Sergey Lavrov spoke with the foreign theses at the Munich Security Conference

Sergey Lavrov spoke with the foreign theses at the Munich Security ConferenceViolation of international law by NATO threatens world order. This was at a security conference in Munich said the head of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. The Minister also proposed to conclude a peace pact Europe, assuming that could serve as a basis for this, and pointed out that the problem of the European missile defense threatens to divide the branches of European civilization.

On Saturday in Germany, a 48th Munich Security Conference. Russia was represented by its Foreign Minister of Belarus Sergei Lavrov.

Russian potential

One of the main emphases of the Minister made on the creation of the task in the Euro-Atlantic space of equal and indivisible security. According to him, Europe needs a peace pact, and they can become a contract on European security. "Europe needs a peace pact, bring an end to the era of cool war as extensive cooperation can be built only on a platform of trust, — the minister highlighted. — As we all remember the famous Russian-American wisdom "trust but verify", such a pact should be legally binding. "

According to him, "in the long term would be to work towards building a common security space wide, consisting of a compound in a" ring "of the regional units, whose members could be associated complex legal and political obligations." "One of these pieces would be the girth area of our proposed contract for a European Security (OSCE participating States), inside of which would be very useful to make political cooperation between NATO and the Collective Security Treaty Organization, the benefit of what we stand for many years, but in no way can achieve comprehensible answer ", — explained the minister.

Speaking about the role of in the global context, Lavrov pointed out that the map of the world there is no other country having so extensive potential for economic development. "I mean, first, the translation of Russian economy on Innovative rails, the introduction of this work, the tremendous capabilities of Siberia and the Far East", — said the minister, adding that Europe should be interested in the success of this project — exactly as it supported at the time the reforms of Peter the Great.

According to "Interfax", referring to the action of external players in connection with intra-State conflicts, Lavrov said: "The military-political instability of those in other regions or should not become a" magnet "for the application of force to the usual criteria of weakening leverage leading countries to international events . " "Supporting one side of the internal conflict, the attempt to impose the scheme on the outside of the political system — a terrible way leading to the expansion of areas of impermanence and strengthen parts of the chaos in international relations. The examples do not have to go far, "- said minister.

"It is not the advice from the outside"

With regard to the political situation in Russia, the Lavrov pointed out that the democratic process in the country should be dictated by internal needs, rather than outside advice. "Again and again, the thesis of the" incorporation "of in the" advanced West "without centuries of tradition developed foreign policy independence of our country: the pace and nature of democratic processes in our country will be dictated only by the internal needs rather than the advice from the outside," — said Lavrov adding that Moscow does not consider it justified usmotritelnoe even suspicious attitude of European partners to steps and plans for the development of Eurasian integration.

According to him, the decision of the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan to set an example for the deepening of integration processes in the post-oriented "to expand the horizons of mutual cooperation." Lavrov said that at the moment "is a relative narrowing of the impact and capabilities of states, which are usually attributed to the historical West, weakening their role as the" engine "of global development." "I do not want to say that in Russia feel about some gloating, at least since the EU — our main trade and economic partner and vkladyvatelny", — assured the minister.

Apart from this, as reported by ITAR-TASS, Lavrov said that our homeland will not participate in schemes that aim at containing China, "which is our good neighbor and strategic partner." "Building alliances confronting each other — is a recipe for a bygone era, which in modern conditions may result in sliding of a global catastrophe," — says the minister.

"The threat of a military position of NATO"

In his speech Lavrov touched upon cooperation with NATO. According to him, the birthplace of our views as threats from NATO violation of international law and jurisdiction. "Russia does not name the expansion of NATO threat — the minister said. — The danger is the military position of NATO, violating international law and jurisdiction. " According to the head of the Foreign Ministry, "Russia sees this as a danger not only themselves, but also for the total world order."

For all this, the minister pointed out, our homeland as before can not reach agreement on the NATO concept of "substantial combat forces" that the union promised not to have on areas of new members. "The military infrastructure (NATO) is approaching us pretty quickly, despite the commitment after the collapse of the Russian Union of the infrastructure of NATO will not be located on the territories of new NATO members. Because my question regarding parts of the missile defense, whether they fall under the scope of this obligation or not? But all our trials to begin in NATO discussion of how significant should these combat forces to become a significant, not of success achieved. NATO does not want to talk about it "- continued the Russian minister.

