Signs of the End of the World — the testimony of the Prophet Muhammad

Mankind at all times speculated about the nature of the universe, believing that the universe is eternal and has no end. This understanding was the basis of the materialist philosophy.

Today, however, science has conclusively proven that life on earth was the exact moment of the beginning of our Universe is finite, as well as all men are mortal and living suschestva.Rano or later there will be no end of the world, and any doubt about the truth of this commandment, sent down by Allah Almighty in Quran 1400 years ago.

People are always concerned by the question, when will come the inevitable end, but only Allah knows when Judgment Hour, hidden from the people of knowledge about the moment of its inception.

Prophet Muhammad (S) gave us intimate knowledge about the signs of approaching Day of Judgement, and a description of the period preceding it. Time when svershatsya and become visible signs of the Last Day, in the Islamic sources are called "end times." After the Prophet Muhammad a number of great scholars of Islam is also deeply engaged in studying this issue and commented and they all indicate that the approach of the end time will mark a number of events that will accomplishes one after another in the predicted sequence.

"Signs of the End of the World will be being accomplished one by one, like beads, scattering from the necklace."

The first period of the last time the rule is hosting militant godless ideologies and philosophies, humanity is on the brink of moral degradation. People will forget about the purpose of his creation, the soul of a great spiritual vacuum shroud and moral decline. Humanity is recovering from a series of great, acute disasters, wars and upheavals, will look for an answer to a single question: "Where is the salvation?"

It was during this period of complete hopelessness and despair in the hearts of people the Lord God put it on his chosen mission blessed person calling people to the right path: Will "Mahdi."

"End of the World approached, when they build high-rise buildings …"

"The Hour will not come until they fulfilled these ahadith … People will compete with each other in the construction of tall buildings."

Doomsday will not come until it accomplishes these events … to save time and space Decreased.

"The Prophet Muhammad, SAS, said:" Do not come to an end until the accelerated time. Accelerate it so that the year will be fast as a month, a month like a week, a week as a day, and the day as one hour, the hour shall come to pass so quickly, like a flash sticks. "

It is clear the message in the last part of the above hadith. It is reported that the recent long distance reduced by the new means of communication and transport. Nowadays, due to the supersonic aircraft, trains and other advanced vehicles travel that in the past could take months now takes a few hours and also in a much more secure, cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Thus was fulfilled a sign telling us in the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (S).

For example, if many centuries ago by communications between the continents take weeks and even months, and now through the internet and telecommunications contact with another continent is possible only for a few seconds. Products, which in the past could only be obtained after months of waiting the return of the caravan, today you can deliver immediately. Not so long ago, only a few centuries ago, writing a book takes time for that today, you can print millions of books. These daily tasks such as cleaning, cooking, child care has almost no time-consuming due to the device "miracle of technology."

One can cite many such examples. But most importantly, what is necessary to pay special attention — it's just an exercise in today signs doomsday prophet is reported in the 7th century.

Hour will not come until the person will not say the end Camci (whip).

If you examine this Hadith, it is clear truth hidden in it. As you know, whip (whip) — a tool that is widely used in ancient times, mostly for driving mounts, horses, camels, but we define our contemporaries to the question: What is our everyday life can be likened to quirt and what is it telling the subject?

Phones, wireless mobile phones and similar means of communication are the most logical answer to this question.
Considering that the wireless communications, such as mobile or satellite phone, appeared quite recently, it becomes clear how significant was the description of the Prophet Muhammad (S) made it 1,400 years ago

Doomsday will not come until you talk to a man (his) own voice.

It is clear the message in the hadith: states that if a person hears your voice — it is one of the signs of the end times. Sure, for a person to hear your voice, you must first record your voice and then listen to it. Sound recorders and technology are an invention of the twentieth century, this event was a turning point in science, was the emergence of the information sector and the media. Sound recording was made perfect with the latest improvements computer and laser technology.
Thus, the present day electronic devices, microphones and loudspeakers, allow you to record and listen to the sound of any voice and prove to us obvious message in the hadith.

