Sevastopol Stories. Snow White Guard. The last stronghold

In the winter of 1928 at the Metropolitan Art Theater was a reading of the play, MA Bulgakov's "Run." KS Stanislavsky took the play very well and brought her to the repertoire began to assign roles. But it ended quite unexpected way: the product carried on the meeting of the Central Committee, and later completely forbade. In this time model of cerebral character Bulgakov's play, Roman Hludova, quietly lived in Moscow and taught at the main military courses. Not clear at the time loyalty to the former Wrangel General … It was a big-name Jacob sweeter. In the 20th year of time civilian war, he was a true storm of the Red Army. In this time Crimea became a refuge for many. There were rescued from the carnage commoners and former deputies, ministers, prominent politicians, metropolitan bohemians. Returned to his home in Sebastopol, a brilliant writer, "the master of humor," the publisher of the magazine "Satyricon" Arkady Averchenko. He organized the cafe "nest of migratory birds", organized literary evenings there. In Balaklava, rented a room universal favorite — singer Leonid Sobinov. Life in Sebastopol, albeit remote, but all the same was like the old. The people were not so small that the main problem of the Crimea at the time was home. And now here is flocked by the retreating troops across the snow-white Volunteer Army. Not being able to change anything, its commander AI Denikin has decided to leave his post. The responsibility for the broken-broken army took the Baron Wrangel. Snow-white renamed the Russian army. To the peninsula is not broke reddish, Army Corps Slaschova delayed Perekop. We can say that precisely because of Slaschova Crimea was the only area in which virtually year held and resisted imperial rodina.Osenyu Our 20-year Reddish army marched to conquer the last citadel of snowy terrain — Crimea. To sustain such an avalanche of Wrangel Russian army was not. Began her final round.

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