In this regard, Lavrov sees harsh progress in the negotiations between Russia and the United States on addressing the issue of missile defense in Europe — the European missile defense system. The Minister stressed that in the near future in question specifically about the consultation, not vsepolnotsennyh negotiations. Our homeland and NATO agreed to cooperate on European missile defense project at a summit in Lisbon in 2010, but the talks have stalled because of Washington's failure to provide legal guarantees of non-direction deployed against Russian deterrent forces. At the end of November last year, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has announced a set of measures of military-technical and diplomatic character, which our homeland will respond to the deployment of a missile defense system in Europe.

Lavrov said that Our homeland "welcomes all efforts to restore confidence" between countries and welcomed the publication of the report of the international committee of professionals in the Euro-Atlantic security initiatives (Euro-Atlantic Security Initiative, EASI). The Commission proposed an action plan to overcome the differences between Russia and the U.S. in the field of security, also on the approximation in this area of the Russian Federation and NATO. The report was presented on Saturday in Munich.

"Disturbing" call "the problem is the European missile defense, threatening to drive a wedge between the branches of European civilization. At the root of it all the same relu
ctance to provide equal and indivisible safety in a legally binding form, "- said Lavrov.

"We are not friends Assad"

In the discussion, "the margin" of the conference we were talking about the situation in Syria. The Minister recalled the appeal of the Russian Federation to the United Nations to prevent the slipping of the situation in the country to civilian war. "We fully support the peaceful protest demonstrations in Syria, but the armed opposition is using them for their own purposes," — said Lavrov.

In Moscow, he said, there are no special concerns of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, but there is concern for the safety of the world. "We are not friends Assad, just as we were not friends of Colonel Gaddafi — said the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry. — But we do not accept claims to take one-sided sanctions that are taken without consultation with us, and in particular the extra-territorial sanctions order. "

Referring to the Moroccan draft resolution in the UN Security Council, Foreign Minister stressed that our homeland insists on removing ambiguities in the text. "We need to … remove all ambiguity in the text of the resolution — said Lavrov. — Vnutrisiriysky dialogue should be carried out without preliminary conditions. "

According to him, in the western draft resolution to a much greater extent condemned the acts of the Government of Syria, than the opposition, and we require from both sides of the conflict. "In the unlikely event we either occupy completely unrealistic position, or will provide a signal that the Security Council is truly one of the parties in civilian war", — explained the minister.

Second drawback of the western draft resolution, said Lavrov, is that on the one hand, it offers the Syrians to start negotiations without any preliminary test, without that prejudge the outcome, and on the other hand, predicts that this dialogue will be scheduled, proposed by the League of Arab States (LAS). "Of course, the schedule of the Arab League to take into consideration, but you have to remove the contradiction between the requirement to do this schedule is 100% and the position on the inadmissibility prejudge the outcome," — he said.

Commenting on the supply of Russian weapons in Syria, Lavrov assured that they will not affect the balance of power in the Middle East region. "Whatever we sell Syria, it did not change the balance of power nor to the" Arab Spring ", this does not affect the situation in the country, the fact that we supply — it's not small instrument, it is not what is used in the conflict," — he said.

Syria remains naikrupneyshim Russian arms exporter in the region. Currently in progress is a contract for the supply of coastal missile systems "Bastion" supersonic anti-ship cruise missile "Yakhont". The biggest contracts signed: Delivery 24 MiG-29M/M2 and eight battalions of air defense systems "Buk M2E".

"In the fields" conference Sergey Lavrov held informal bilateral meetings with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. Open a discussion of problems the European missile defense, a case under Council Our homeland — NATO and the situation in the UN Security Council.

The Munich conference was based in the 1962 German publicist Ewald von Kleist as a "meeting of defense officials' states — members of NATO. Since 1999, it also involves political and military leaders of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the representatives of the business. At the moment, this international discussion forum connects voedinyzhdy about 40 countries. Day or agenda of the conference includes the issues of combating terrorism internationalist, reform of the UN and NATO, the settlement of the situation in the hot spots, strengthening regional and global security.

In 2007 at the Munich conference with a keynote speech on foreign policy, which caused great international resonance, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The forum usually held numerous informal meetings, during which discusses the promising ideas in the field of international security.

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