Sergei Shades: Russian (counter) revolution against the color revolutions

Sergei Kolerov: Russian (counter) revolution against the "color revolutions" 20th anniversary of the coup in August 1991 and the subsequent destruction of the Soviet Union intensified in the post-debate on the prospects of the former Russian republics and debriefing period independent of each other's existence. Disappointing for the most part. Bodren'kiye, full of optimism declaration of some favorites and the "founding fathers" of the former Russian states of the Union, which declared independence under their control and pompously celebrating its 20th anniversary, cheating and all subsequent failures of today's devilish position (obviously, a "temporary" and "avoidable") at the current successors, contradicted by their population. Opinion polls (where they were and where sociology can exist in principle) show that the "independence", contrary to the claims of state favorites, is of no value for a significant part, and where (for example, in Bessarabia) and for the majority of the population, which is ready to sacrifice the "sovereignty" of their own elites in favor of anyone — Russia, EU, NATO, the next bit more fortunate neighbors.

On the reconstruction of the Soviet Union as early dreams of a significant portion of its former people. And it is not only and not so much in Russian and nostalgic for the "scoop" pensioners, as it tries to present the official propaganda. Inhabitants near abroad without any polls "voting with their feet" in favor of, which remains the main center for migrant workers and immigrants from most post-Soviet republics. With all this the absolute majority of guest workers — not elderly and not by the Russian passport.

But the real obstacle to reintegration processes around the former empire are not only national elites, and indeed our homeland, so far has no clear position and policy in the near abroad — the zone of their own historical destiny and why — historical responsibilities and interests. Demand inmates reintegrate the post-Soviet space hindered by a shortage of adequate proposals from the Russian elite. And it's much more severe obstruction than unbalanced modes Russian neighbors crumbling as practice shows, from the tiniest push on the outside and the inside is like a house of cards. And the problem here is not just as a Russian elite, her tossing and contradictory declarations defined personal, short-term and often illusory gains. By his own Komsomol stagnant origin, it is not much different from the state elites neighbors. The only difference between them is that the Russian elite anti-national. In this completely official. In RF No civilization. That is, No that is the bedrock of any state. There is no state policy. There is only inherited a legacy from the Soviet Union strife-torn metropolis with a population of freshly baked elite 20 years ago cursed "Russians", and from that time and did not lift a finger to even try to fill the word, more and more Russian perceived as an insult by some real content. The lack of civilization in Russia and does not feasible fragments reintegration of the former empire, moreover, is one of the main reasons more and more progressive disintegration of Russia itself.

Our home, remember, the only federation of all the republics of the former USSR. In all the other immediately after the breakup of the Union established by uniformly nationalist regimes to polunatsistskih. Despite the fact that none of them, as our homeland, can not brag ethnically homogenous population and the lack of inter-ethnic, inter-religious and inter-cultural differences. Yet, even having lost the de facto (as in the case of Azerbaijan and the former Moldavian SSR) and de jure (as in the case of Georgia) of the territories formally battered them inherit from the Soviet Union, the elite of these countries so far not hear wish of the federation and the need to sacrifice a part interest "cover" of the majority. Although a couple of years back (at the moment is — not) this could be the solution to their territorial and ethnic problems.

In Russia, by contrast, the federation — in the form in which it exists at the moment — it is unexploded bomb stuck since the war in the basement of the house that can detonate at any moment. The main flaw of this "federation" is that it's ethnic majority — Russian — it does not have any status, and, in fact, deprived of its own name. At the same time, most of the other ethnic groups of the Russian Federation have their own state or in the form of state republics, or are other institutional and organizational forms. In the end, our homeland has on its territory a whole bunch of countries in the state — nationalist regimes, similar post-Soviet, where the remaining Russian population is discriminated against, comparable with the realities if not the Baltics, the Ukraine or Bessarabia. The similarities are added and subsidies in the North Caucasian republic of Tatarstan, Kalmykia, Chuvashia, etc., their size is more reminiscent of the tribute paid to Moscow from the federal budget, ie out of the pockets of the same Russian taxpayers, while a number of areas of the central Russian Federation are on the verge of demographic and economic survival. With all of this as subsidizing neighbors from near abroad, and financing of nationalist regimes in the area of Russia itself motivated by only one thing — ensuring their loyalty to Moscow-fetched. Not protected by the Russian population and its historical places in small-sized living, where it is the best part. Terrorized visiting from the outskirts of the Russian Federation and abroad, "voting with their feet" against poverty and for its ability to Russia, Russian themselves not only do not get any protection from the authorities, but even deprived her of the right to self-defense, constantly find themselves guilty in the local natural — always destructive — performances. So Makar, 20 years of municipal "rossiyanstva" Russian was to be undervalued, unprofitable, or simply not safe, not only in neighboring countries, and in Russia itself.

