Seven and a half thousand U.S. flights canceled due to Hurricane Sandy

U.S. airlines have been forced to cancel about seven and a half thousand domestic and international flights due to approaching the U.S. coast Hurricane "Sandy", said on Monday the Associated Press.

Major U.S. airlines, including United Airlines, Delta Air Lines and American Airlines, canceled Sunday and Monday all flights from airports in New York, Washington and Philadelphia — is expected on these cities will have the brunt of the disaster. Airports in these cities will also not accept flights. According to the publication USA Today, air traffic will be fully restored by Tuesday evening.

Representatives of air carriers reported cancellation penalties and fees for passengers who want to transfer to another flight time. A number of airlines, including United Airlines, promised compensation to passengers in case of detention of their flight for more than 2 hours.

Earlier it was reported that in view of the approaching storm halted rail and bus services between major cities in the northeast United States. For passengers who have bought tickets for the train, but have decided not to go because of the weather conditions, the company will return the money for Amtrak tickets or will issue vouchers for future trips.

According to weather forecasts, the most severe effects of Hurricane undergo the states of New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

The hurricane is now moving at a speed of 17 kilometers per hour in a north-easterly direction, gusts associated winds reaching 120 kilometers per hour. Victims of "Sandy", which previously fell to Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas, have become 65.

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