Signalers Central Military neighborhood got new digital and satellite radio

Division of Novosibirsk Field Army within the Municipal defense contracts in 2012 received more than 25 mobile communications Fri and about 2 million mobile handheld radios.

Medium-power radio stations are installed at the base of infantry fighting vehicles, and satellite stations — on KAMAZ-5350. They all work in a digital format and are superior to the previous generation station several times. According to the number of channels provided one set of connection can vary 3-4 of old radios.

Brand new technology allows you to set link The Closed Internet channels, to produce topographic binding through different satellite systems. In machines significantly improved ergonomics. Inside the costs system Air conditioning and heating are provided a comfortable place to work and relax.

Communication systems are the latest generation of new abilities to govern subordinate formations and military units, including video conferencing with restricted access.

Portable radios, among which there are models of satellite communications, communicators have mastered the process ending on field exits.

By the end of the year finished with the installation of the electrical system of document management system (DMS) in the command structure of association. EDS allows simultaneously deliver information from 1 user to another. At this point the process continues from several hours to several days.

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