The Sign of the Day: From the sky will extend a hand, and people will look at it and see.

Day is a sign of a hand held out in the air and people looking at her.

Obviously, the word "hand", said in the Hadith, has a figurative meaning. The word "hand" (Arabian "deg"), used in the hadith in Arabic has yet another meaning — "power, force, energy, means."

The object that watching people, did not have any semantic meaning to the past. However, such devices as a TV, a camera and a computer, which is an integral part of the modern world, fully disclose the event described in the hadith. The word "hand" in the hadith found in the sense of "power, force." It becomes obvious that the image sent down from heaven as the ether waves, points to television.

"When people sow one measure of wheat, a crop of 700 measures of grain … People will throw into the ground a few handfuls of grain, and receive 700 handfuls of harvest … Rains will be many, but not a drop of rain will not go to waste. '

Prophet Muhammad (S) said in many hadiths about the technological advances which will be observed in recent years. In the hadith indicates the development of farming technologies, new techniques of cultivation, dams and irrigation systems, genetic engineering, and improving the quality of grain, other agricultural achievements. Today, technology is developing very rapidly, we can see a huge increase in the quantity and quality of the vintage. Great progress has occurred in the field of genetics, which has carried out a revolution in the technology of farming and agriculture.

Lengthen the life of his period.

Fourteen hundred years have passed after the message of our Prophet Muhammad (S). Historical records and documents indicate that in our time, life expectancy is much longer than all other periods of history. A large difference in life exists even between the beginning and the end of the twentieth century. For example, it is estimated that a child born in 1995 will live an average of 35 years longer than someone born in 1900. Another good example that confirms this verse, is that while in the past rarely met people who live more than 100 years, today the number has increased considerably.

If the signs, we were talking about, were made separately and at different times, then perhaps they would have seemed normal phenomenon without any continuation. However, the events described many centuries ago, it happened exactly in the same order as they are described by the Prophet Muhammad (S), which reinforces our belief in the imminent coming of the Mahdi

Allah has concealed the exact time of doomsday. People are predicting it on a certain date, simply lying. Supreme wisdom hiding this time is on constant alert people to it. Many people have asked about the occurrence of his prophets of the Day. In the Qur'an, it is said like this: "You ask, but the true time I only know, and you must constantly remind people about it."

Small signs

Small signs are ongoing, but people do not pay attention to them. They occur over a period of time, whereas more pronounced overnight and involves a significant event. For small features include:

The first sign — the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (S). Each of the previous prophets claimed that Doomsday will not come until the last Prophet (S).

The Prophet Muhammad (S) said that "between him and the end of the world away, a similar length discrepancy index and middle fingers." This means that after him there will be other prophets.

The second sign — this is war (conflict) between the two great Islamic powers.

The third feature — "slave mistress bear myself." Muslim scholars have explained to it as if Mr. marry a slave. But, perhaps, there laid a different meaning: children, as it is now, will not obey their parents, and will command them. There is such an interpretation: the former poor, who could not buy shoes, will build tall buildings, ie poor get rich quickly.

FOURTH SIGN — people will commit major sins: adultery, drinking alcohol in large numbers, etc., that would anger God. When Umm Salamah asked the Prophet (PBUH): "Do overtake all the wrath of Allah, if there are also good people?" — "Yes," — he said.

By a fifth — the disappearance of knowledge and scholarship, spread ignorance. Society will lead uneducated people. Many will begin to consider themselves scientists and to give advice to others, personally make Sharia solutions. People, in general, will follow these false doctrines in a society gone reliability and loyalty. When a man asked the Prophet (PBUH): "When the end of the world?", He replied: "When will disappear hope and faith in people." — "When will that be?" — "When will lead the ignorant people in society will be ruled by the treachery and baseness."

