Ship traffic on the river Belaya in Bashkiria is limited because of shoaling

Transport Prosecutor's Office has restricted the movement of four-and triple-decker vessels at the site of the Belaya river length of 300 kilometers from shoaling, told RIA Novosti the head of Ufa Tavliyarov transport prosecutor's office in Rome.

According to him, because of the drought severely shoaled White River. On the site of Ufa-Ismayilova of 300 kilometers restricted movement vessels of 305. This four-and three-deck ships.

"The rocky bottom is to be a supply of water under the vessel 15 cm, on a sandy — 10 inches, and in this area Now the water is 5 inches" — told Tavliyarov agency.

According to experts, the shallowing of the Belaya river will continue. To such a critical point of water on the White reached 130 years ago.

River Shipping Company in Bielsko agency reported that currently nine ships dock disarm, preparing for winter camp.

"On Monday, the ship" Gabdulla Tukai "had to go with 80 passengers to Moscow, but due to the shallowing of the river crew disbanded leave money for tickets refunded," — said the representative of the shipping company.

According to him, the so-called "closed" section of the river Belaya continue to walk alone Pleasure boats with low-slung.

This summer in Bashkortostan was hot and dry. Temperatures range from 29 to 35 degrees, while rain fell a few times in the middle of July. According to weather forecasts, August will also be hot.

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