Sinister Planet Nibiru

Some just two weeks left before the end of the world, and then the Catholic Christmas, then New Year's. Do you think so? So you an optimist. However, millions of people around the world believe that the whole of human history will end on December 21 of this year.

Our civilization will disappear forever. And this is connected with the fact that the earth is approaching the mysterious planet Nibiru.

Pessimists say, that while it is observed in only a few telescopes. But soon it will be visible to all, and then begin the real apocalypse. After all, its gravitational radiation will have such force that budge even continents. This will cause an earthquake of unprecedented power, tsunamis and hurricanes. Before such cosmic power pathetic human civilization will collapse. And even if some members of the species homo sapiens, and can survive in this cauldron of cataclysms, of the benefits of civilization, they will be able to forget for a thousand years. If not forever.

We begin to understand the story from the beginning. Where did she Nibiru, why is it suddenly began to talk? How is it that none of the earlier astronomers did not know about it? Now it turned out that it was always the tenth planet of our system, and its period of revolution around the Sun in 3600 years. And each time its approach to land caused the tragic events of global scale. And her last visit caused the destruction of Atlantis. Prior to that on her conscience extinct dinosaurs and several ice ages.

So what are the sources tell us about the planet Nibiru? First of all, it is the ancient Mesopotamian myths, especially the epic "Enuma Elish." It deals with the creation of the world of man. Just thirty years ago, experts on ancient Middle Eastern civilizations were sure — under Nibiru ancient Sumerians, Babylonians and Assyrians meant Jupiter. The fact that it may be a different planet for the first time, said Zecharia Sitchin. This is an American writer of Israeli origin, connoisseur of dead languages of Hebrew and Middle East specialist ancient Middle Eastern history. Zecharia Sitchin was convinced that the Bible is based on an ancient Sumerian-Akkadian sources of origin. And those — back to the even more ancient times, when there was a so-called paleocontacts — meeting the wild ancestors of the person with the aliens from outer space.

I must say that this idea was first proposed by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, and his successors were found.

Paleocontacts hypothesis is very popular among many historians and archaeologists who have just using it may explain the sudden, almost simultaneously in all parts of the world, the transition to a civilization of our ancestors. Indeed, worthy of wonder that 15,000 years ago, all of a sudden, just out of nowhere, the hunters and gatherers who lived in tents and caves, suddenly begin to build cities. They appear writing, law, medicine, animal husbandry, agriculture, metallurgy. And this is happening everywhere — in China and India, in Sumer and Egypt, Mexico and Peru. This is a remote area each were simply not possible for cultural exchange at a time when there were no planes, no cars.

Amazing sound ancient rock paintings, as well as the bas-reliefs on the walls of temples and palaces. Modern researchers have recognized them as UFOs, monsters, and just does not understand the technical devices and strange, sometimes sinister rites. Just look at the ancient statues of Ecuador, to make sure that this is a modern astronaut in a spacesuit. The same is seen in the Old Japanese figurines "mastiff" in the drawings of the Maya manuscripts.

But even this is not the most surprising. Much grander those achievements that "suddenly" and "themselves" have been made by people in the days of antiquity. For example, we all know about the amazing properties of Chinese acupuncture. Acupuncture can cure severe diseases just massage special points or vkalyvaniem needles in them in sequence. Where on the body a few thousand points, and so the effect is positive, it is necessary to choose the right

Modern scholars believe that the effectiveness of acupuncture due to the fact that all the points are located near the nerves and their endings. But how ancient people could learn all of this complex system of points, and find the right combination? The Chinese believe that knowledge about acupuncture gave them great Yellow Emperor who came down from heaven. What is not a proof of the theory paleocontacts?

Even more surprising is farming. Great geneticist Nikolai Vavilov showed that all known species of plants used in agriculture come from several centers. Of course, these points coincide with the first human civilizations. All the same Schumer, China, Peru and others. And all the ancient myths testify — farming ancients taught specifically descended from heaven gods.

Such evidence, the more advanced alien intervention in the affairs of our ancestors many earthlings. Scientists find evidence of ancient spaceports and skeletons, which have nothing in common with ordinary men.

What were the goals of aliens? What are they civilized humanity? Already mentioned researcher Zecharia Sitchin has answered this very simply. The aliens have ape-like ancestors of man, and instilled in them a part of their DNA. This is how the modern man — a cross between a human and an alien. After all the necessary genetic transformation of people were sent to work in the gold mines. Near these mines were just the first human civilized settlement.

These alien-slave he called the Anunnaki. And they were like humanoid reptiles. Subsequently, the Anunnaki had disappeared from the planet, but they left their representatives, who carefully concealed under his human shell inside the true amphibians. This fifth column has long been entrenched in the world and the government to seize the things humans. There are even videos, where all of a sudden, for a few moments the same Bill Clinton or Barack Obama suddenly takes an entirely different character.

It should be recognized that the theory of Zecharia Sitchin criticism so far. His most famous opponent — Michael Heiser, also known historian and culture of the ancient East. He often reproached for Sitchin liberties with ancient texts, their mistranslation. Moreover, he believed that Sitchin deliberately manipulates the ancient texts, distorting them to suit his theories. For example, in the ancient Sumerian word "Nibiru" is not a planet, just a ferry or ferry.

And the purpose of the people of the gods, according to ancient sources, was entirely different. They created them not to those mined gold — its reserves are too small on the planet to fly him out of the cosmos. And just to make people take care of their physical needs — for the gods grew grains, vegetables and cattle. And then send it to the temple for sacrifice. After all, to sacrifice in ancient times was corny ensuring food of the gods.

So wait or not to wait for the arrival of our sinister Nibiru? If and wait, soon. Zecharia Sitchin himself attributed its appearance in our sky by 2085. But, perhaps, we had never been seen. According to sources of the ancient Maya and Aztec Nibiru has long been lost, a few thousand years ago. Now in its place is a giant belt of asteroids.

All these facts push doomsday at least 73 years — until 2085. Maybe then we will see who was at the forefront of our civilization. However, it is possible that not. Indeed, among the supporters paleocontacts no consensus on where the aliens arrived. Besides Nibiru called Sirius, Mars, as well as habitable planets around Alpha Centauri.

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