Sergei Magnitsky and his Capital

The fact that most policies have only a certain, and may even be far not the first, the derivative of the global economy — a fact that now with all the confidence you can take as a base of reality.

In the story there are a sufficient number of examples of how to use management tools monetary mass is achieved the most fundamental tasks is not only local, and planetary geopolitics. This material will allow for itself to present the story with separately taken separately taken the man, whose name in the last couple of years turned into something common name: some as a sign of the impressive scale of fraud, for others — a sign of arbitrary power. Name it — Sergei Magnitsky. And though they say that the deceased — or fine, or anything, but getting a disk imaging on the identity of the man and, in particular, how it can work in the areas of our country obviously can not hurt. Especially since not hurt, given that the vast majority of people who use the name of Sergei Magnitsky as a kind of icon of the struggle for democracy, and a hundredth of not aware of what he did specifically with Sergey and the company, whose interests he represented in Russia.

But do not have to start from the very Sergey Leonidovich, but quite a few people from other areas of the flight.

Sergei Magnitsky and "his" Capital

Sergei Magnitsky

Year 1998. August 17. Russian government was forced to declare a technical default on all of the major types of securities and expansion of the so-called monetary corridor. Upper limit corridor was designated as 9.5 rubles per dollar South American. But the ruble is not desired to remain in their own corridor and within 1.5 months was at 16 units per dollar. Economic situation of 1998 can be called a serious shock to the Russian economy, which is what happened during the collapse of the Union of Russian.

For a few days prior to the announcement by Moscow technical default of international financial management of the Fund takes a decision on an urgent basis to issue Russian Federation next "saving" a loan of $ 4.8 billion. bucks. The funds were debited from the account of the Federal Reserve Bank in New York, but for some sverhzagadochnym incidents they came not to the Russian treasury to rectify the situation, and in the Republic National Bank. Then the FBI, in which interested in why agents of the Russian Federation did not help at least some time to stay afloat in 1998 and avoid the severe crisis, conducted an investigation and even set the account number on which billions of dollars were received. This number — 608555800, and the bank RNB belonged to one of the most influential financial magnates 90 — Emperor Edmond Safra. With all this himself with a Brazilian passport billionaire decided to cooperate with agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States provided all the criminal scheme to launder funds, which through its bank implemented by representatives of Russian economic and political elites. Safra, who tried in every way to announce that his bank for the first time encountered such shenanigans (hunt to believe in it — approx. Creator), began to give a very resounding testimony that made some people in Russia seriously mandrazhirovat. Namely, the billionaire Safra announced that after the tools created to save the Russian economy, went to one of his bank accounts in their various Shreds steel divert to other banks (not Russian), where the means and were cashed.
Himself Safra claimed that the laundering of the $ 4.8 billion. Russian officers were involved in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of money. Of course, the South American billionaire himself not even going to be considered involved in this excellent money carousel.

Sergei Magnitsky and "his" Capital

Edmond Safra

It seems to be there it was, the FBI decided that the application Safra have a good reason in order to remove all suspicion from the banker and focus their sights on Russia. After its own depth and complete testimony billionaire calmed down and went to his estate in Monaco, to recover the breath and the ability to dive into azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea. But the long holiday delight in Edmond Safra did not work out. December 3, 1999 Safra died suddenly. More precisely, it obviously helped to die … Of course! As they say, with such facilities, clean, yes vpribavok also live … Well, I do not — someone decided …

Safra found dead in the tremendous cottage on the azure coast. Bane has come as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning which intensively stood in a fire. In other words, the house was set on fire Safra, a billionaire and who could get away with it and tselehonkim of fire throughout his life, this time went to the hereafter … Suspicion got home health care worker Safra — Ted Maher, who claimed that the home Safra was attacked. Despite the fact that the body of Maher discovered two of the deepest stab wounds, Maher (past the "green beret") — ran into the category of the main suspects in the murder of his own employer. Finally, in 2002, he was sentenced to 10 years, of which he served half a term. Even after his own release from prison Ted Maher more than once said that he did not commit the murder of its own chief and considers it in the best employer in my entire life.

Well, whether the motives for the murder of ordinary nurse in Safra, a billionaire who made for care? No prizes from killing Maher obviously did not get, unless you take into account the fact that it could use a completely different people who ruin the banker was still profitable.

Whoever is really to blame for the death of a banker, who had a Brazilian passport and fill with several Western financial institutions (both in Europe and in the U.S.), of course, that his death is related to his financial activities. Of course, the state of his tremendous Safra amassed, including, without hesitating to use the same scheme of money laundering, which he once told the secret service, calling the names of Russian politicians and economists. Well, not only, by the way, Russian … He called many, but stubbornly believed himself innocent … In such cases, usually they say, "I did not guilty, they will come …"

But, in all likelihood, the bank, which was headed by the emperor Safra, and was specific monetary loophole through which, to put it mildly, not very transparent operation. By the way, a certain enthusiasm is the fact that the clan Safra sold that "light up» RNB just a few months after the economic collapse in Russia and the stunning scandal with the "disappearance" almost five billion dollars.