Six characteristics — increasing the number of women in relation to men. In some countries, this ratio will be 7 to 3, 7 to 1 or even 50 to 1.

SEVENTH SIGN — the appearance of false prophets, which, according to the Hadith, will be about 30.

EIGHTH TAG — will increase the number of earthquakes and natural disasters.

Nine grounds — Accelerate time. This is because the goodness of time disappears. Then people will wonder how it is possible for one day to have time to do some business or understand the science for the year. Another interpretation: with the advent of high-speed transport of people will quickly move in space.

TEN signs — increase in the number of murders.

ELEVEN signs — will be a lot of rich, so if you want no one to give zakat. The people, especially believers, lost the will to live because of what will be around a lot of sin. Even a nod to God for them is more important than all the wealth, because everything will be in abundance, all problems will be solved, and people want to get closer to Allah.

DVENNADTSATY signs — complete prophecy. First there will be a caliphate, then the kingdom, and after — the Empire. There will be different ideologies, they would like to stand at the gates of Hell and to drum into him. Will also appear righteous who will call people to the path of Islam.

The appearance of such people is divided into periods:

First period — the life of the Prophet (S).

Second Period — Arab Caliphate of Abu Bakr, Umar, Ali Osman, Hassan, Hussein, Mu'awiya.

Third period — power in the state will be inherited.

The fourth period — managers will consult with their parliaments.

Fifth period — the dictatorship, ie rulers will decide everything alone. There will be people — ideology, leading people to hell with their calls (Marx, Engels, Lenin).

Then revived caliphate and begin flowering of Islam.

All these are small signs. They can appear either simultaneously or sequentially.

Large signs

Larger signs may appear along with small. This can occur suddenly and be accompanied by disturbances. They are:

The first sign — the emergence of the Mahdi — a just leader of Muslims.

The second sign — sunrise and sunset in the west in the afternoon. After that, the signs of Allah will not accept repentance or unbelievers, nor retreat Muslims. On that day many will want to convert to Islam, many will deny this sign, explaining his physical phenomenon. But the history of this day will be significant and will be celebrated. This attribute Allah shows His omnipotence. Of sunrise and sunset knows everyone, young and old, so that is what God has chosen to assert its omnipotence.

The third feature — the appearance of talking animals that will appeal to people, separating them: you — a Muslim, you — not a believer. It will appear in the day when there will be a sign to the sun, and will also appear in the west.

SIGN OF FOUR — the big smoke, which will cover all the people of the earth. It will contribute to their suffering. Almighty Allah says in the Quran, that all people will turn to Him to deliver them from this torment, to which he replied: "I will deliver you, but you expect more suffering."

By a fifth — the emergence of al-Dajjal, who will claim to be God. But it is — a liar. It is mentioned all the prophets. The Prophet Muhammad (S), in addition, a detailed description of him: "He will look with one eye, the other is covered with two centuries and ill see. He will say:" I — God. "But God can not be poluzryachim. His hair will stiff, twisted and confused. between the eyes will be written 'kaafir. "Every Muslim will be able to read it and decide what to him a believer. It will come to people and encourage them to believe in him, promising a good harvest, etc. His promises will be come true, and some will go after him. Others will not follow, however, their cattle, which he orders, follow him. He ordered gold and jewelry will come out of the ground. he cut the man into two parts so that between the two halves of his body will be the distance. And then he ordered that come to life and, laughing, to come to him. Ad-Dajjal will have two rivers. A — fire, and another — white. You go to the river, where the fire, and with his eyes closed, drink water from it, it will be cold. And in White River, on the contrary, fire. This — the magic. " The companions asked the Prophet (PBUH): "How is he going to move?" — "Like the wind. And people can not figure out who he is. Shamom It appears between (Syria) and Iraq. Collected an army, he went to Mecca and Medina. At his approach the earth tremble. Faithful to him will come from Medina and say ' You — Ad-Dajjal, mentioned by the Prophet (PBUH). "Ad-Dajjal will cut it in half, and then revive. revived again say that in front of him ad-Dajjal. second time ad-Dajjal will not be able to kill him, because the whole his power runs out. After he rushes to Jerusalem, where the prophet is killed Isa (peace be upon him). "

This hadith is more than significant. Every Muslim should know the quality of al-Dajjal and all that it involves.

