Sergei Mikheyev, Monetization of consciousness is ruining Russia

Sergei Mikheyev, "Monetizing consciousness ruining Russia"Interview with the CEO of the Center for Current Politics

— We often hear the debate in public transport, in the street, when a huge number of people, from young to old, just utter the word "thing", "bucks", "EUREKA", "loot". In this case, it is people are not distressed, not hungry, well-dressed. As if in Russian times all of us have enough money, but now — no. That after all, a dream come true West reincarnate us — though not without exception — in people, which measure everything in rubles or foreign currency?

— We must not speculate, not to mention religion. In fact, materialistic orientation — the essence of the non-religious world. Well, she appeared as a result of mass-based and inclusive of falling away from the faith, when the cornerstone was placed funds. And, unfortunately, in our country it is not started in the nineties.

At the risk of violent responses from readers get, and yet, I remind you: Marxism, which was based on the Russian government, was completely materialistic ideology which oriented the only person to receive the blessings of the earth, because, in fact, the principle of socialism was formulated as "From each according to opportunities, to each according to his work ", and the principle of communism sounded:" From each according to his capacities, to each according to his needs. " All the current target fixate on consumption.

In our country this naked materialism later clothed in some "Code of the Builder of Communism," which, by the way, fictions, not Karl Marx. But in fact all moral values and purpose Russian period — an echo of the Russian Orthodox understanding of the world of people. We just have time even in Russian rather rapidly became clear that only live on quotes and excerpts from Karl Marx's just not realistic. The same Stalin realized that to keep in the hands of a country like our home, on the nude Marxism does not work. In particular, and for this reason it is so aggressively punished different "true Leninists" and Trotskyites with their cosmopolitan delusional thoughts about the world revolution.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels — is, first, materialism and consumption issues, only the means, but the means of production and more than a fair redistribution of wealth. And that can be a stretch in their work attributed to certain standards, it is still viewed through the prism of the production, use and redistribution. Because almost all of the Russian past, what we call the spiritualized phenomena, in reality, is a distortion of Marxism and a tribute to the classic Russian, Russian culture, that same basis, which could not exist without the moral and ethical promises. It is foolish to deny: these same promises have been revised and adapted some of Orthodoxy, which was removed from God. Left commandments — but cleaned Christ. I think the way that Marx would not approve.

Because the transition to a society of total consumption in which we currently live, was, unfortunately, has been prepared and Russian period. To refute this is stupid. Let us remember the days when power was NS Khrushchev. When it began expansion Russian postulates that were introduced in the society. He put the community goal: "To catch up and overtake America!". What's the catch up and surpass what? In the consumption of material goods. The person must have a refrigerator, cottage, car, cooperative apartment, etc.. In fact, these were the targets of communist construction.

Already since the onset of the harsh degradation and decomposition of the Russian ideological model, in general, in my opinion, first suffering masses "birth trauma" that predetermined end. After all, came the actual recognition that the rate of use is the sole measure of the effectiveness of the social system. All other — the chimera. Russian favorites, perhaps, did not realize that their own standards and in such a situation they have put a big question mark. And win the race, we use had no chance.

By the end of the 80s have led to a complete defeat in ideology that existed matrix was destroyed. As with the growth of the use of any difficulties began, the entire ideological superstructure flew to hell.

— All true. Now we all litsezreem sharp aggravation of the "grasping instinct." You can imagine what will happen next?

— At the moment we are dealing with a continuation of the same materialistic doctrine, but on other grounds, it is cleared from even a semblance of moral goal-setting. The Bolsheviks in their time with pleasure an old ruined all the standards of, not noticing at all it is a mine laid by the slow action of their own. It's all a continuation of the story. In 1991, we declared ourselves practically: "We've had enough of all ideologies! All life is explained economies should strive for personal well-being, everything else — a chimera. " If you look at this process from a religious point of view, though what the believer man for you to say: "In fact, and Russian, and today's stages — the continuation of the same struggle. " The struggle to oust God as the moral basis of the laws of the human soul. A means can vary a lot. And it all fits in the eschatological theory of development, not progressivist, and driven to regress — end of the world as the natural result of moral degradation of the earth's population.

In the West, leaving the religion began with a statement specifically progressivist ideology, which asserts that the more — the better. Why? Yes, because a person has the opportunity to acquire more real values of various technical devices that simplify life individual, so that everyone — in the name of human rights and the good of man. After all, Marxism, as we know, was a product of the flesh of the Western philosophical schools, a continuation of the traditional progressivist materialistic positivist theories claiming that the world is knowable, everything in it is clear, it is developing an ascending, from worst to best, everything new is good … Well, etc..

