Soup kitchen with a soldier to Kazyuki

In Grodno began craftsmen fair "Kazyuki." He held the tenth time, will last two days. The name of the holiday "Kazyuki" comes from St. Casimir — the patron of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the patron of craftsmen. He was the son of King Casimir IV-Yagelonchika, died at Grodno in the old castle of March 4, 1484, he was 26 years old. He was buried, however, in Vilnius.

In This year, "Kazyuki" in Grodno are in a new place, a large area — an area of the Soviet, the former — the Stefan Batory Foundation, before the cathedral church. Today are the folk ensembles, and mostly are songs in Polish. At the opening sounded Polish, Lithuanian, Belorussian. The authorities recalled that in Grodno many artisans and representatives of more than eighty nations. In addition to craft items, to "Kazyuki" in This year, sell live fish, as well as the ear. It is worth even the old soldier's soup kitchen, Grodno fit, they poured Polonika ear.

What do they think about "Kazyuki", also on St. Casimir Grodno historians?

Sergei Pivovarchik"For me, St. Casimir above all — that a person who is connected with our city. We Grodno, and we are always interested in those people who somehow gained access to the city's history. St. Casimir died in our city — then close — and he is patron of craftsmen. The figures that have been forgotten in the days of our nesvyadomastsi such, they come back to us here through such fairs as well, for the spring festival. This is a very well, people are waiting for him, through this celebration in our lives comes from St. Casimir its history, which ended in Grodno on our land. "

Fair to "Kazyuki" enjoys visiting historian Tatiana Malinowska:

"Kazyuki" always had a good holiday, our very old tradition that support our crafts, artists, popularized the national culture and identity. It's nice that it was revived here in Grodno. But today I did not like because it combined food fairs, which is usually done before the holidays, with "Kazyuki." "Kazyuki" has always been to folk artists, and here — fish, meat, rolls. More than that, I can tell you that many artists do not. I go every year and buy them things, master of none! I do not know how to explain it. Maybe a third, if not half as handicrafts … And we were always waiting for this holiday a fortiori St. Casimir — is patron of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and whose life has been associated with our city. "

Hit the hammer on the anvil to "Kazyuki" expressed a desire to even the women.

Old Castle — here March 4, 1484 died prince Casimir, who was Pope Leon (Lion) X canonized in 1521.



Soldier with a soup kitchen for visitors to the fair.



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