Shark in Egypt — the worst predictions come true

Recent shark attack on tourists in Egypt have put the scientific community to a standstill. It appeared that the shark attack on tourists of different species. This may mean some changes in global sea that make very different kinds of sharks look for food near the shore, and, first of all, consider the swimmers as the object of hunting.
Mako shark caught was found guilty of attacks on tourists from Russia and Ukraine, which occurred on November 30 and December 1 — teeth marks on the bodies of the victims of this kind of match the teeth of sharks.

Mako, also known as chernorylaya shark makrelevaya shark or blue-gray porbeagle — a major representative of the family porbeagle and one of the most aggressive forms of these fish. It can reach a length of 4 m, the speed of its navigation — up to 35 km / h, and the water it is able to jump to a height of 6 m

In addition to the mako shark hunters also fished around the resort dlinnokrylaya shark. But then there was a new tragedy, this time with a tourist from Germany, was attacked not Mako shark and dlinnokrylaya. So, how much more aggressive sharks remain off the coast of Egypt, did not know anyone.

Scientists have described the situation as a developing worst-case scenario. According to them, to try human meat shark will taste and continue hunting. This assumption expressed Bodzhanovski Elke (Elke Bojanowski), a German expert on sharks of the Red Sea.

Now in Sharm el-Sheikh, a large group of scientists from around the world, including the United States — a country with a rich history of shark attacks on humans. Experts are trying to figure out, it really was the cause of tragedies podkarmlivanie shark meat for the entertainment of tourists, or the problems run deeper — in general violation of the sea ecosystem and behavior of marine life. Considered one of the versions — the pollution of the Red Sea with radioactive waste.

In turn, the Egyptian authorities only shrug. Assistant to the Governor of South Sinai has made a demonstration dive, after which he said that the sea is safe and there are no sharks in it. But this is hardly a sufficient guarantee for the tourists.

The number of tourists who refuse tours to Egypt because of the recent events has increased dramatically. Rosportrebnadzor acknowledged that tourists are now refusing to go to Egypt, will be entitled to receive compensation in the full cost of the tour — this information is contained in a letter to the chief state sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko, Russia, sent to regional Rospotrebnadzor.


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