Sergei Voronin — the story of the 1st feat

Sergei Voronin - the story of heroismThe modern history of military conflicts of the Russian Federation knows many examples showing the inexhaustible power of the spirit and courage of the Russian fighter's willingness to fulfill the duty to intercede country even at the cost of his own life! Unlimited number of immortal feats were accomplished fighters of Russian federal forces during the war in Dagestan, which was developed in August 1999.

August 7, 1999 the first large groups of insurgents, "the Islamic Peacekeeping Brigade" commanded by already earned the midst of Russian troops notoriety Khattab and Shamil Basayev, numbering about five hundred people invaded the area of Dagestan. Separatists could escape abroad, having received political asylum there. It was even safer and smarter. But groups of bandits preferred to organize a new military campaign and again shed blood. Immediately virtually unhindered they captured several mountain villages (Shodroda, Ansalta, Godoberi, Rahat and Tando), organized in their defensive positions.

Tando — malehankih mountain village in Dagestan's Botlikh district at a height of one and a half thousand meters above sea level. Inhabitants of a few hundred people. The village is placed on the steep slope of the mountain range in the middle of the distance to the top. Bottom approaches reserved countless ravines. In the village is only accessible by a few "bridges" with trails. Only one road is available for transport.

In those August days of the hero of this story Lieutenant Sergei Voronin commanded a small unit of the federal forces. At the behest of his version of 696 Battalion of the 136th Motorised Brigade was entrusted to the release of the Community Fri entitled Tando, which for a few days turned into one of the largest and most fundamental of all fortified district, where he founded a descent several 10-s fighters.

Sergey Voronin was born June 12, 1973-CS in the Kazakh city of Kokchetav in a military family. By ethnicity — Russian. He spent his childhood in Tashkent. The army went in the summer of 1990. He graduated from the Tashkent Voka. He served in the Far East. He took part in the first Chechen war. In 1995 he was awarded the medal "For Courage".

August 17th battalion tried to seize the first time Tando. The plan foresaw hit with 3 directions. 1st Company, passed the bottom of the gorge, distract yourself on fire, raid group (3rd company) together with the battalion commander inflicted a flank attack from the west. The main objective accounted for the second company of, in what served Voronin — burst into the village on the road. Exploration has not been assessed, fire support was limited to a pair of artillery rounds, which was not covered bit of our soldiers. BMP-1, available in service battalions were fully applicable to the fighting in the mountains.
Immediately the whole attack went awry. The first company of bandits immediately suspended. The soldiers came upon a perfectly sheltered ambush. On the men collapsed avalanche of fire, shot from behind every stone, took out several BMPs. Bloodless company bounced back, gaining a foothold in one of the principal strategic heights. Third company was stuck on a mountain ridge and did not participate in the battle on the day. In the second half of a company of retired military personnel.

In the evening of the day or Voronin said: "The militants repelled an attack on the village of our soldiers. Federal troops have lost 6 BMP. 30, four people were killed and almost as many wounded. Excellent though helicopter protected us, and then terribly and think that it would be … ".

The press center of the journalists uttered that in a fight near Tando killed a total of eight soldiers. Militants in this day and went. Acting in Tando warlord asked for help from their own over the radio, referring to the huge loss.

The next day started back one assault. After the artillery barrage the men immediately went on the attack. Tanks firing from behind them, covering the assault groups. Fire fighters was very tight. The boys moved forward with great difficulty, until they were at the site in a few 10-s square meters. Step by asylum led to an immediate response sniper. There was a proposal to circumvent the position of the trail along the hillside. A group of four men under the command of Voronin moved forward to eliminate the sniper. Naturally, it was a gamble, but the bullets all perceived differently.

Covering each other and moving dashes, the men got to the outskirts of the village. All were convinced that the sniper without backup. As we move along the wall of the enclosure of the street they found in it a breach through which hit the street width of less than 1 meter. One side of the street has been limited by a fence, and the other — standing next to the wall of the house. Not passing and 10-ka meters, the group came under fire. Fell to the ground two grenades. Simultaneously sort out the situation, Voronin and his men immediately rushed to the shelter of the nearby barn. After spending his high-spirited examination and finding third parties, they are beginning to find another way out of the building. Remain long in the shelter was risky because the bandits in every moment could break into the room and using the numerical advantage, shoot them there. In addition to the infantry as early task was to find and for the ability to kill the enemy firing point. In another storm coming in could have claimed a huge number of their friends and colleagues.

136th Guards Motorized Rifle separate light Uman-Berlin Red Banner Brigade was formed on 1 December 1993 in Buynaksk (Republic of Dagestan). Is the bearer of the Order of Kutuzov, Suvorov and Bogdan Khmelnitsky. The brigade included in the 42 th Army Corps, located in the North-Caucasian military environment. She took an active part in the hostilities in Chechnya since 1995 to 1992nd years. More than 1,400 troops brigade for his role in counter-terrorism operations of 1999 were awarded orders and medals. 5 officers were awarded the highest title of Hero of the Russian Federation — is captain Sergei Voronin, Major Oleg Kryukov, posthumously — Senior Lieutenant Vitaly Marienko engineers, Captain Alexei Zhuravlev and Lieutenant Roman Sidorov.