The Prophet (S) said that the ad-Dajjal will be on the ground for 40 days, when the first day will be equal to, 2 nd — month, the third — a week, others — as ordinary days. The companions asked the Prophet (PBUH): "But in those days, to pray?" — "Divide the day on normal days and to pray through the regular intervals of time."

Ad-Dajjal evil is so great that our Prophet (S) asked Allah to have mercy on this day.

Six characteristics — the resurrection of Isa (peace be upon him). The Prophet Muhammad (S) said that he will come down from heaven to Damascus, having rested on the wings of an angel. He will appear in Arab dress. First he wins ad-Dajjal, and then break the cross and kill the pig. Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will be spread Islam and live on the earth for 40 years. After his death he be buried as a Muslim.

It will be a golden age of Islam, and there will be no other faiths. All the people at 'Eesa (peace be upon him) will be the Muslim religion.

SEVENTH SIGN — the emergence of ethnic Yajuji and Magog. They will be people, strong in stature, sowing corruption and bad. Between Syria and Palestine is a lake, which passed, these people will drink all the water out of it. And when will be the last, he says that there was once a lake. This is a sign of power and strength.

Their finding is not reported anywhere. Some Muslim scholars believe that they are near Derbent walls, others — about China, the truth is known only to Allah.

Great Allah destroy this mighty nation insignificant thing. He will create the worms that are entering into their bodies, they will kill them.

EIGHTH signs — three large earthquakes: 1st — in the West, 2nd — in the East, on the third — Arabian Peninsula.

Nine grounds — raising the Qur'an, ie Allah will take away all the scriptures, when on earth there will be no believer.

TEN signs — there will be people of faith.

Eleven signs — blow easy, pleasant breeze through which Allah slay all believers. Disappear Kaaba. Islamic scholars say that people would rush to Mecca from Ethiopia and desecrated the Kaaba. Allah will take it in a time when Ethiopians will destroy it.

TWELVE signs — the emergence of a large fire in Yemen near the town of Aden. All people on earth will run away from him and in the end will bring together in one place, and the fire will spread everywhere and people around them.

Description Doomsday

Doomsday will be as unexpected as a manifestation of its symptoms. The Prophet (S) said, "it will be the onset of a sudden, you do not have time to eat a piece of bread to make a bargain, deal or podoennoe drink camel's milk."

End of the world is so afraid that Allah will take that time to myself all the faithful, and they do not see it.

Doomsday is much talk in the suras of the Koran and the Hadith of the Prophet (S). For example, the Prophet (S) said: "Allah is great Day of Judgment will destroy the universe, just as minaret collapses …", "earth will begin to shake with all that is in it", "It will be such a high temperature, and everything, even water, will burn, the Sun close to the Earth, "" Everything in the universe mixed up, including the planets, "" By the order of Allah Israfil will blow the horn, and all living things die, but one God. "

How then will it be only Allah knows. Then, on his orders animated angel Israfil shall sound the horn again, and every body will find its soul. On the orders of Allah shall deliver all the land, that it buried. First of all, non-believers, who, being naked, start crying and screaming, "Who woke us up, who has recovered?" Believers will say: "Allah." Just first revive our Prophet (S). This he said Aisha. She asked him: "Are people will be naked?" — "Yes, but no one to not be the case and no one will notice that the great grief." Many philosophers have asked: "How can the soul will find exactly those bodies in which they were, after all these bodies have lost their form?" God answers in the Qur'an: "Allah knows best what is in the earth, and it is written." Every body find its, even if it was devoid of life of any organ. Perhaps it is understood that even burned or chipped body will be assembled in the original form.