But this concept is based on a single postulate: "A man lives only in order to increase their rate of consumption." In the USSR, only made some concession to the reality. Since the head of the Russian people so frankly stupid, primitive attitude to life did not fit. Although, if you remember the revolution, on what slogans came to power, the Bolsheviks? Earth — the peasants, factories — workers, the world — nations. The latter — as a pendant. Decipher the essence of the mottos: Stop this nonsense and carry nonsense, you need to reallocate production to fulfill the redistribution of land — then we are all perfectly alive. And most importantly — we all just be a lot.

— And that is what we have come. The average salary in the country is now about 23 thousand rubles, the rate is calculated taking into account the earnings of top executives of leading companies whose profits run into millions of dollars a year. At today's prices and rates for utilities, you see, sparsely. Not a lot and not working well? A lot of dependents in the family?

— I think the problem of all-encompassing, and it must be considered philosophically. Now we have a society that was thrown last vestiges of moral goal-setting. In the nineties, again, explained to people that the main thing — to be enriched. Who was enriched by — well, who does not amassed status — loser, that's all. No matter what other mor
ality has been replaced by a formula of the ordinary, "Well — that's fine, is not good — it is inefficient." If even easier — "Well, when I have the means bad — when not. Ok, when I stole bad — when stolen from me. " As such, the social Darwinist language became the motto of the 90's. That we are now — not very loud … — talking about some kind of social security, and then claimed social Darwinism. Successful was the one who managed to find myself in that world. Who could not — well, that man shall die. Yegor Gaidar actually read about it quite openly. It is an ideology that allows for the existence of probable and the usual huge number of vulnerable people.

By the way, it is very significant that the most ardent liberals have become materialistic and particularly people from the party, and the Russian Komsomol structures, and not even the dissidents, of whom generally pretty quickly forgotten. Liberals are people who are still in the Russian right time learned that dominates the real spiritual. By the way, many of them — people are very well educated and familiar with the classics of Marxism-Leninism.

Now is also misunderstood by people who consider themselves successful development logic: "A lot of money does not happen, the more — the better!". In fact, poverty is often part of our population — including those who work honestly — a consequence sverhzhadnosti business, our Russian businesses. He, again, the instinct of saturation when it comes to funds available. It is necessary to take as much as possible, to give as little as possible. Receive very probable profits in no time — at low cost.

And there shall not be kept from the reminiscences of the Soviet theme. What Russian system consisted of us businessmen, entrepreneurs and capitalists? Mercantile, bloodthirsty, ruthless sharks who have reached their own of success, going on corpses. Here's how they — our new nouveaux riches — and steel. Exactly by Russian propaganda patterns, only with a change of sign from minus to plus. There is no other kind of "civilized business", the absence of which we often lament at them in the head has never been.

There is another hitch. Unfortunately, the really work culture in our society seriously degraded particularly in the last 20-25 years. What was before 1917, no one remembers. Russian cult work for the good of society booed. Trying become almost Protestant state — according to Max Weber, we ignore many quite trivial things, and it is unlikely they will be in the minds of people. It's a shame, but it is less and less people in Russia — even in the midst of the poor — who are willing to work doggedly and brilliantly.

This — is a tremendous discrepancy. People, especially the young, being "in business", try to work as little as possible — and how you can earn more money.

— There is a smooth relationship between the decline in the real economy and low wages. Gaidar Institute named in October cited the following calculations: the level of wages in the industry did not lure potential employees. Most bad wages — in the most problematic areas: mechanical engineering in their income is below normal estimated 46 percent of workers in light industry — 42, and in the forest — 28 percent. No secret, everywhere — a huge shortage of skilled workers, the number of specialties. "Old people" are gone, the young in fact. "Ran out of time when the worker's trade guaranteed wage higher than that of doctors and teachers, not to mention the various benefits — praised Russian realities of the Italian correspondent of the newspaper" La Repubblica ". — Working evenly gone. A ancestors advise children not to engage in manual labor. " It turns out that we gromozvuchno urge to develop a real creation — and you will condemn ourselves to "feeding off the pipe?" The phenomenon is obvious.

— Yes, there is a phenomenon. On the one hand, we proclaim that stands at the forefront of the economy — and all agree with that. A, other hand, no one wants to work. Generation grown up in the heads of which the dominant one: "Do not have anything to be able to do, the main thing — to get so to do less and get more." Why? Yes, so how to have fun as much as possible! This is another nuance of the same problem. Coupled with the destruction of the old life, together with the introduction of social Darwinism we intensively cultivate understanding of the world and the last hedonism. What is the meaning of life? Before the Revolution, states that one should believe in God. In the Russian time — that you need to work for the good of society. Well, what is the meaning of existence now?