The ceiling of one of the rooms of the barn Sergei found a small window at ground level, which could sneak through adult. Then it occurs to a determined idea to get out of the shelter and suddenly hit by a sniper from the rear. Voronin was aware that such arrogance from a handful of militants feds can not wait. He throws the machine behind his back and pulled up to the window. And at the same time hears the crack under the pressure of the body tiles. Voronin jumps back machine takes in hand. First and foremost on his legs hit the bandit. Second dobila it. Returning to the rest of Sergei orders vorachivatsya. At one point, the shelter militants bombarded several grenades at once. It is time to litsezrev danger, the soldiers take cover behind the stone wall of the coming. But the battle is just beginning. Thrusting into that vent on the ceiling and door clearance machines, bandits began firing blindly keep tight rooms of the house, where the group took refuge Voronin. Guys bailed out just what they were sign
ificantly below the level at which the gunmen fired. In the end, only the machine gun fire plowed floor of the house, not touching the refuge.

After a five-hour shootout and a series of failed attempts to take the militants stormed the house band Voronin held the head of the last forces. They are very lucky that your opponent does not have anything more solid grenades. But the day passed almost from the time they were asleep, the men do not drink and do not eat around there was a terrible heat. Besides military arsenal was on the final. Feeling depressed morale and severe lethargy guys militants began using mental techniques, arguing that federal troops had abandoned their positions, leaving them here alone. They offered to give up the men, retaining for himself a life. Offered to give them an officer. None of the infantry did not even had the idea to go to such blandishments.

Sergei Voronin said: "I myself have decided to break. But in that situation, decided that I could not tell the men to do the same. Everyone chooses to take his last fight, dying or taken prisoner, or try to get out of the trap. Everyone decided to go with me. "

Seeing so the soldiers just tumbled down from weakness, Voronin decides to perform a breakthrough. According to the plan at first in the direction of the remaining fighters flew two grenades that assist temporarily clear the way, then under the cover of smoke grenades fighters made their way to the very gap in the wall through which the guys were leaked to their temporary shelter. The plan was quite insecure and any of the men realize this is true, but there was no other way.
The attempt was successful breakthrough, the squad returned without losses in posting your own squad so far is on the same "patch".

Soon shelter covered flaming barrage. From Tando shot gunners, snipers, the calculation of the ACS. Renew the assault exhausted soldiers was dumb, and the high command has decided to temporarily end the operation. During the raids Sergei and his comrades killed more than 10 militants ka.

Voronin later reported to the deputy brigade commander, "Department puzzle has failed." At this point, they were approached by General Vladimir Shamanov. He asked zamkombriga: "This is the first lieutenant, who was in Tando? Submit to Hero! ". Shaking hands with Sergei, the general left.
"For that, Comrade Colonel? — Asked Voronin. — We would not have coped. "
"You're back from hell. And without a loss. For you that this is not a lot? '.

After another failure of command decided not to ruin fighters. Management laid out its own last trump — vacuum bomb. Those who beheld explosion, but know an awful sight. Over the spot where the bomb fell, there was a big ball of fire, which transformed all around in the ashes. Since then, the myth was born under the heading "Tando syndrome." The essence of it is that the "spirits" were very afraid single aircraft feds, scattering them in a variety of directions. On the morning of August 23, our troops entered the village without making more than one shot.

In the words of journalist Alexei Babakina: "The picture was terrible. In the village there is not the 1st house, destroyed all the buildings, land rummaged trenches, lines of messages and trenches. All sixteen days at the village worked artillery and aviation. Every meter of land stuffed shell fragments. Metal detectors can not find explosives or, as everywhere, "fonilo."

The fate of fighters remained unclear. Some witnesses of the events they say that the bandits were killed as a result of the explosion, others — that a significant part of them managed to escape. It can be fully because the drain disk imaging at the time there was a river of our staffs.

Actions that August forever changed Dagestan. The village of Tando disappeared from the face of the earth. Inhabitants later moved to New Tando detuned from municipal funds. Losses were also displaced by the state compensated. But local rumor about the numerous violations that have occurred in the payment of compensation.

March 23, 2000 by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation for his heroism and courage during the operation in Dagestan Sergey Voronin, who became the Guard was already a captain, was awarded the title of Hero of Russia. At the current time, Lieutenant Colonel Voronin, which in 2005th graduated from training at the Combined Arms Academy of the RF Armed Forces, continues to serve in the Russian Army and a senior staff officer in the Volga-Ural military environment. His family lives in the town of Ekaterinburg.

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