Experience for the removal of "Russians" would be justified and would have had any chance of success only in the case of the abolition of all state republics and administrative-territorial reorganization. In other words, if the right to national statehood would have been denied to all the nations of, and not only Russian. If Moscow is not ready to deny the title of statehood of Tatarstan, Dagestan, Chechnya and others like them, there is only one way — to declare Russia Russian state as a whole, and consolidate this position in the Constitution. There is no discrimination in relation to other peoples of the Russian Federation in this will not be, because of their larger and so have their own state within the federation in its historical places of compact residence. In addition, the constitutional status, in the end, will enable Russian feel its at least the remainder in the form of the Russian part of the country, which they have done for centuries, and would create legal mechanisms for the protection of our rights in the state of the Federation.

At imminent in the case of such solutions accusations "Russian great-power chauvinism," "Russian fascism" and "imperialism" that will sound both in the Russian Federation and abroad, to react in the same way as, for example, the authorities Baltic members of the European Union NATO — "standards" in the observance of human rights, responding to accusations of discrimination agai
nst Russian lacking in most of these countries the rights of ordinary civilians. That is, any way — to ignore. Since any sample RF shy somehow, somewhere, in something to protect their interests usually meet an uproar of "world society." All the more so that no question of violation of the rights of other peoples of the Russian Federation is not talking only about the restoration of the rights of the Russian people. Russia, accounting for about 80% of the population of the Russian Federation, have earned the right to a government based their still a thousand years ago. Real Russian, stands out in contrast to, say, 78% of the fabulous "Ukrainians" in Ukraine and 76% "Moldovans" in Bessarabia, 20 years debating on the verge of civilian war of their own identity and statehood, which they have only the USSR half and more than the population of which they say or in Russian, or surzhik. The identity of the Russian does not cause any vibrations or they themselves Russian, nor any other, except for zoological Russophobes and Prof. fighters with the "Russian imperialism." It is worth to highlight that we are obviously not talking about the ethnic and racial "purity." This, at least, it would be stupid to think in the former empire, on the ground that co-existed for centuries, were mixed and the interaction of more than 100 ethnic groups. Russia — one who feels that way. By right of birth, or whether as a result of conscious choice — it does not matter.

Municipal status of the Russian people (perhaps more broken people in the world today) in Russia will give the necessary framework and tools for the protection of Russian and abroad. Instead of abstract "citizens" and people living abroad of, who, says the practice is in the same Transnistria, are in Moscow for only short-term argument, and a small change in political games, the Russian government, the very state which ensured its Russian majority, will seek to protect, first Russian who made their own choices and especially — in identity, language and culture, and not just and not only the people of Russia. For examples of state support for such real citizens do not need to go too far, they can be found in the middle of former brethren in the socialist camp, and now members of the EU — Romania, Hungary, Poland. All of these countries do not support anonymous own people or "citizens" abroad, and particularly Romanians, Hungarians, Poles — those countries feel so, and those who are abroad identifies itself as such. They give them citizenship and voting rights, turning them into a harsh factor is not only external, and internal policies. Suffice it to recall that specifically Romanian citizens abroad gave Traian Basescu preponderance of half a percentage point above Mircea Geoana and victory in the last presidential elections in Romania. In the case, if our homeland will be Russian state, the consequence of this would be a complete reformatting of the post-Soviet space.

The Russian government will be able to consolidate the Russian in foreign countries and in Russia itself, and complete the process of formation of Russian as a civilization on the whole of the Russian world, interrupted by the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. If all this is not a case only Russian percent of those remaining in the republics of the former Soviet Union according to their official censuses. Municipal support diaspora, first, gives a realistic prospect of reunification of the Russian people with their chipped parts, now called "Ukrainians" and "Belarusians". Despite the 17% "official" Russian in Ukraine and 8% in Belarus, the Russian language is preferred in the home for more than half of the population in Ukraine and 70% in Belarus. What remains of the established Austro-Hungarian monarchy, the German headquarters, Stalin and Kaganovich, Ukrainian and Belarusian "nations" if our home will help you remember inscribed in the "Ukrainian" and "Belarusians" Russian about their real identity? And today's "Russian" — that they are only a fragment of a huge artificial ethnographic people. And what fate awaits in this situation themselves the "independence" of the project under the name "Ukraine" and "Belarus"? All the more so that in the case of Ukraine has split identification geographical boundary, as the citadel of Ukrainian nationalism — West Country — himself pushes away the south-east and Crimea, calling the population of these regions, "Muscovites" and "nedoukraintsami." A similar situation is observed in Bessarabia, which identifies itself as "Romanians" minority, at the present time an incumbent, refers to the ethnic Moldovans, a significant portion of which — Russian, "Russophonia" or simply "Russian." In contrast to "Bessarabian Romanians", Romanians, Romanian discover such "generosity" do not allow. But they are (still) lack the ability to resolve the matter administratively. And may lose it altogether if the Russian Our homeland will make them konkurentnst.

In the meantime, Our Homeland "rossiyanskih" just silently watching as the "neutral Republic of Moldova", contrary to the "common spiritual foundations" and "fraternal ties" quickly drifts into the Euro-Atlantic area. Moreover, it seeks to facilitate this journey, forced and unnatural, against history and against the express will of one of the Transnistrian Russian people (today Moldovans, Russian, Ukrainian) vpihnuv it, in favor of Western "partners", the Russian Transnistria. Similarly, "rossiyanskih" Our homeland following the Euro-Atlantic "choice" of Ukraine and other "brothers."