They say that the sense — in getting the most enjoyment for a time. This was what you need to live. And how do you get one for that money — does not matter. These are the other consequences of the loss of moral goal-setting. There is a degradation of the human personality, be honest. But this is the ideology embedded in our society the last twenty to twenty-five years.

I would venture to get the reproaches and accusations of conspiracy theory, but I am sure that all this is no accident. There are obviously people who do not know what they are doing, but in principle hedonism introduced quite deliberately. Since the same West in the same United States, the situation looks slightly different. There hitherto advocated and implemented from the very young to the minds of people worship self-made man, in other words, a person who just headed for their own labor. He starts to work "down", and only later, if he is gifted, rises "up". Every day he works up a sweat sticks to his own workplace, even if the work was not beloved, brings no pleasure.

We also come true some truncated, "export" version of Merit success — with the direct support of the Russian pro-Western elites. For our use is proposed to realize that in life there is no other meaning, except for entertainment. Chill Out, "dilatory" A job for the "suckers." Standing at the bench — just fun, "beneath one's dignity."

With all this, I note created some contrast. The man who did not know how to do and do not want anything, but a large queries doomed to dissatisfaction. Always and everywhere. His ambitions are artificially heated. He inspired that he deserves better life. But once this is embedded in the brain system — not to study, not work, do not suffer, do not push. Such a person is doomed to misfortune in advance, but for all that is sure is that he does not povinet.

Of those dissatisfied, dissatisfied create a critical mass of people who constantly require some "revolutions". They sought them, and 20, and fifteen years ago, calling for him now. I assure you, just as they will be "call to the barricades" and two decades later — even if they receive 500 thousand rubles per month.

So makarom basis laid constantly unfulfilled ambitions and requirements that are easiest to compare with the pursuit of the horizon. In the minds of these people strip needs only rises, but a real labor productivity is not keeping pace with them. But this man will not blame themselves and society, which to him "to give less." Factor destructive, and very specially cultivated.

— The normal level of per capita income residents of small towns is 28 thousand Muscovites — 52 thousand rubles. And the average assessment of the citizens' level of dreams ", according to sociologists, is on the level of 107 thousand rubles. At such kazhdomesyachny income "can live in anything for themselves without giving up," says the average Russian.

Maybe it refers to the fact that the English School of Business Dr. Richard Layard was called "hedonic dynamo?" What once was a dream is becoming a necessity, people can not tormoznut, advertising only their spurs, banks are willing to lend
to virtually all … On the other hand, complain that? On the heroes of the list of the magazine "Forbes" will not be read. But, according to the research of the Russian Center for Strategic Research and the Center for Social Policy, posted on November 14, our country has a middle class, the poor lost.

— Situation can not be resolved into a primitive dark and snowy. I prototype is not close loyalist point of view, which asserts that everything is fine, no opposition-rested, it is believed that in Russia everything is terrible.

First, there is a severe social stratification. There are quite a huge group of poor people, especially in rural areas and small towns — they have fallen into this category, as at first they did not become work. Changed the structure of the economy has collapsed unlimited number of industrial companies, where their ancestors once worked, and later — and they are. Do they not have a job, and it forces them to lead a very modest lifestyle.

On the other hand, there is the paradox of the "big cities." Their population, most distracting the current situation in the country, in fact, in most of its own, quite assured. The phenomenon, but the fact is that disgruntled residents of large cities, in reality does not live in poverty, to allow myself to take expensive things, spend money on pleasures — and yet, it refers specifically to the paradox "hedonistic dynamo." All the time they are chasing the horizon — and never, clearly does not feel comfortable with.

— It seems that "monetization of consciousness" has made us optimistic: according nedavneshnim polls. 68 percent of citizens believe that in 3 years will earn one and a half times more than at the moment. Because safely borrow. Over the last year, virtually every second inhabitant of the country was taking credit for these or other purposes. Only now after every third of taken a loan had difficulties paying for it. With all this potential debtors usually are young old people from 18 to 24 years. We complain about traffic jams on the roads — and get the car in 2011, 44 percent of all new cars were bought on credit. In the debt — and happy, not realizing that the debts be paid?

— Well, it's all direct consequences of the same consumer dynamo. Man inspired the idea that you need to "take everything from life", "try everything", "live here and now", and the main thing — to live myself, sweetheart. After all, how many ads at the moment calls — "Love yourself"! This is a direct challenge to the Christian "love loved her." It's amazing how people do not notice it and catch the last effort "to enjoy" life. With all this satisfaction from life in modern culture is treated only in a real, tangible terms. Human urge not to think about the consequences of his own actions, as in this case, he will inevitably have to take for themselves critically and somehow limit yourself. And this is a blow to the standards of use.

