Signs of the Day of Judgment. Sign of the end of the world — EARTHQUAKE

Before the judgment day will occur two major incidents, and then will come the years of earthquakes …
Ramuz El Enadis 187/2

Ramuz El Enadis
As long as these things do not come true, do not come to an end … The participation of the earthquake ….

Ramuz El Enadis, 187/2
Before Judgment Day will occur two major accidents … and then start during earthquakes.

Hunger and the high cost of living ubiquitous.

Ramuz El Enadis 91/7
The light will not turn over until the debauchery will not open.

Umnozhinie fornication and adultery — one of the signs of the Day of Judgment.

Men will be like women, and women become like men.

Ramuz El Enadis 448/8; Death — End of the World, The Signs of the Day of Judgment and the Last Time, page 480
When men will satisfy men and women women — close to the Day of Judgment.

The time will come when people will gather in mosques and to pray, but there will not believe.

Ramuz El Enadis 1/1540
I am most concerned about in my ummah is that with the arrival of the last times they will begin to believe in the stars and reject predestination of God …

Ramuz El Enadis 33/7
When the end of the world closer to multiply the number of illegitimate children.

Ramuz El Enadis 33/7
Approach end of the world … when the Weights and Measures will commit fraud

Open bribery … One of the signs of the Day of Judgment.

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