The reader will say: but, excuse me, with the dead here in the metropolitan detention center of Sergei Magnitsky, and some South American Banker, which allowed through your own bank to conduct money laundering? And in fact, it is even so. Specifically Edmond Safra in 1996, along with Bill Browder became the founders of the very fund Hermitage Capital Mng., In which Sergei Magnitsky and worked in positions coupled with the accounting work, and in fact, with how to submit accounting documents of utter income fund so that these documents are not trusted by the tax authorities.

And imagine, it must be said, was that! If you spend even most superficial analysis of the "Hermitage Capital", it turns out that the fund is in an unusual way managed to get a yearly profit of 250-300%! In this case, the peaks were observed yields at a time when the Russian economy was experiencing severe difficulties. Phenomenon? .. Coincidence? ..

But as a fund that invests in Russian economic projects could earn three hundredths percent yearly at a time when the very Russian projects financed by the fund Tipo, or began to breathe its last, or just folded … Agree, very weird patterns that could nor consistent with the laws of the real economy. Dock it all begins only when reminded of the figure of the sovereign Safra, who loved the ability to provide its own financial organizations for the disposal of large flows of money "left."

Now many they say that the "Hermitage Capital" Bill Browder and Edmond Safra deceased, was enrolled in a typical blacklist at the official Moscow after Tipo Browder said against corrupt bureaucrats in Russia by their own fund. Apparently, Sergei Magnitsky in this situation, we try to present as a fighter against corruption mechanisms in Russia. But the emperor Browder (a specific employer Magnitsky) for some reason does not says that about their own sudden desire to counter corruption in the Russian Federation, he began to loudly read only after the facts have been established roles themselves masters of Browder and Safra in the trivial assistance of the Russian oligarchy, using the cash structure in the form of Republic National Bank of New York and the Hermitage Capital Mng. Specifically, after consulting with those schemes by which these organizations were working against the Russian Federation, Mr. Browder was banned entry to the Russian Federation, and the emperor Magnitsky was as involved in the case to use the tools to launder funds.

Sergei Magnitsky and "his" Capital

Bill Browder

You can say that, in fact, a mistake was made. After Magnitsky was imprisoned (of Magnitsky only) — a man who was a small cog in bolshennom financial mechanism. It would be better not to interfere with Bill Browder's arrival in Russia, but, quite the contrary, expect him at the airport with a huge loaf. And after the "otkushivaniya" could be, and send it to specific locations to determine the special events of his super-profitable fund. After all, the West (the U.S., for example) allows for the Russian people to judge themselves by their own laws, delaying the Russians did not even in their own country at all, so why is our homeland can not go on the same way.

This is a typical mistake Russian special services are now just the same and leads to the fact that Bill Browder was for the West and domestic advocates of a snow-white ribbons real voice against corruption. Mouthpiece of this, according to the laws of the genre, and the procedure of its own former ally Safra, exposes guilty of that money went to the Russian Federation of strange accounts are not themselves, not their own deputies, not polufinansista-poluyurista Magnitsky's not actually speaking of the Safra , and most other people. In the end, ordinary accountant Magnitsky, who, of course, the most vital role perceive, speak out so that the grass-roots operations of the fund, and on what "Slept" by certain sections of the population are now exhibited nearly as cerebral fighter with cash arbitrariness in RF, Fighter, who "ruined in efesbeshnyh dungeons …"

But the death of Sergei Magnitsky, if so someone and I am sure that it was purely by force, in actual fact could be much more profitable most fund Hermitage Capital and personally to Bill Browder. After Magnitsky, even with their own, not the most superior height in the pyramid could almost tell the whole story about how the resources of the fund from a RF swam over the limit, as in the organization of such modesty she iskhitryalas bring millions of dollars of profit to its shareholders. Could he, in all likelihood, and tell how RNB Sovereign Bank Safra skillfully used its own status, that initially lure funds earmarked for the Russian budget, and then use it against those who collaborated extensively in Russia with the management of the monetary organization.

By the way, in 1998, when the FBI began Safra testify against those who used his bank to launder money, he called in a notorious RF last name as Misha Kasyanov. In the 90's (up to its own destiny for the post of the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation in May 1999), Mike M. has worked closely with international financial institutions to settle the Russian debt. Apparently, settled very skillfully …

In general, all this history with Sergei Magnitsky is a very real puppet theater, in which we litsezreem only small doll figure on a large screen of the dark, and these puppet figure something we are trying to the voice of those who keep their feet on the puppet, tell ' great truth. " But to find out that truth, you must not listen to the voices distorted puppet, just look for the screen. And there is much more interesting idea …

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