Customs Alliance and the EEA, regardless of whether it was attached to the Ukraine or someone else, as well as any offered by the RF integration projects, no matter what the economic benefits and the prospects they may possess, are doomed to failure if they will lay the basis classic for the last 20 years of failed transactions with government elites. Since the raison d'être of these elites, regardless of the declared and easy modification of the principles and beliefs — in the confrontation between Moscow. That was all 20 years of its independent existence, and will be until such time as our home will not kill them, or do not disappear by itself. The support reintegration projects of in the former Russian republics can only be their populations, and, at first, the Russian.

A conceptual and organizational expression of that reintegration must be formal and informal, political, rather than ethnic and ethnographic "Russian party" abroad. First, where there remained a significant percentage of the Russian (in the non-ethnic sense of the word) of the population — in the Ukraine, Byelorussia, Bessarabia, Kazakhstan and the Baltic States. Russian parties, supported, except the ethnic and linguistic parts of the population, on the pro-Russian electorate as a whole — is not only nominated unofficial feeder "Prof. Russian" and "citizens", and Lukashenko, Yanukovych and Voronin with their lot, use and betrayed by their own voters under the guise of pro-Russian slogans. With all of this, of course, the activities of Russian parties may be efficacious only in this case it is coordinated and supported by Russia. Not a good experience of the Baltic Russian parties, which were not in demand in Moscow plunged into political struggle for survival, to the dilemmas virtually no Russian business is having no — proof. On the other hand, of course, also, that the creation of the Russian party in the most need of. As a change of elites in general. It is clear that none of the Komsomol-oligarchic "One Our homeland" with Gryzlov nor Medvedev with its own administration, nor Lavrov with the Foreign Ministry, being, like their ideological predecessors, Go
rbachev and Yeltsin, ethnic Russian, Russian spokesmen of all are not the same, and the reintegration of the Russian Peace will not be engaged. Because of their "partners" put in front of him right back puzzle.

One fact of belonging to the Russian civilization and feeling great all-round support of the motherland can reincarnate of Russian abroad humiliated and passive minority passionaries. A party status will endow them pretty wide array of both domestic political and reintegration actions — from the consulate in power and ability to initiate referendums, including foreign policy and about the values to the revolutionary change of the post-Soviet puppet regimes. And the number of the party's not the point. For example, the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians of Romania — the party representing a 6 percent ethnic minority, without going into all the aspects and difficulties of its relations with Budapest and the Hungarian inside movement in Transylvania, already in the past 2 years is just not the determining factor in the political life of Romania, playing on the contradictions between the Liberal Democratic Party, the ruling coalition to which it is, and the opposition. Similarly, the Gagauz, the ingredients in Bessarabia according to official figures 4.4% of the population (it is even less than the "official" Russian), in cases where they are able to overcome internal divisions are able to withstand Chisinau.

Imminent revolutionary design of the process of Russian civilization and its geopolitical consequences justified not only historically — denationalization of Russian revolutionary and liquidation Russian Empire, started in 1917. It also defines the revolutionary spirit of the current state of affairs in the former Soviet Union — that it is common for the crisis of identity and nationhood. The crisis on the verge of a global catastrophe. In this context, it is natural that the only thing one can oppose the "color revolutions" in the area of the former Russian empire, including the Russian Federation in the coming term — is Russian revolution. Or counter-revolution, if you will. And is more natural that if the formula — Russian (Counter) revolution against "colored" — will not be implemented in recent times, and more specifically — of the Russian government, which is formed in the spring of 2012, it runs the risk of gain on the territory of Russia completely different content and form. Specifically — the very "stupid and mercilessly", against which the "unfrozen", "Frozen" is now the post-Soviet conflicts.

For this reason, no half-measures, such as, for example, the making of an article of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, stating that "the bearer of sovereignty and the only source of power in the Russian Federation is its multi- people"Additions -" … the core (base) have historically Russian people, "as proposed, namely, a leading researcher — a" think tank "of the presidential administration of — RISS Vladimir Kuznechevskaya assuming such makarom" reclaim the authority of the Russian people in the ideological (only) the plan "does not withdraw the deadlock. Today it even less than the purely ideological (not legal) definition of the Russian people as a "big brother", taken into service by the Bolsheviks under Stalin controlled the approach of war, which became the Russian and forced to temporarily abandon the bold test in public policy and world exports of the proletarian revolution. This ideological construction, revisions have already been subjected to Khrushchev and accompanied by breeding and cultivation of state elites in the republics of the Russian Federation and the Russian Union, most went bankrupt in 1991. attempt to remove the ideological Russia's "big brother" of the "Russians" in the criteria of modern Russia — akin to a referendum March 17, 1991 the preservation of already doomed and de facto dead USSR. Return the Russian imperial world can only Russian The Russian government and people.

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