Popravde, a person in this condition is not completely sane at the mental level. It is very comfortable, because such a person is easier to manipulate. And when a person is not in itself, it loses its ability to soberly assess themselves and the world around us, and even more so, can not think about the next day. Consumption becomes a kind of addiction. They say that when a person turns away from God, the latter is deprived of reason. Unfortunately, many of us it does.

— Maybe we are still able to come back around? Or, at first we have to go through the South American way of worshiping the golden calf to the end? In the U.S., was quite popular Gregg Easterbrook's book "The paradox of progress: life is better, and the people felt themselves the worse." "Most of what people really want out of life — love, friendship, respect, family, social status — it is impossible to find on the market — he writes. — If something is not hinged on the price tag, it means that you can not buy this thing, and no matter how much money you have — they do not help for you. " Yankees intensive options instill our famous sayings that happiness is not about money. We will not?

— Hard to say. If you let us follow the American model, then we have no prospects. Both the United States and the West in general too complex economic tortured prepyadstviya like ours: here and recession production levels, and the transition of the country people in some virtual life, where God knows what they are doing and knows why, and they live on credit. Swallow the marketing drawings, run the banks for funds — and how to live well. Given that the United States economy is seriously ill.

If we talk about the system as such, it just sharpened by a steady increase in the use of straps — particularly, it is seen as the engine of the economy. Advertising — banks — loans that's the cycle of life in the West. And everything looks like fine, up to the time when the borrower fails or gets into a difficult situation, or an entire country does not fall down in a crisis.

What's all the same for the spiritual sphere, then there is nothing to be just completely emulate. West conceptually still at the forefront of this fall. Specifically, he has a very long period of time creates, develops and systematically introduces the world culture more destructive philosophical, pseudo-religious and philosophical concepts, leading to the complete degradation of the world's population. This process is an inevitable consequence of a conscious falling away from the Christian West. Just in the very western countries, it is masked by all the same with regard to the highest level of use, which, by the way, is largely provided by the rest of the world.

In general, we are none the better, and ourselves it should in no way be justified. So you need to think like his own head, and not constantly complain about others. We have not once bought and continue to buy into the enjoyment of their tricks. And for the Russian is no other way to return to the authentic moral values, not counting religious, no. Everything else does not cause much confidence. In non-religious consciousness there is no basis in order to perform different actions, and not to do bad. In itself, the concept of good and evil in the minds of a similar chimerical, well, friendship, and love, too. Them because you can not touch it, put it upon themselves to show off, or take a ride on them in the streets, the envy of others.

Hardly'll be able to say more intelligent than others. Let me remind you of Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky, his famous "If there is no God, then everything is permitted." Fully universal formula. I'm allowed to shoot down people in a crosswalk — because I need the time. I'm allowed to steal funds from the municipal budget — because life is short, and I should have time to grab as much as possible. I'm allowed to behave in a boorish towards others — as I hunt so. I will not go on, everything is clear. No severe restraints "I want" in isolation from the religious consciousness does not exist! Especially in Russia, because, of course, we have with you is not an ordinary country with no ordinary, but not random fate.

— One can always go back to the basics of genuine morality. There are signs that we turn back?

— I think that this process is not linear, some people will vorachivatsya and already vorachivaetsya. Another fundamentally will not do that. Unfortunately, while the latter have more. Those who have a certain personal instant profit — sometimes even understands very crooked — as of paramount importance.

You see, when the temperature gauge is broken on the floor rolled out droplets of mercury. Then the droplets scatter in different directions — some gather in one place, and the other in another. The same thing is happening in our country. For anyone these things remain or become the basic principle of life. Othe
rs choose a different path. But, most importantly — in front of each is a choice between good and evil. No, Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, or Adam Smith, as well as the current fashionable currents person from having to do not help out. A man hunt to leave the choice to say that there is no good and no evil in the world, no, he just wants to work as the manager … No, it will not work. The private life of each person will have to make a choice. And everyone will accept his decision.

For a country the same principle, that lay at the basis of his system of values. That is the modern Russian project loses western: there is some similar system, and it relates to the moral goal-setting. For me personally it is a sham, nevertheless, able to capture the minds of countless people.

The greatest failure of our modern Russian project is that it is only concerned with means. And nothing more. In a situation where the entire government, the elite sharpened only on the idea of the ruble-dollar-euro, the entire society will live the same way.

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