Sergei Mikheyev: Relations between Azerbaijan and Russia are pretty close

Sergei Mikheyev: "Relations between Azerbaijan and Russia remain fairly close" Interview with the CEO of the Center for Current Politics Sergei Mikheyev.

-How do you assess the political situation in the country?

-It seems to me that the situation at the moment is quite a measured and lately it is unlikely that something will change. It all depends on how well the authorities will work with neuvvyazkami. Since the problem is for sure, there are certain policies and the opposition.

-As soon felt that the opposition was activated. Do you think this is due to the upcoming elections or will some processes?

-Quite obvious that the closer the election, the greater the political activity will be. It happens in all countries where the election is held. Because, in Azerbaijan, too, there will be presidential elections, and political activity may be due to the opposition.

-Is it possible at the upcoming meeting of the favorites is not an official of the CIS presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan come to some agreement concerning the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Can we expect intensification of negotiations?

— I doubt very much that there would be some revitalization. Impossible to solve the problem of the past 20 years. The main reason is that Baku and Yerevan are unable to reach a compromise. The mission of a mediator involved in not only our homeland, and various countries. Europeans and Americans. But as long as the problem is not coming out of the ground. Because I doubt that it can be resolved at the upcoming meeting of the favorites of the CIS in Moscow. For this there is no indication.

-The head of the foreign department of the Presidential Administration Novruz Mammadov told the news agency «Blomberg», that if Azerbaijan does not receive enough support on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, it may reconsider its pro-Western foreign policy and can be a part of the "new unit." And Azerbaijan has already received an offer to join another political union. How do you think the West can assist Azerbaijan in the conflict and in general, can the West, such as pressure on Armenia to withdraw its troops from the occupied territories?

At the theoretical level, the West can exert pressure on Armenia, but it is unlikely that much to Armenia to leave these areas. Hard for me to say what it is. Maybe it is the Customs Union. This offer is open to all states. In other words, our homeland, Belarus and Kazakhstan offer all the countries enter into this alliance. I just do not know what to read Azeri politician, and vorachivayas to the topic of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, again I wish to say that impose on international assistance to intermediaries stupid. As if our homeland or Western countries, the United States, Europe, does not matter. If Baku and Yerevan are not able to find a compromise, neither any intermediaries fail to help. As mediators can not, will cooperate incompatible standpoint. I'm afraid, nor the efforts of intermediaries will not solve this dilemma.

-And what about the military-political bloc of the Contract, the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). Azerbaijan can be a part of this unit?

Certainly, Azerbaijan can be a part of this unit. But what it will mean is not clear. Will it oznachat, some tough wins? But I think it has the potential to life. But through this unit can decide questions of interest to Azerbaijan, I do not really understand too. For sure, there will be an opportunity to provide a more effective pressure on Armenia. But this gun issue will not be solved. Though really the CSTO can be such a question, the solution to this difficulty would be more progressed well. But also, it is unlikely it will be resolved one day.

-Some experts they say that now things between Azerbaijan and Russia are going through a very bad period. What areas of difficulty are available in oboestoronnih relations.

— In principle, the case is quite similar. But they are not specific. We have quite a lot of controversial areas of interest. And this, no one is hiding. We have interests in oil and gas, Azerbaijan own. And, in many Fri they do not match. And even worsened the situation around the Gabala radar station. Surely, this is not a good time in the relationship. But exactly, things between Azerbaijan and Russia are, in my opinion, quite a bit crowded.

-In several media publications (Regnum) there are articles which said that Azerbaijan has set a new condition for Russia due to the Gabala radar station, this station should not, focus on Turkey. So is it really?

— The Gabala radar can not aim for any one country. As the one who is familiar technique, he understands that it scans the area around itself. Radius angles are quite wide. We can promise that the radar will not be kept under control this place, but still, this place will be monitored. And later, there is another question. Why do we need such a radar that will be kept under the control of only part of the site. It's just not necessary. In general, the whole thing will come to the fact that we build for ourselves substitution, more powerful as it was with Ukraine. For example, Ukraine at the time put forth a lot of test on various radars that were found there on the border of Europe. And it all ended? It was all over the fact that our homeland has built itself new radar more massive than the Russian and Ukraine only just ventured. She did use the older radar can not, they do not need and rent for them not to receive. In the end, our homeland has resolved its dilemma, while Ukraine has received nothing, apart from the deterioration of relations. And I think that the Gabala radar station, may also be the same story. Our homeland was all smooth solve this dilemma. Built himself in his own country as the latest. Yes, she will invest, but it will solve this dilemma.

-And if Azerbaijan will provide the station Yankees or Israel. What could be in this case?

— I think that the Yankees and Israel Gabala radar is fascinating. This is the station's aging slowly. But it is not quite bad, but it can not be a modern name. This station was built in the Russian time. But then it was very good. But since then it's been 25 years, even more, and it becomes obsolete. Another 5 or 10 years, and it just would be worthless even possible that it will not be needed and most of. American troops stationed in Iraq, specifically located in Georgia, there is a very tight fit case with Turkey. In America cancel satellite reconnaissance. So, it is a lot of enthusiasm for this station no. This station is represented by the enthusiasm for the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation, as a station distant warning of missile attacks.

-As soon as the negotiations on the radar Gabalinkomu entered a deadlock, Armenia offered its terrain for the construction of the radar. Can Our homeland will build a new radar station there, and how is it really?

— I think that if our home will be built radar, it is in their own areas. But for sure, regardless of what decision is adopted, it would not be profitable to Azerbaijan. Because this dilemma would drive to a dead end, I do not really even know what the meaning of it. Our homeland will solve this dilemma. She can spend additional funds.

-Some experts say that Azerbaijan is using this to put pressure on Russia at the expense of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

— In the Russian Federation there is
no such universal power was taken and solve this dilemma. If in Moscow could be raised up, and call on the phone and say, let him decide quickly releases the terrain, it may be a long time to issue would be resolved. But we should not forget that the Russian Union is no more. Moscow has no such number where you can solve this issue. Just no. All we litsezreem, this situation is a consequence of the collapse of the Union of Russian. I do not think that the station here can play a decisive role. In general, this bondage, puts pressure on Russia to try to make our motherland Armenia pressed on quite dead end. These 20 years have shown this. Puts pressure on Russia absolutely worthless on one side. On the other hand, the Russian Federation is not certain, the unique ability to rapidly and painlessly solve this dilemma. Since no single country.

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