Sikorski: Belarus to Poland — the same as that of Cuba for Spain


In an interview with the Spanish newspaper El País Minister Foreign Affairs Radoslaw Sikorski said that the priorities of the future starshynyavannya his country in the EU will stimulate the European economy, relations with its eastern neighbors Russia and Eastern Europe, as well as strengthening the security and defense of the European Union.

"I believe that Europe is developing into a superpower, but in today's world requires the ability of a peaceful nature. The EU is doing better than the NATO Sikorski said. Despite this, we are holding and military operations, and for this it is necessary to improve the system of command and coordination. The development of European capabilities will allow us to avoid some of the mistakes made by NATO. "

He stressed that Poland was "very pleased that Russia wants to improve relations with the EU and Poland will benefit from this in the primarily. "He recognized that the IAC report of a plane crash near Smolensk that killed President Lech Kaczynski," brought us closer to understanding happened, and contained a lot of valuable recommendations, we prepare its own report, which will be published soon, and we hope that it will fill some of the gaps that exist in the Russian document. "

Commenting on developments in Belarus after the presidential elections, Sikorski said:

"Belarus to Poland However, that Cuba for Spain. Europeans have tried: and sanctions, and openness, but we have not managed to achieve the democratization of the country. There are no easy solutions. We have intensified dialogue when political prisoners were released and held more or less acceptable choices, but if the candidates again imprisoned and suppress freedom of speech, we must treat the Belarusian people more generous and enhance the rigidity of sanctions against those responsible for the repression. If the prisoners are released, then, as said Catherine Ashton, the leaders of the country will not be issued a visa, and in the case of companies close to the regime of economic sanctions will be imposed. "Sikorski said that he personally, together with his German counterpart traveled to Minsk to convince Lukashenko accept the demands of the EU, but he did not listen to them.

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