Smart mirror for cheaper solar power

Innovation in the way meet the challenges in the field of increasing the efficiency of certain processes can be divided into two categories. The first category of innovation, invention, the second — innovations-improvement. Innovations developed by startapovskoy Thermata, which specializes in the creation of "green" technologies of the new generation, but rather fall into the second category.

These innovations involve a significant reduction in the cost of producing solar energy with the use of digital technologies.

Heliostats concentrate sunlight onto a tower, producing steam, which drives a turbine. To date to determine the appropriate angle of the mirrors in the heliostats required to carry out complex calculations. Thermata proposed instead a plan to use digital camera that can track the location of the heliostat to the sun.

Instead of the traditional massive heliostats mounted on pylons, the company offered a lighter that will work on wireless technology. One element of the system consists of eight heliostat mirrors and a small motor, which is powered by dvuhvattovyh photovoltaic solar panels. Each mirror will have four "diffuser" — small mirrors, raised above the surface. "Catching" the glare from these diffusers, digital camera determine the light intensity incident on the heliostat, and optimize its position relative to the Sun.

Each element of the system has a microprocessor based wireless chip Zigbee, all microprocessors combined into a single local area network in which information is transmitted to a central computer for processing and optimization of the system as a whole.

According to the developers, the new heliostats reduces the total cost of solar power by 40 percent, thanks to the small size, reduced the cost of production and installation. Mechanisms of heliostats are made of high quality plastic, and the built-in camera stabilizers provide high image quality and, consequently, high performance heliostats, even with fairly strong wind.

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