for this part of the world's population. And at the moment we are a knight at the crossroads. Here we stand in front of the stone — and has not yet decided where to turn.

And what sort of options scrawled on a rock?

Some people think that we will again become Holy Russia, others — that is, the Soviet Union 2. There was also a mass utopia enter a "common European home" — an expression of Gorbachev. Many believed in him — the intelligentsia, young people — but they are also quite rapidly became the most ardent anti-Westerners, because it is obvious that these hopes were not realized. No one there wanted to take us poor relatives, but we tried to plunder. At the same time, most of the common people, so to speak, toward the East: their experience to motivate land of the rising sun and China. The elite, of course, did not want to look back, because there egalitarianism. For this band, and was split between the intellectuals and the mass. This is a fact.

Perhaps you experienced magicians of science, you know where to turn?

I can not amuse you. I can clearly see a vague and unusual images. What is not in the West — that's for sure. He needed to run his paw, and is in his paw as a run around, but not to mix with it with blood, his nerves. On the other side of the Eurasian alliance also seems to me very vague. He, of course, is not perceived as an alliance of the Russian type. Have diverged over 20 years of our republic, they can not be collected in a unity government. I think it will be a difficult interaction system, maybe she will be stronger than the case of administrative unity, but this Russian matrix does not arise.

In the West, too, everything changes, they do not go straight to their progression, their constantly happening and archaism. From time to time you look and think, Holy smoke, they're in something rolled back from us. As if lost almost all of the very best of consciousness, which itself produced during the Enlightenment. Sometimes think quite silly. For example, in the 90's we have associated our students with the European. It turned out they think stereotypically, very naive. We do not wait. But it may be as long as they are there for themselves burn garbage in the streets, thanks to such shocks, such as push in his own mind, and we will fall behind. All of these philosophical quests are more mobile than we think. The West does not stand still.

Here in Germany, almost 10 years there was fascism. As if struck by lightning from the prudent burghers who sit at home, there was a very different multi-million people. It seems that the atomization and loneliness got them, and they suddenly stuck together in a swarm of strongest totalitarian. None of our philosophers did not mean that such a thing will happen. I mean, you can expect a very sharp configurations in the West until the crisis will occur. We may even be more resistant to overcome that mess, which will have the coming 50 years.

What a mess?

I'm talking about uncertainty, conti
nuous crises and extraordinary war. The twentieth century was also a crisis, but intense, and later, you can see, defected to the crisis gained regime began creeping processes. Powerful Western civilization stood on several fundamental ideas such base was. This database is broken up: both democracy and brotherhood, and equality, and freedom — all exhausted itself. And the picture of the world is now different. Previously, it was believed that the universe many such planets, like Earth, the people — brothers. Optimism was. At the moment, it appears that Land with limited resources, it is surrounded by barriers, will we not get to from here, and man to man — the wolf. It turns out that the water may not be enough at all, and oxygen. Consciousness changes from such discoveries.

And we, too, after this mess, as Latvians distractedly on the ground?

The overall project could offer only two civilizations — Our homeland and the West. Others do not apply. The USSR was reassuring project for the world's population, but he has not mastered. Perhaps, since by their own optimism, anticipating new threats. For the moment, chelovekanenavistniki, the pessimists. West offers a pessimistic model — the "golden billion", selection, neoantichnost. It's like National Socialism among the Germans: we will have socialism, and all the others will work for us. I think that this is temporary, it may contrive somehow popped up again. Basically, that our land is ours, we are nowhere with it will not go away, and if there are any invasion, we somehow managed not to lose our land. But where to go, there is no clarity: the huge number of vectors, but they are not going to what-then clear the project. The beginnings of the new models are still in a state of any germs: grow up, sing, give holy ground roots (laughs).

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