On Judgment Day the angels gather in the Valley of Al-Mahshar, it will be a gathering place for all people. This is stated in the Qur'an. Then the angels will give believers clothes. Her first receive the Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him). Who in life helped clothing needy, Allah on the Day will give clothes. Sweat will pour from people so that some sinners will drown in it. People will be in such a pain that will be willing to death, crying, screaming, running, etc. But it will be the people who will be in the shadow of the Heavenly Throne. The Prophet (S) divided them into seven categories: fair leader, Imam believer from childhood to death, a man constantly worshiping in mosques, two people who love each other for Allah's sake, man, almoner so that the left hand does not know which gives the right, a man who seduces a beautiful woman, but he otkazyvetsya from it for Allah, a man who is in the privacy and the fear of Allah weeping. There is a hadith: "Do not see the Fire people protected the Muslims from their enemies."

People who are in anguish, praying God will deliver them from them, but God does not hear them. Then they turn to the prophets, but they will send them to each other. Then they turn to parents, relatives, etc. As a result, they turn to our Prophet (S) and that will say, "I will help." He fell down, he turns to God, and He, taking his request, will direct the trial began. And great start questioning. Help our Prophet (S) is none other than the intercession for all.

Then angels yavyatsya the scrolls, which takes into account all of our actions. The faithful take their right hand and the hypocrites and unbelievers left behind. Then, at the command of Allah, each read their entries. The Quran says: "Read the book and you will know where you will go." There will be no slave, who did not have a talk with God. Among the believers are men who, in their scrolls read good things. Allah be pleased them and say, "You hide your bad deeds, asked for forgiveness, and I've hidden your sins in this world." This talk will take place only between them. Among the believers will be 70,000 people who would go to heaven without questioning, because the Prophet (S).

Believers, in which the number of bad deeds will be more, Allah will interrogate tough, and those will receive punishment.

On this day believers who have suffered in this world (if they had been robbed, humiliated, etc.), will be good for their grievances with the offenders, thieves, murderers, etc. It will be a tough interrogation, therefore, the Prophet (S) said: "In this world, you must allow their mutual grievances and seek forgiveness from one another."

Some of the sinners would deny their bad deeds, but angels, earth, believers and even their own bodies will testify against them. A man asked his officials, "Why do you testify against me, because I want to save you from suffering?" But they will say that God made them. Every place where we pray, will testify in our favor.

After the interrogation is complete, Allah will command weigh our good and bad deeds, and each of them will gain weight. This is stated in the Qur'an: "Balance in this day of truth, and will not weigh the acts of the prophets, the angels and the righteous". For example, the martyrs, and the rest is forgiven everything, but debts to others.

Allah will ask a scientist how he used his knowledge, and he replied, "I teach others." — "No, — Allah will say — you taught only in order to become famous." Therefore, in the Day of Judgment everyone will be looking for his good deeds. "They will run away from each other, — the Quran — to solve their problems."

Hadith of the Prophet (S) says: "And the Day of Atonement on the right you will see all of their good deeds, to the left — all the bad, and the front — the fire of Hell."

On Judgment Day, even the smallest act can be overwhelming. So do not miss the opportunity provided by God in this world.

When our deeds will be weighed in the balance and will ask Allah for sins, believers will be ashamed of it. For example, Allah will ask: "Why did not return the debt?" Slave starts to explain that did not, died, etc. Then Allah will say that he is the best recoverable, and that he repay his debt. Then Allah will ask: "Why do not you visit me when I was sick, when I was hungry?" He said, "You're the Lord of all the worlds, all the good things from you." "When someone was sick, or hungry, or needed something, you're in his position would have found me, my grace, my reward" — say Allah. And people will regret missed opportunities.

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